Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

30 June 2011


Lately I have been reading these books that are based on the 1800 era. I love the fact that live was so simple then. I do understand that life was hard work, but the love and respect that each other had for their neighbor is something that America has lost. I am not say that everyone is rude and crude. But, just in the last 10 years or so the culture has changed. I can remember when I was young out playing in the community and, if I missed behaved or cause some trouble I would get a beat down from whoever saw me doing it. Then, when I got home I would get another beat down.

Wow I didn't mean to rattle on like that. All, I am saying is times are changing way to fast. Kids wanting independence and acting like adults way to early in their childhood.

But, really I wanted to talk about the way the women were in the olden days.. Ya, know getting up at the crack of dawn, (I know some that do that already. I am NOT one of them) to get their household moving.

I did get up before everyone else and started to cook this morning. I am trying to get my husband off to work with a more healthy option to eat than "Fast Food". So, I began my morning at around 8:15am . (that is early for me).

I started with the cube steak I took out last night. He had cream corn (from our garden), butter beans (not from our garden), and rice. I made home made biscuit (that his grandmother makes) with just the right amount of Crisco..
Doesn't that look YUMMY!!
OH! That is homemade gravy too....My husband loves it..

Then right after I finished cooking lunch I turned around and began cooking breakfast. Yeah, that's right I was a cooking machine this morning. I hope that I can be that faithful to cook for my family like this most of the time.
But, I made pancakes and sausage. I used real Maple syrup. One of my good friends recommended it on her blog once. So, ever since then I have been using it. Thanks girlfriend.

This is Bro favorite breakfast. You just can't go wrong with a menu like this one here..

27 June 2011

My Artist

Last week my Syd took an art class in Waycross. She loved it. She is one that tries and tries to draw but, never thinks that she does a great job even after I tell over, and over, and over again.

So last week was her opportunity to learn from some REAL artist, and let me tell ya she has blossomed with her confidence in her own work. This class has been a real blessing to her and to my self. Because I have always thought Syd was a good artist.. NOW she is super GREAT !!!!

These are her ducks. She said that the kids had to pick one of the paintings that they did this week and leave it on display.. They are beautiful...

"The Love Crow"
This one is my favorite..
 The one of the crows I am putting in a frame. When art was finished Syd had to take us on a tour of the place.. There were some pretty cool things...
They are inside a tree. Syd looks suspicious, and Bro looks guilty.
This is not a real tree. But, the neat thing about this is it had a spiral stair case in it.. By the way I was on the second floor when I took this one.

We are even able to see some really cool space stuff.

Okay now this next pic is really crazy.. Let me tell you the story...
See one day there was this dog who loved to hunt. While, this dog was out hunting he came upon a squirrel, and off he took.. The squirrel ran up this tree, down that tree, but the dog was hot on it's trail.. So, the squirrel got the idea to run into this hollowed out log. Now, mind you the log is not perfectly hollowed out but enough for a squirrel to get through there.. However, it was not enough for the dog to get all the way through. And, the story goes that the dog chased this squirrel into the log and got stuck....YUP you heard me right stuck... Well just to happens that no one heard the help me yelp from the stuck dog and well, story is he died right there in that log. Just so happen that one day some one was out and saw this stuck dog and thought "WOW I think I will but this up in a museum." So here he is "Stucky" the dog trapped inside the log.

Kinda gross, but neat all a the same time..

An old time steam engine..

25 June 2011

A day in the life of a cleaner

I have to say where did all this rain come from?  I am loving it!!

However, Today is my day to milk (Saturday evenings) and well let's just say that when I got there the sun was shinning. I ran out to the back forty (don't know why I call it that I just do). That is the back of the field just in case you don't understand my lingo.. to get Jenny and Bobby for feeding and milking and, of course when they see that white lab coat they know what time it was...

Now, let me tell you something about Bobby. She is temper mental. She doesn't like for me to pet her, talk to her, or even look at her. She is the kinda of cow that wants to get business done. Get in, get fed, get milked, get let out.. So that is the way "she" runs a tight ship...

Jenny is nothing like Bobby. She loves to be petted behind the ears, she loves for you to talk sweet to her. Plus she is to me the prettier of the two (but don't tell Bobby.. I let her know she is beautiful too).
But, what is funny about Jenny is that she can't run quite as fast as Bobby. See, the reason is Jenny is going to have a baby in about 3 days.. I am so happy...

