Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

30 September 2013

This ones for AMY!!!

Hello Dear Amy,

Not long ago I did a post on shampoo. And, since that post I have not had the time to make the Coconut Milk shampoo until the other day. I wanted to use it a bit before posting on how much I really love it.

I was amazed at how my hair felt after I used it. This recipe also gave me the lather I was looking for. I know I mentioned before that it just didn't feel like shampoo if bubbles didn't appear, well you can have your coconut milk shampoo and your bubbles too!!!!!  YAY!!!!!

 I didn't even need to use conditioner which I have had to use in the past with the baking soda and Dr. Bronner's. I wanted to go all natural but, it was hard to do when my hair felt like straw. I just knew deep down in my heart that I was being to look like I had a bale of hay on my head. So, I stooped and bought some expensive organic conditioner. This helped keep my hair feeling soft and smooth. But, come on who wants to pay a lot for conditioner anyway.


So, Dear Amy...Here ya go I hope this recipe will work on your curly hair, as it did on my bale of hay!!

1/4 c of Coconut milk (I just used a store bought brand-organic)

1/3 c of Castile soup

1 t of Almond oil, but you can use vitamin E oil too

10-20 drops of E.O.  I used Rosemary and Tea Tree..

I use about a Tablespoon at a time. Rinse good.  I think that with one of the ingredients being milk that it can't last very long. However, when I made this I doubled the recipe.. Don't ask why I just get over zealous

So, I am washing my hair everyday, but I usually on wash it about 2-3 time a week.

Let me know how you like it!!!!!   Good shampooing

27 September 2013

30 days worth of meals

Okay I didn't really know how popular this 30 days of meals would be. I have had some friends ask me to post my menus.

But, first, let me just say it may seem overwhelming don't let this discourage you from attempting. Even if you can't do 30 days maybe you might be a weeker like I was for so long.

I went back over my course of several months and I have been planning menus since April. This has been a tremendous help to me and my family. NO longer do I hear, "WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR BREAKFAST?"  "WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DINNER?" WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR SUPPER?'

Some of you may be thinking dinner and supper, but down south that is what we call lunch- dinner and well dinner- supper.. I know we are a great group of people.

Okay so, back on topic, MENUS Arica....

I say sit down with your family and come up with some all the time meals. I didn't do this only because we have been making them for so long now that we all knew what nights we wanted certain foods, and with my hubby's work schedule this made things purtty convenient.

These menus will be in order from Sept 30-Oct 27.

I am going to set this up with all breakfast, dinner, and supper.


~~This was super easy, because I just repeat M-F and Sun. Saturday I like to do something different and everyone can put in their 2 cents..

M-Muffins ( I make chocolate, chocolate chip)
T- Grits, Eggs, Bacon (This is my hubby's day off and his favorite meal)
W- Oatmeal (I usually fix Steel cut oats, or I have a recipe for instant oatmeal)
Th.-Pancakes (I have my own recipe or this too, Brodie's favorite dish)
F-Cereal and toast ( I make my own cereal, with the occasional store bought box)
S.- I suggest letting your family pick it. It could range from cinnamon roll, omelets, etc..
Sun.- Biscuits (supper easy meal for before church)


I won't name the day only because that will be a lot of extra typing but they will go in order as the breakfast did. Something else I would like to mention. On the weeks that I have Syd and Ty I will cook more than when they are not with me. So, on the supper menu there may not be as many meals due to leftovers. This is Syd and Ty's week this week so the starting menu here they will not be with me.

Cube steak, rice and gravy
Steak and potatoes, Broccoli
Black bean hummus- co-op need something easy
Veggie Soup
Nana's--we do this every Sunday so I won't repeat it again.

~~Ty and Syd's Week~~
Shepherds Pie
Salmon Patties, Cheese Grits
Tuna Melts
Spanish Rice with ground Beef

Meatloaf, Broccoli, Rolls
Tuna Melts
Cheese burger Mac
Potato Soup
Beef Stroganoff

~~Ty and Sy's week~~
Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, broccoli
Salmon Patties
Cube Steak, Mashed potatoes
Cheesy beef and rice with mixed veggies
Sloppy Joes
Eat out-Bro's game day


We eat a lot of leftovers, so again this will not be as long.

