Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

28 December 2012

Excitement in the air

Yep that's right.. Now that Christmas is said and done I can return my cluttered house back to its original form of clutter. 

Our Christmas this years was of the best I have had since the passing of my mom.. But, this year the kiddos wanted to buy for daddy/pa. I must say each one thought real long and hard on what he would like to get this Christmas year.

First stop....Tractor Supply

Ty got him a ratchet strap bundle

You can see the sheer excitement on his face!!
Bro got him a telescopic flashlight
Look up here daddy. See it can go smaller and biggerer..!!

Next stop The Dreaded Wal-mart!!!!!   AAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Syd got him a new wallet b/c his other one was 90 + million billion trizillion years old

Now my money will look good..!!

So, what made this Christmas the bestest ever..?

The smile on my hubby's face.. The joy in my kids hearts when he open their gift and told them he really, really needed it..

That is not all that made Chirstmas, well Christmas. It is the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.
Without Him there would be NO CHRISTmas!!!!!

24 December 2012

Skirts vs. Pants

Over the past 10 months I have made a change in my wardrobe from jeans/pants to skirts or dresses.. Mainly skirts..

But, as time as gone on I have had some thoughts on whether I should continue on in my skirt journey..  I have been told that some people miss seeing me in my jeans.

And, as the winter continues on I find myself wanting to put my jeans back on for warmth.

I am not sure what to do..

I know the reasons why I don't want to wear jeans..because I feel like they shape around my rear and I do not want to draw attention to that area.. I want to keep that covered.. I desire to be modest in my dress. But, I also want to be warm. 

So, that raises the question of tights..? Yes I do wear them.. But, I HATE THEM.. They make my fat rolls on my back and stomach area roll over the top of the tights and then I feel like I look totally gross..

Here I am at a cross roads..






I guess of all else fails..

There is always the BIRTHDAY Suit...????!!!!!

19 December 2012

Making Memories

Over the years of putting up the Christmas tree and wrapping presents. I feel like I have just gotten in the mundurm of the holidays. And, I don't want to feel that way.. I must admit I have no Christmas spirit in me. I despised putting up our Christmas tree this year.. Not, to worry I did for the kids.. however, we only just put it up yesterday... I put very little decorations out.. and usually my house is full of them.. Little santas (even though we don't do santa, I just like the way he looks), snowmen and all these cute will christmasy things..

But, I wanted to have something to remember year after year..So, I found this idea on Pinterest!!!

It is a Christmas Tree made of our hands..

Starting from the bottom...Ty, me, Hubby, Syd, and Bro...I almost cried when we got finished...

Then today, Syd and I wanted to bake/make something sweet.. So, we pulled out all the cooks book and hunted for something that we could make without buying any of the ingredients..

We came across Chocolate Truffles

3/4c Butter soften
3/4c Cocoa
1 (14 oz) can of Sweeten Condensed milk
1 T Vanilla

Melt the butter in a pot on low heat.

Then add the Cocoa and mix until smooth

Blend in sweetened milk (why the book says blend is beyond me I just poured mine in) Stir constantly until mixture gets thick and glossy looking.. (not as to see your face in it) Roughly 4 min
Remove from the heat and add the Vanilla..

Store in fridge for 4 hours... Will waiting open the fridge repeatedly and stare at them..

After the fours hours is up remove..(nope not to eat but to roll up in little ball and place back into the fridge for another 2 hours.. Which at this point it would be best to leave to house and get those balls out of your mind..

Return in 2 hours and mad dash for the fridge before anyone else..

After, all that is done....Enjoy watching your boys get along..

I had gone out of the room to return to this wonderful sight. It warms my heart to see my baby boys getting along...

16 December 2012

1 More Down!!

I am supper excited to say that I have finally finished my niece's hat and scarf... I hope they like them..

My Super Model

I am so glad to be done with those...

Now I am have to finish working on my bedspread!!!

13 December 2012

One More thing!!!