Speaking of babies... we also have one out there too. Her name is Norma (I like to call her Norma Jean. It just sounds right to me). By the way, she told me she liked that name... She is very playful.. She loves to jump and run.. I love her to most. But, she just had her horns taken off and we have to leave her in the milking stall...HA that was not easy to get her in there. She knew that moment I put the food at the end of the stall that, that was what she need to do. However, I got her in there easy the 1st time. When she realized that she was in there she quickly got out.. So, the instructions tell us to "lure" into the milking stall.. If you have never had to "lure" a calf before they are not dumb animals. I tried everything. I called, kissed for her, clicked for her. But, what worked was I had to get in front of her with feed in hand and coaxes her in the stall. This took several minutes.. I got down on her level talked really sweet. She started following me in but, then I realized I was trapped. I had to crawl out between the rails of the milking stall. That didn't work either. So I tried it again. This time was a success. I had to hurry and get the boards in behind her before she realized that I had tricked her..Moohahaha.... I didn't it..

So as I am pouring my yellowish gold into my pitchers, (you will never believe what Norma Jean did) she peed and pooped right there in the milking stall... Arg... So, I cleaned it up got it all washed up.. During my cleaning time. My sweet Syd and Norman Jean were exchanging kisses to each other.  She really loves kids... Syd said that she tried to lick her in the ear... I told Syd that cows like to lick holes... Nose holes, ear holes, and if you stand there with your mouth wide open they may lick in there too... Yuck....

Now, the stall is all clean and so now I am waiting on her to finish eating.. Guess what she does for me again. YES she pooped again. So there I am shovel in hand mucking the stall a second time..

I call Ty over to get the pitchers and put them in the car. I get Syd to sweep the feed area. I am filled up Norma Jean's water bucket..

And once more she poops again. Now, I am like someone get me diaper.. This "cat" is killing me.. During all this poop cleaning it has started pour rain outside.. Yeah...

18 June 2011

Uh what did you say !!?

I begin this post a little discouraged..Why you ask? Because I am a great listener to all my friends...Then when I ask God to help me with something I just assume He is to busy to help.. So what do I do, I go about it MY way...

Psalm 32:8

The Lord says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

He tells me right here that He will watch over me and guide my path as well. Who could ask for something better?

How many times during the day do you try to help your little ones by encouraging them to look out where they are going? God does that for us all the time to look out for little trips (in the pathway) for sin.. He calls out to us to "LOOK OUT". But, for some reason, I am so busy moving forward that I don't listen to God warning, His encouraging word to look out.. He cares about my stumbling.

When we were all little chicks running a muck, we NEVER wanted to do as our loving mothers and fathers wanted us to do. We thought we had the whole world figured out but, we don't. Now even as an adult there are things that drive me to my knees. Depending on God is just like we are kids again with a much stronger, wiser, forgiving Father.

At our young and tender ages moms and dads would always help us up from a fall or a bad collision. They would dust us off, tell us that everything is okay, and, sometimes even kiss away the pain.. I miss those days of the comfort from my mom's love, and mercy. But, God also offers the same thing, plus so much more. He has understanding, He doesn't judge our actions with anger or hatred. He allows us to fall to rely on Him to pick us back up. To carry us on our way. To kiss away the pain.

Father, forgive me for not always listening to You.

Isaiah 30:21
Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is the way you should go," whether to right or to the left.

There are circumstances in my life that only allow my children and I to be together every other week. And, as I am well aware being away from any one of your children for even one night can be worry some. You are constantly wondering are they okay. Did they eat a good supper? Are they watching stuff on T.V. they are not allowed to watch?
These are only a few questions that run through my brain on a daily basis. I have been to God on many occasions. Asking for wisdom and understanding in our arrangement. I sought out God on a particular year about what to do with my other two children. I figured I had followed God enough to know when He was talking to me. So, I asked for guidance on how to get my babies home. Well, lets just say it has been two years since that time and God has not answered my prayers... And here is why I believe He is NOT going to give me what I want.

James 4:3
 And even when you ask, you don't get it because your motives are all wrong-you want only to give you pleasure.

Wow what an eye opener..Those kids belong to my ex as well. What right do I have to take them away from him. Although we don't agree on a lot of things (as most ex's do or don't) the kids do love him just as they love me. Just as Christ still loves me. Maybe what I heard was NOT what I heard. Maybe I only heard what my hearts desire was and that was full custody of MY  our kids..
Thank you, Father for Your word, that it reminds me everyday to listen.

13 June 2011


Her Children rise up and bless her; Her husband also, and he praises her, (Proverbs 31: 28)

Oh how would I love to hear my kids bless me...wait they did after this HUGE birthday party we had at the bestest place in the world... And Bounce! My kids love it there... So a big thanks goes out to Mrs. Pam. We love ya lady..