Hotdogs-Revival need something easy
Pizza--we eat this every wed
Hamburger Quinoa Casserole, Broccoli

~~Ty and Syd's week~~
Hamburgers-game night
Chicken pot pie

Steak and cheese Potatoes, Broccoli
Leftovers-game night
Sloppy Joes
Mexican Pizza

~~T and S week~~
Pop corn Chicken
Eat out-game night

Every other Sunday night Bro and I will eat at nana's house, but on the Sunday's when T and S come home I cook.

Looking through you noticed a lot of repeat meals, this makes planning easier, only because I am not trying to figure up 18 different meals a weeks. Now, that would be overwhelming to me.

My goal in doing this is so that I only have to grocery shop one a month. There will be items that I will need to buy from a week to week basis like milk and orange juice. I hope like with eggs and other fridge items I will be able to get them at my local co-op. Oh, and fruit that is one that I usually end up going to the grocery store, but I have noticed that my trips and the amount in my buggy are becoming less. And. LESS!! is what I am looking for. If I don't have to go to the grocery store I have a LESS opportunity to impulse buy. And impulse buying can be bad or your pocket book and budget.

How are some ways that help you budget and plan???

23 September 2013

A new state of CHEAP

Here in the G household, we are entering into our new frame of mind, heart/wallet change if you will. My hubby and I have decided that it is time we become cheap. Now, I understand that, that is such an ugly word to use but, other than frugal, cheap just sounded really what we are becoming. I have heard people refer to the rich/wealthy people as cheap and well I guess that is how I will refer to ourselves cheap. I know it won't make us rich!!!

So, I have really gotten a jump on menus. Today, yes this very morning, I sat down at my computer and with my UNF order and Alberts pulled just whipping that menu into shape. I now have menus planned out for the month, 30 whopping days, this was not an easy task.

I am really trying to budget our grocery bill SO much better than I use to.. This way I am able to see what I have for the next month and what I will need to buy for each meal!

Genius I say Genius!! 

Right now, after looking at my NEW and improved menus I have very little that I will need to purchase over the next 30 days, aside from milk and eggs. There are just some things I will need to buy all the time.

So, what about you what are some ways you can budget your grocery bill? What plans help in you in grocery shopping and not over spending?

21 September 2013

Jump start on this weeks Menu

Last week I didn't make one and I have been just all outta sorts about it. I have pulling recipes out of thin air and hurrying to find something to cook, but all went ok..

I must say that a well planned out menu works best in this house hold.

I have been on Pinterest this week and have found some really great recipes and we are going to be trying them this week..YAY!!!

And, of course when we do eat them I will rate them for you!!  YAY AGAIN!!!

Monday: Muffins

Chicken n Dumplings, Broccoli


Tuesday: Grits, Eggs, and Bacon

Hamburgers, Potatoes, Green Beans

Leftovers-Football Game 7:00

Wednesday: Oatmeal

Tuna Melts


Thursday: Pancakes

Cheesy Beef with mixed veggies


Friday: Cereal and Toast


Fajita Night

Saturday: Pumpkin French toast

Hotdogs-Youth gathering at my house

Meatballs Bake, Garlic bread

16 September 2013

Grow your own Scoby?!?!

Some of you maybe asking yourself right now what is a scoby?

It is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. That is a scary answer.. I just call me La'quisha an La'toyia. I have two now, and they are beautiful healthy looking girls. Why do I call them girls? Because if you study your scoby, like I did mine you will notice that they will have babies grow on them. As far as I am concerned females, other than seahorses, produce babies. So, girls they shall be called.

I must say this Kombucha rave has taken off in the south. I know Joli has helped many of her friends and I have gotten a couple of mine getting started. Each time you want to help someone you are having to cut your scoby and give a little to them to get them going. And, I didn't want to have to keep cutting my girls and I needed another way to get scobys fast.

How Arica do you do that? 

Well I am glad you asked blog readers. Here is how.

Not long ago I was plundering through Pintrest, which is something I love to do, and came upon this video on how to GROW your scoby. I was totally impressed, at first I was a little skeptical but, I knew I had to try it.