I know most of you who read my blog I may know personally and are FB friends. But, today on fb I came across something distrubing to me.. I have a love for childern. I have a deep love for down-syndrome children..

What was posted today made me angry..

To party or not to Party?

That is the question on everyone's mind the Christmas season.

All around the world people are hanging the Christmas tree, wrapping their Christmas presents, and getting in the Christmas cheer..

Some maybe planning parties for those at work, church, friends, and family..

So the question to you is, do you go and eat all that you can? or go and pretend that you are not really all that hungry?


You go, you enjoy, you eat, you celebrate, you laugh, and you wear really tight pants, so you don't over eat..

There that is the tip for this Christmas season....

I hope you all have a very Merry and Thin Christmas..

Coffee Connoisseur #2

Not many years ago I barked an adventure on my Coffee Frenzy. And, from time to time I like to get me some of that fancy coffee that costs an arm, leg, kidney, and your liver. But, I have to admit it is very well worth it.

The smell, the taste of it all just sends my whole world in to a kind of serendipitous spell.

Pinned ImageI would love to be able to make that kind of coffee right here in my very own home.

And, another tribute to Pinterest (which I misspelled yesterday) I have found one way to make the good cold coffee that I sometime buy from the store...

I haven't yet made it but, I do plan on it when I get the hankering for a cup of cold joe..(to cold outside right now)..

I have also been to another place that make this wonderful, sensational coffee that I speak of. You can find it at The Pioneer Woman. 

This recipe I have heard great reviews about and I am soon going to make it for ME!!!

Dear Pinterest,   I love you ...


12 December 2012

One more time...

I know you guys are probably getting as tired of starting and stopping as much as I am..But, the other day I was on Pintrest.. (Who ever came up  with it is a genius.. Just too smart for their own breeches)

Oh, where was I... That's right something I had found on Pintrest (AAAAHHHHHH)

I was blazing through the fitness and health category and came across this Easy peasy workout routine.

Pinned Image

It was not as easy peasy as I would have liked for it to be. See, I thought Wow I could that everyday..

Run 1/2 mile
some sit-ups
some squats
some push-up
Pugh, in  it's face.. So, I thought I would amp it up and add some back flys

Pinned Image

Not, to bad I thought. I may have just figured out a work-out I am willing to stick with.

First, let me tell you what kind of person I am..

I am a skimmer.. I rarely read anything all the way through.. (expect recipes and the bible) like
e-mail, directions, all sorts of things..This gets me into a lot of trouble..

But, back to what I was saying.. I thought I had my ultimate work out..

Until I reread and noticed that it says do it 6X....


Okay, I can do this.. I jumped on my tred-mill yesterday and went to town..I mean if I am going to do it I mine as well put to umph behind..

4.5 mph  with a incline of 4 (what was I thinking)  By the time my 1/2 mile was up I was certain I couldn't do just some push-up, sit-up, squats, and back flys.

But, I pushed on through now I was on my second round.. OH, Btw.. I wasn't able to all
30 sit-ups..For some reason these are the hardest for me.. So, 25 was better than none right?

Right!!! keep up the good work Arica..

Okay, I am just finishing up my second 1/2 mile at 4 mph and 2 incline.. Yep I am slowing down..

I jump off lay down to do my 30ish or so sit-ups and I feel this wave a nausea sweep over me.. But, I must keep going..

I get through with my

and realize maybe just 2 rounds are good enough for me!!!

11 December 2012


Over the course of the past few years, God has pressed upon me a desire for more children... I don't know what He has in mind, if it would be through adoption or giving birth..

But, sometime ago Syd and I used to sit in front ofthe computer and look on Reece's Rainbow at all the beautiful children who need a family.. We came upon this one photo of a little baby. Her name was Lizzy. She was the cutest thing I had ever laid my eyes on..

So, the other night Syd comes and sits in my lap and asks if we can look up Lizzy to see what looks like. We searched and searched, but we could never find her.

