Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

28 August 2013

More Veggies Please

Over the last few months I have been trying to introduce more fresh, raw veggies into our diets. I want to my family to get the benefit of eating raw veggies. I had a summer garden and I feel that it did pretty good, but I have learned that most of the veggies we like are winter veggies. I wasn't sure if I would do a winter garden and I have totally changed my mind.

There is nothing for satisfying, than my kids asking, "Did these come out of our garden?"

And, I just love to tell them YES they did. I was disappointed in my planning on the first garden. I wanted to can tomatoes this year. Because we go through a lot of different tomatoey stuff. But, when they started blooming I noticed I planted cherry tomatoes instead of the not cherry tomatoes. And, I just wasn't even going to try to can those little guys.

Plans for the winter garden~~~~~

Bell Peppers- Now these are also a summer garden
Tomatoes- giving it one more try with new seeds

Do you garden?

Gardening is also way to get the kids outside, save money, and enjoy some of God's beautiful creations!!!

26 August 2013

Our menu for the week

When I started this blog I really wanted to just bring you into my everyday life as a blended family, but as time has moved on I have become for a healthy living blog. Which I am okay with that.  I hope that you are too. I want to live a happy and healthy life and I hope a little bit of what I learn will help you along the way.

Oh by the way... I made some cranberry and ginger kombucha and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Monday: Muffins (because we didn't eat them Sunday)

Lasagna (because we didn't make it last week)

Meatball Monday-Per Syd

Tuesday: Grits, Eggs, and Bacon

Tuna Sandwiches, fruits and raw Veggies

Celebrating Mark's Birthday (his choice of food)

Wednesday: Cereal day, toast

Sloppy Joes, fruit

Pizza and raw veggies

Thursday: Poptarts

Barbeque brisket, Broccoli, Fruit

Fajita Friday

Friday: Oatmeal

Chicken Alfredo (because again we didn't make it last week)


Saturday: Cinnamon Rolls

Hamburgers and cheese potatoes

Breakfast night (Per Ty) Waffles

Sunday: Chocolate Pancakes (per Bro)



20 August 2013

The Kombucha Story

Well as you have read in several posts I have been making this weird drink call kombucha  (pronounced KOM BOO CHA) try is so much fun to say KOM BOO CHA .... KOM BOO careful you could start to do a little jig with it..

Okay now that you have that out of your system.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that is used as a functional food. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Did you understand all that? I know I didn't! I don't do well with such BIG words. So, I had to do more research and this is what I came up with.

Kombucha (Arica's definition) A fermented, cultured drink that is consumed with probiotics that cause better health in your body.

I see, I too, have used a big word Probiotic. What is a probiotic?

A live bacteria that promotes your digestive system and your immune system.

Wow.. all that in a silly little drink call Kombucha.

I was first introduced to Kombucha from a dear friend of mine, Joli. I was at her house one day and I noticed she had all these different jars of weird looking stuff just growing on her counters. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I began asking questions.

If you don't know Joli, she has a plethora of knowledge on healthy living. So the word storm began. There was no stopping her until I asked if I could try some kombucha. She gave me this great big smile and poured a small amount.

At first, I was like hum, this tastes like vinegar. I wasn't thrilled with the taste until she started experimenting with flavors. Oh how, I just love flavors of all sorts.

So not long after that I got back with Joli and she gladly gave a Scobey. That is the active yeast that grows on top of your kombucha batch.

Here she is at the beginning of her life here in the Griner household. I do have to say that she has grown quite nice in the last few weeks that I have had her.

I have been through three batches of kombucha now, and I too have been playing with all kinds of different flavors.

I have made...

Lemon----loved it
Raspberry----hated it
Triple berry consisting of (raspberry, strawberry, blue berry) ----loved it
Peach ginger---Can't live without it
blueberry--didn't like it much
Lemon Ginger---yeah nope not for me
Peach ----love it
Lemon/Lime--yikes to tart

So, does the buck stop here for me??

Heck NO JOE!!!

I will keep on keeping on with the flavors.

Do you Kombucha????

19 August 2013

Menu and Kombucha

I know I have mentioned the Kombucha in the past and some of you maybe wondering what in the world that is. Well, it is a probiotic/fermented drink. Please don't think I am making beer or wine that is not what it is AT ALL. I will give more on it later.

I have been experimenting on some different flavors and I believe that I have gotten some favs already. Here is the menu for this week. I hope you are inspired to make great and healthy meals for your just as I have been trying to do!!!!


