Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

31 January 2013

Hello, Hello Again!!

Almost two weeks ago I hopped on over to my dear friend Joli's house to pick up a Mangers of their home book. I have been reading all these ways on how to make my home run for efficiently and I feel like I could use some consistent worship, learning, and work in my home of  3 to 5 people. However, reading this book there was one thing I noticed, these moms have lots of children. And, well really I only home school the one, with the two oldest in public school. So, then I got to thinking do I really need to make a schedule for my household.?  And, the answers is yes. Here is why...

I must let you know right off bat. I am not one of those mother's that like to sign her kids up for extra activities outside of school.. I am a selfish mom. I like to have my kids around and sending them off the do sports takes that time away from ME!!  and well I get plum mad about it.

But, alas I have retreated and allowed two of them to participate in sports.. My hubby and I signed Bro up for basketball. And, Syd is trying out for the golf team. I pray that she makes it (no selfish desire there.)

So, here is my reasoning for a Manager of my home. I spend anywhere from 3-5 1/2 hours in my car driving kids here and there.. (Another reason I didn't want to sign them up for anything). I am getting home late and rushing to find time to cook supper, get everyone ready for bed, clean kitchen, make sure I have bread for Ty and Syd to have lunch, and make time for my hubby.

NOT A GREAT WAY TO LIVE A LIFE!!! Because did you see any worship time in all that running around I am doing?  Nope. I need my Jesus, I need Him to hold me, comfort me, and talk with me.

So, I have been working on this schedule making for quite sometime. I still have not gotten it the way I feel it would benefit my family, but I am seeking God on how to organize in a way that doesn't leave Him sitting on the doorstep wondering when I am coming back home. I want for Him to be in charge of what goes on in this house.

As soon as, I have finished with it I will give you all the run down and let you know how it is working and the areas where God has made some improvements..

03 January 2013

A day late, but Happy New Year 2013

That just sound so weird to me..


Okay, I have gotten out of my system... Lots has been going on around here..

I have adopted a worm or something like that on my lap top. Arg....!! I can't stand to be without it. I know that may seem senseless but, I do everything on that laptop, and frankly my hubby hogs the desktop computer so it is very difficult to get in here and blog or really do anything else..

But, alas, here I am and I a few things I want to share..

I don't really know what to call this.. But, apple fritter comes to mind.. I got this idea off of pinterest..

I used my pizza dough recipe and some almost rotten apples, 1 c. of brown sugar, 1/2 stick of butter, 2t of cinnamon.. I fried all that together except the dough of course.

Once the dough was finished in my bread machine.

 I spread it out on the counter with my rolling pin and cut the sides.

Braid the ends back and forth over the apple mix.

This was a great breakfast or dessert food. I know that if I would have had some vanilla ice cream there would have been none to share with the family...

Thank goodness I didn't..


Tuesday night, one again we were at the H's house for our New Year's party.. We made a bone fire and roasted marshmallows and made smores.. We all really had a great time over there.  I am sorry I didn't take any picture..

It did occur to me I just plain forgot my camera.. I know you all know that happens to best of us..


My Bro has started basketball this year. He will be playing for the Patterson Eagles.. I see a lot of busy driving in my future.. However, I am very thankful that our practice gym is only 5 mins from the house..

So, as you can see, we have been busy busy busy... That's the way to bring in the New Year I guess..