Finally, we did a search on their web-site to see if we could find her by name. Well, guess what?

We did and she is still the most cutest thing but, she is being adopted..

Syd and I just about cried...So, of course after all these years of thinking of her and praying for her I needed to know what family is taking her in. I became a detective and found a blog of the family and the neatest thing is they live here in GA..

I mean how cool is that.. I couldn't believe it..

  So she has family... I am sad but, I am excited.. Now I know she will be taken care of... I've already fallen in love with this precious little girl..

But, there are many more beautiful kids on there all needing a family to love them.



All these abandoned babies breaks my heart..

Seriously I need to quit looking... I am only driving myself crazy..

10 December 2012


Well I have finally finished my sister (Andrea) scarf and hat..

First, let me just say how dang aggravating it was to make..

I am one of those people that expect to perfect at everything I try, so like crocheting I don't want to have to tear it out and redo it. I don't like when I can't figure out what I have done wrong or why the hat is to big or too small..

But alas, I have prevailed, yes that means I did tear out and redo.. And, that I believe makes me learn it better...

I didn't have a pattern for the finished product of this hat.. When I did finished the original pattern it was way to big for my head, it was way to big for Ty's head.. So, I tried to figure out how can I make it fit better with out tearing all this out. YEP!! THAT'S RIGHT.. I DIDN'T TEAR THIS OUT!!!


I folded the the back and stitches it up..

The Flower I just made it up.. In all the books that I had I could find one stinkin flower patter that I liked... So Volia...

It may not be the purttiest thing you have ever seen, but it just might keep your head warm..

05 December 2012

Camera flop

Many years ago, I wanted to be a photographer, and I was given a very nice camera by my old boss. I tried many times to take great photos, so soon after that I just tried to take good photos.

Many months ago I had gotten a very nice camera  that I am not very good at using and so last month I was taking all these wonderful photos and when I downloaded them this is what they looked like.

this was a recipe I was trying

This was a class trip to the Lions Camp for the blind

This is Ty on the Four Wheeler

This is Bro and Syd on the back of the four wheeler inside of the condo stand for deer hunting..

But, luckily I have figured what was wrong and have since corrected it... Yay!!  I just hope that next time this doesn't because I feel these, what would have been great photos, are no good.

04 December 2012

A new way

Once again paying omage to my dear friend at BWB.  I asked her the other day how she did school, and she said that she did History/Geography and science in the morning right after breackfast.

Well, I had been doing the exact opposite.. We did as follows

Independent Reading

But, with the great advice form BWB, I now do Georgraphy and Science in the morning.. I get all the reading stuff out of the way so that I can carry on my mid-morning activites.

Here is the new list

Independent Reading

What another Great Idea.... However, this is only the second or third week we have been doing it this way so it has taken some getting use to. Bro doesn't like change very much. It took me a week to get him in the habit of doing those subjects earlier..

03 December 2012

My new hobby!!

Recently, I have taken up crocheting, but now because I just wanted to but because I was inspired by a near and dear friend of mine at Blooming with Blessings. She, I hope she doesn't mind if I go on about her and her wonderful family for a minute, started not long ago crocheting and God has just blessed her beyond measure she had made several great things. I had her make me a head-band and I just love it. Her husband is great too, he is so smart. I am thankful to have them as dear friends, but one great things about our friendship, we attend the same church. Yay!! 

Last week Monday my laptop got sick and I had to call Dr. BwB, to fix it. I thank him very much for being so smart and a dear friend..

But, not to ramble on much longer let me show you some of the things I have made

I made this on for my sister Andrea, She found this so I thought I would try to make one with different colors. This was a challenge for me.

Bro is modeling his favorite color...Can you guess? He pick out the color and begged that I make him one.. His was the second

Syd's is the first one that I made.. I worked really hard on it.

But, I just want to say Thank you Mrs. BwB for inspiring me to get back at it...