Monday: Toast and fruit
Cube-steak, mashed potatoes, Broccoli

Tuesday: Grits, Eggs, and bacon
Tuna Sandwiches, Fruit, Fresh Veggies

Wednesday: Pancakes
Leftover Hamburgers, fruits and Veggies

Thursday: Egg Casserole
Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans

Friday: Cereal and Toast
Crockpot Lasagna

Saturday: Oatmeal
Chicken Alfredo

Sunday: Muffins

12 August 2013

Blush and Bashful

Famous words of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. " I want the colors to be blush and bashful." Pink on pink if I can remember correctly, it has been years since I have seen that movie.

But, I really want to tell you about the blush part of it. As, you all know I am on this EXPEDITION to change my family's life to a healthier, chemical free, natural home. From everything we to the stuff we put on our bodies, to the make-up we wear.

Not long ago I did a post on powder. I have been along and along making the changes I needed in my cosmetic bag. So, the other day I was finally able to make my own blush.

I researched for all the different ingredients I could put in it, and these are what I came up with. Now, do let me tell you that had I'd know that it was going to be as dark as it is I would have found a more reddish color than a rustic brown.

Ingredients are

Red French Clay (which I ordered from Frontier) You can also order from Amazon
Cornstarch or Arrowroot ( I didn't have arrowroot) They work the same
Cinnamon (for glow)

I also can't tell you how much because that would depend on how light or dark you would like it.

I feel that mine looks more like a bronzer than a blush. But, hey trial and error baby!!

I will get better as time goes on!!

Mix your ingredients in a small bowl, but do make sure that you mix well because if you don't you will see the cornstarch and it will leave the blush splotchy on your face. (just a helpful hint-no extra charge)

Next, buy you cute little container to put it in like this one here (another Frontier product)

You can see here the blush I used to wear on the right is a little more pinkish than the blush I am now wearing on the left.

11 August 2013

Menu August 12-18

One meal a day We will all drink 8 oz of Kombucha!!!
More to come on the Kombucha later. I have been dabbling in some different flavors, for the enjoyment of the whole family!!!!
Monday:Cheesy potatoes Casserole

Sloppy Joes, Broccoli

Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday: Eggs, Grits, and Bacon

Tuna Melts, Fruits, Boiled Eggs


Wednesday: Cereal and Toast

Cheese burger mac, Green beans,

Steak, Mashed potatoes, Garlic Bread

Thursday: Hashbrowns and Eggs

Spaghetti, Salad, Fruit


Friday: Monkey Bread, Fruit

Cheesy Rice and Beef

Fajita Night

Saturday: Eggs and Biscuits

Hamburgers, French Fries


Sunday: Cereal and Fruit



09 August 2013


Here is something I have never really given much thought too... TOOTHPASTE!

I just assumed like all things toothpaste was okay. Until you start reading what is in it, and of course each tube has something different in it.. So, how do you know which is really the BEST one to get!!

One a brand that we had been using (it shall remain nameless) The active ingredient is Sodium Fluoride----that's some bad stuff.. it so bad that if you swallow any you are to call the poison control center RIGHT AWAY!!!!

****Warning****   that's right there is a warning on your toothpaste

DO NOT USE IF irritation occurs and persists.. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE. If some is swallowed while brushing get medical help or call poison control immediately.
Does that sound like something a mother who wants to go natural should continue to endeavor in?

I should think not!!!!

So, how come putting poison in our mouths is okay?

Well, frankly it is not. But, because we the general public think that everything that enters into a grocery store is A-OKAY for us to use we keep on buy and they keep on making.

Now, I have covered some pretty scary ground. I know right now all who are reading this are ready to dash to your bathroom and read what is in your toothpaste. I warn you be ready to be surprised. I was!!!

So, now I am on another mission... I want a healthier toothpaste for my family.


I searched the world over for all these different recipes and found one with ingredients I already had on hand. Yay!! I didn't have to buy anything to make this one!!!!!!!

Recipe Number 1

1/2 c of Baking Soda
1/4 c of Peroxide
2 T of Coconut oil
2-10 drops of Essential oil

Mix all together and store in glass jar.

When I finished making this exact recipe I felt it needed more solidity, so I add 2 more T of coconut oil and a total of about 20 drops of essential oil. Peppermint or Orange is recommended. I used peppermint because we like that mint flavor.

Frist of all, let me tell you we DO NOT like this recipe. It is very bitter tasting even with the extra mint. My hubby and I like to look at each other when brushing just to see whose face looks funnier!!!

Great times...Great Times!!!

 It looks good, but don't let that fool ya!!