The next time I was co-op, I went to this Farmers Depot place where they have organic everything. I bought a bottle of the blandest Kombucha they had. When, I got home I got two quart jars and split the Kombucha between them. It probably filled them up about 1/4 of the way. Placed a paper towel over them  tied with string, you don't want to paper towel flying off all the time, and left them alone for 14 days.

And, after my 14 days this is what I had....

There she is. The white thing floating at the bottom. What she is sitting in right now I would call that the starter tea. I would recommend anyone who is going to grow your own scoby use this tea when you make your gallon.

How to make the Kombucha is simple.

6-8 tea bags (any tea of your choice black, green, or white)
1 c of sugar (that seems like a lot but that is what your girl will eat)

Boil the water and pour over your tea bags and sugar a rough four cups of water. Stir with a wooden spoon (NOT METAL) Let it set out until it is a room temp. Once cooled pour into a gallon GLASS jar and fill the rest of the way with water. Put a coffee filter, dish towel, cheese cloth or something airish like that over your opening and leave her alone for about 5-7 days.

Drain all but about 20% and start the process all over again.

I recommend using a jar like this one, but with out the metal spout.

Look how pretty. I was so impressed. I gave one to my dear friend Avis, and I saved one for me. Now, all you have to do is feed them/her.

12 September 2013

Better for you ~UPDATED~

Okay so I didn't get a chance to make some coffee last night. What a bummer!!  But, I did this morning of course. I mean who could start their day off with out coffee, I surely couldn't and I wouldn't dare think of trying..

OOOpppss Rant.. Sorry..

So, the coffee creamer turned out GREAT!!  Tasty!! and is a definite Keeper!!  I did end up having to add sugar, like I had been using before, to my cup.


I have taken another stab at getting even morer healthier around here.  As most of you know I love, love, love coffee and I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon. But, I don't want to take in all those "ingredients" in the coffee cream I used.

Remember not long ago I tried using coconut oil, and that was a NO GO!!!  I almost got sick trying to drink it. Never again will I stray from my beloved coffee creamer. Until one day, a day much like today, I was perusing through Pinterest  and came upon a recipe of sheer greatness.



I couldn't believe it, right there before my very eyes, a dream come true. I couldn't wait until I could make this but, I had so much of the other kind left that I wasn't going to jump in and make MORE coffee creamer.

But alas, I ran out and had been using my hubby's, plain no flavor, coffee creamer and well my mornings just haven't been the same. Don't fret, I was able today!! YES this very day, make more betterer coffee creamer!!!! FOR ME!!! (can you just hear the joy in my voice? what about the excitement?)

Giddy as a sugar fed horse, I am going to make a pot of coffee tonight just so I can try the NEW creamer.

Okay, the moment ya'll have been waiting for the recipe..

1 can of condensed sweetened milk (I was going to make my own, but it took like 4 hours!! No thanks)

1 3/4 c of milk. ( I would suggest adding more milk if you think this will be too sweet. I will find out later today) Another plus I may not have to use sugar anymore..Yay!!

2 t of Vanilla

Put all ingredients in quart jar and mix good and I mean really good.. Give it all you got. Leave nothing on the side..

Place in fridge until you are ready to use.

09 September 2013

Meal Plans

Last week I was able to get one row of tomatoes and bell peppers planted. I hope to work some in the garden this week as well. My hubby and I are looking forward to another productive garden. I hope that over the years I will get better and better.

I am starting to can more and more, and that is something I would like to be able to do with my garden plant enough to eat from and can some for later.

Here is the menu for this week.

MONDAY: Muffins

Cube steak, potatoes, cream corn


Tuesday: Bacon, Eggs, and Grits

Tuna Sandwiches, fruit

Steak, Garlic biscuits, broccoli

Wednesday: Oatmeal

Beef Stroganoff


Thursday: Pancakes


Rice and beans enchiladas

Friday: Cereal and toast

Fish and grits

Taco Salad

Saturday: Hash brown and egg

Meet Nana B for lunch


Sunday: Biscuits and gravy


Sometimes, I think how easy it would be if I didn't take the  time each week to make a menu, but my kids and hubby are so use to seeing it on the fridge. That if I don't make one they are constantly asking what are we having.
So, if you don't menu plan I HIGHLY recommend it. What a time saver.