We had a blast. There ended up being a total of 23 kids.

Man alive let me tell ya I couldn't move that night, because my husband and I got out in the group of kids and played with them. Just like I was one of them. Well they do say you as old as you feel, and that day I was 8 years old.. until I got home I turned 98 years old. I got the worst scolding of a lifetime.. My body had to sit me down and tell me NEVER to do that again..So I said YES MA'AM.. with a promise NEVER, EVER, EVER to play that hard in 2 1/2 hours. I must spread it out over a few weeks..

Luckily for me no one took pics of my rear being stuck up in the air of one of the bounces I got stuck in..Thank you Lord. Now that would have been embarrassing. Something, which I try never to do.. embarrass myself (yeah right)

Enjoy some great photos of the party if you will....
I am so happy you came...

The friends from school...

Aha I caught you!!

Look out below.....
Did I mention that we even had monkeys there... Wow Look at that boy hang
My sweet Sissy-in-law
The bestest Friends
My Darling cousin
Whew that was a blast
To Pooped to move
Two Sweet Chicks..

Wow that was a lot of picture just be glad I didn't post them ALL .....

I thank You, Father for a wonderful time.. You have truly blessed this family with love and a lot of great friends. Thank everyone for coming. I love all of ya'll....

09 June 2011

Taken it easy Thursday

Well, I have to say, I do feel like we are getting settled back down from the go, go, go of VBS...YAY

I looked at the weather a noticed it was nice outside...So I decided to take my kids to the library this morning..What a great place...we saw a movie and did a craft of a kitty kat..(truly cutie)

The great thing about going today was I ran into a couple of people I haven't seen since we stopped getting together for the school year.. I really enjoyed seeing their kids again and the new addition to their family...Precious Kiddos..

But, as you can see my children didn't think to HIGHLY  of the puppet movie...(really directed at kids around the age of 2-3 not 7-12) but, all in the same we had a great time..
If you can't tell Syd is looking at a book...

Way to Go Bro still acting like he is interested in the movie...until..........

something else grabbed his attention...oh well

I had to sneak this pic...He had dodged all the others of got him...(MAN HE IS FAST)

The cutest cats I ever saw.......
My darling son got me on this one. We a drivin home from the library......hehe Ty....

03 June 2011

It's Over

This was the last night of VBS...I am some what sadden to not see the smiling faces again tomorrow night.. I do have to say a break is going to be well enjoyed..

I am not sure if I had mentioned before about what goes on during VBS. But, see we (LCBC) like to run a "friendly" competition between boys and girls. The kids are pitted against one another in who can raise the most money.. The end result of the LOSER is a PIE in the face. Now, with all the support from "MY GIRLS". You would think that I would NEVER lose.. But, funny how the last two years I haven't left the building without pie in my hair and up my nose... Thanks Preacher...Here are few pics of the exciting night at LCBC
Step 1) Getting the boys pumped up.

Step 2) Try to talk him out of it!

Step 3) The Count Down!


What a great memory for the kids.. Thank you God for a wonderful night... Amen!

01 June 2011


"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18(NASB)

Today is the 3th day of VBS and, what a great bunch of kids at church...I really love seeing them getting to hear about God's word..getting to do really cool crafts....Tonight they did one that was the Empire State Building piggy bank.. and I was think what a great craft idea for teaching our little ones to save up and give..

Not  to mention the songs that have been done for VBS this year....What is funny as well as the ones that are doing the music for the kids..They talk about doing the moves in their sleep.....My little Bro is all about the house just singing..And what is great about that is, it is praises to our King.... Another shout of Thanks to You, God...The one song that he is singing is called "I wanna love You more" is precious to hear all those sweet voices singing down the hallway as I am making my rounds as the VBS Director.. Sounds like a fancy title but really I don't do a stinking thing...HA....And most people think that being the Director is hard...pish/posh...Got it made.....

Ahhh look here is one singing now.......Lalalalalala

I will say that 30 or so kids can wear you out...I commend all those teachers out there because WOW God has blessed ya'll..As for me homeschool is just fine.. Our time together is a blessing as well.

But, I give thanks to God in aspects of my life... Because we are blended family we face different circumstances than "most" families that I know.. But this even something wonderful was give to a phone call back. NOT very often does that happen.. So Father Thank you so much for that.... This call has allowed me to go and see my sweet Syd in the morning for her Honors Day... go Syd...