Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

02 September 2014


Hey ya'll! been missin me???

Yeah I bet ya'll have; well what can I say country life it DEMANDING!!!!! heck life is demanding.

I have begun a new journey in my little ole country life and thought, hey I blog, why don't I share a little. So, here I am again blogging, don't know how long it will last, don't know who will do it, but today, yes today you will get to read some.

About a year or two ago, I started noticing some trouble with my hands, more like in my finger's knuckle area, ya know where you whole finger bends down from your palm not the tippy part of your fanger.

There started to be some swelling and some pain, what no NOT some pain a lot of pain, and stop if I hit my knuckles on anything yeah ya know what I mean, it was fall down on the floor sobbing with snot and tears. The pain was excruciating (had to spell check that word). Funny isn't it you can say them but heaven to besty if I know how to spell half the stuff I say. Thank you Jesus for spell check!!

OOps bunny trail.

okay back to the pain. Yes it was so bad. Finally my hubby who says he loves to till death suggested/commanded (which ever verb you like) that I should go to the doc. and find out exactly what is going on..

TEST after TEST after TEST---blood work and x-rays all turned up nothing. I was furious after all that blood they took, they could have at least compensated me for it!!! NO I should have charged them 8.00 a vile. Man, I could have been going out the lunch.

Okay so time has past I quit the doc, dealt with the pain, started taking some home remedies, like ginger root, ginger vitamins, turmeric, well really anything I though would help holistically.

NOTHING WAS HAPPENING!!!   This was getting depressing. I couldn't open water bottle, milk jugs, I couldn't even hardly pick up a milk jug. I felt defeated.

A friend suggested GAPS-not the clothing store, and I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I talked with my hubby about it, told him a little about how it would and well, frankly it would be difficult.
I like simple, simple people, the last thing I really wanted to do what have difficult food!!!

So, NO GAPS for me.... again the pain and swelling just kept getting worse. So, I called up my friend and say okay I wanna do GAPS, and she was like get started on your broth and kraut. Asked if I had the book?

Well I am cheap so I haven't bought the book!!  ---yet--

But she did suggest that I go grain free and see how that did. Now mind you that was about, well some months back.

So last week, a very busy week, I decided to quit ALL grain (corn, rice, wheat, pasta) yeah I know crazy. CRAZY HARD!!!!

I won't go into much of the terrible details, but it was hard. I literally felt like I had the flu. I was sick for several days. I had to stay in bed several days, and really guys I may be a little dramatic here but I felt like I would going to DIE!!! No joke like the grim reaper was standing over me just waiting for me to croc! Scary stuff.

The whole time I am doing this, I am thinking to myself  WHY am I doing this????

And here is why I went though all of that sickness.

Because TODAY ya'll I can open my own water bottle, I can pick up a gallon of milk, I can bend my finger more than I have been able to in the last year or two.

Because, the swelling has gone down so much I actually look like I have normal knuckles.


until someone rubs a Olive Gard*n bread stick in your face, and try to tell you it tastes like crap!!  Lies, Lies I say. But I love them anyway--you know who you are!!!!!