But what can I say the jar is so stinking cute!!!  Right?
Recipe Number 2

2 T coconut oil
3 T of banking soda
1/2 t of Xylitol (this is for sweetener and taste)
15-25 drops of Essential oil again Peppermint or Orange

Mix in bowl with fork when it is pastey (if that is even a word) add your oils and store in glass jar.

I haven't made this recipe yet, but it is the next one we will try after we finish off the first yucky batch.

Stay tuned for more inside makings at Arica's place..

PS. the Deodorant is still going strong.. Not as in stinking strong but stopping the stinky strong!!!

08 August 2013


Don't you just love those words HOMEMADE, with a name like that you know it will be good, right????

I took Tuesday to make some things that I have been wanting to make like deodorant, blush, toothpaste, and perfume. Soon to come mascara and coconut shampoo.

I first started off with the deodorant, only because so matter what I used natural, organic, or the bad stuff I always seemed to stink. I was constantly checking, sniffing my pits at any given moment. I don't mind the sweating because that is what we suppose to do, but the stinking part I can't stand. My dear friend Joli over at Following where He leads has been making her own deodorant, and Sunday of last week when I went over for my Kombucha class, she came running or walking, I don't really remember, down the hall with a deodorant in hand. I was impressed because it was in a deodorant bottle and a solid. I knew at that moment I had been putting making my own deodorant off for way to long.

I used the same recipe that Joli uses we both go ours from I found her on pinterest. The recipe is simple and effective. She stated that the longer you use it the better it works. She had me at better!!! 

I had co-op yesterday and I sweated a bunch but, I couldn't smell any stink. All day long I worked and worked, got in a hot car, then unloaded the car when I got home, put of 50+ pounds of chicken sweating the whole time and still I couldn't smell the defining smell of Body Odor. I was totally shocked, so shocked that I had my hubby do the pit test. I need him to smell the pit so that my smell was not blinded by my excitement of not stinking. He said I don't smell anything Arica.. What really???? I am SOLD!!!!!!!!!

 I really didn't think that this was going to be as good as I thought it would. But, here I am on day 2 and I am still excited that I can't smell myself.


Homemade Deodorant

1/8 c of Cornstarch or Arrowroot (I didn't have arrowroot so I used the cornstarch)
1/8 c of Baking Soda
2 1/2 T of Coconut oil
1 heaped T of Beeswax ( Pellets or grated)
8 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil
8 drops of Lavender oil
2 drops of Castor Oil
8-10 drops of a sent that you like..

Add all ingredients to a small pot and put on low heat

Stir every once and while until everything is melted and a smooth texture

Pour in to your deodorant bottle.

I put my in the fridge to cool faster, but you can set it out on the counter to cool just the same. I am just an impatient person.

06 August 2013

A Family Vacation

Last week all of us, Griners, went down to Daytona for a week. This trip was a blessing from an Aunt of ours whom rented this condo for a month and was unable to stay the entire time and wanted to know if we would like to go.

We were so excited. The beach for a week. Yay!!  Okay now for the truth, all but two members of my family hate the beach. We don't like the sand in our bathing suits, we don't like the water, we don't like the chaffing that comes from the sand in our bathing suits, but the trip was donated in love. It was a time for all of us as a family to get away and that is what enticed us to take her up on her generous offer. 

That was until we got down there. My hubby, the boys, and I (Syd went with Nana the day before) pulled up around 11:30ish or so, and the owner of the condos was still there. That at the time was no concern to me, UNTIL she started asking all these questions, that I didn't know the answers to. It turned out we, the 12 of us, couldn't stay in one condo. It was against the law. Now, we are law abiding citizens in the great state of Florida were forced encouraged to rent another condo.

And, I am glad that we did, because there wouldn't have been enough room for ALL 12 OF US to stay in a 2 bedroom condo. God knew what He was doing, because we all left the beach and we all still love one another. Yay!! That's one for Jesus!!! and 2 for Love!!

We only spent one afternoon at the beach, because the condo had a POOL. Okay you just can't go wrong with a pool, at least not with my kiddos.

Beach photo op!!!

Man! Those waves were coming in hard and the girls were having themselves a great time

I do believe that is a smile on Ty's face too!

 Yes! He is shirtless ladies, but remember he is MINE!!!
Warning you will not see me in any of these photos!!!


Aside from the beach we also took a tour of the Chocolate Factory!!

They had chocolate covered bacon!! Yes that is right BACON!!   Here is Syd trying it for the first time!!

Wait for it!!

She loves it!!!


We played cards, went to the board walk, and the flea market!!

Us, adults even had a double date night!!

One trip to the emergency room and we will call this vacation COMPLETE!!