Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

31 October 2013


When life happens. You have to jump on or you might miss it. In the past week we have had so many things going on, that sitting in front of a computer has been near impossible. I have practically lived out of my car for the past 2 months, because of football. But, Tuesday was our LAST game. Praise the All Mighty King!!!!!!!

I do enjoy my kiddos being in extra curricular activities, but man it takes a toll on this mama. Anyone with me on that????? Any one??

I had to fight, I mean knock down drag out, father time just to sit down and come up with another 30 days worth of meals. This time I may have spent more than just a couple of hours, it's likely I spent a couple of days gathering all the ingredients and recipes to make my list worth wild.

I do hate to tell you that the last week or so some of the menus I had planned before didn't go according. I We ate out a lot and when I mean a lot I mean a lot. Did ya get all that????!!! Lets just say I haven't eaten that much processed food in so long I felt like I had put on 15 lbs after one meal or two. No longer, I can now check the menu and devise a plan to cook. Yes, that is what it is all boiling down to devising a plan to get back on the HEALTHY TRAIN BABY!! Booya!!

Something I have learned in planning and preparing these menus so far in advance is that it gives me an opportunity to see how much of what we eat, like rice, beans, and meats. I am stock piling my pantry with the basics, like rice and beans. I almost feel like one of those dooms day people. Have you ever heard of them? They can anything and everything they can get their hands on. It is quite funny and intriguing to me, to watch these people prepare for something that may or may not ever happen.

But, I assure you this is not me. We will be eating this staples items all through out the month. Having these on had makes a meal preparation much easier. So, when grocery time comes around there may be only a couple of items I need to pick up to finish a meal. How nice is that???  OOO So NICE!!!!

Oct 28- Nov 24

1st Week (they will go in order of M-S)

(M)  Muffins, Cube Steak, Rice and Gravy (Because we were so busy that day we didn't eat B or L)
Bro and I ate at Joli's house -Hamburger Soup. I was soooooooo gooooooooddddd!!!!!!

(T) Grits, Eggs, and Bacon
Meat loaf, Rice and Tomatoes, Corn Bread (We ended up eating Tuna Sandwiches like I say busy busy)
Game night-we ate at the ball field (Now that is some "Good for you" Food

(W) Co-op Day!!  Oatmeal,
Raw Veggies, Fruit, peanut butter balls, and Kombucha
Pizza (homemade)

(TH) Pancakes
Trophy night for footballers so we will eat whatever they have (yet another "healthy" meal)

(F) Cereal and Toast
Sausage cabbage potato something, broccoli

(S) Hash Brown Casserole
 Unsure right now because we were suppose to have games this day...
Leftovers from whatever we eat for dinner (lunch)

(SU) Biscuits
T & S come home-Quinoa hamburger casserole with mixed veggies ( I will pick all the corn out)

Rest of the month (I am going to do breakfast, dinner, and supper)


(Nov 4-10)
Grits, Eggs, Bacon
Biscuits-Sausage, Chicken
Cereal and Toast
Southern Grits Casserole
Monkey Bread

Philly Steak and Cheese (Crock pot)
Tuna Melts
Hamburger, potatoes
Chicken Pot pie
Hotdogs, Cole slaw
Potato soup

Chicken Alfredo and Broccoli
Steak, potato and garlic bread
Eat at church

(Nov 11-17)

Breakfast is same as above except for Sat and Sun

Egg Casserole

Cheesy Beef and Rice
Salmon Patties
Taco Soup
Hamburgers, Au gratin Potatoes

Date Night for Hubby and I
Leftovers for the rest of the week
Chicken Pot Pie

(Nov 18-24)

Homemade Pop tarts
Monkey bread

Baked Ziti
Steak Fingers
Tuna melts
Cheese burger Mac
Hotdogs, French Fries
Parmesan Meatloaf, Past salad

Pizza Casserole, Salad
Black beans and nachos
leftover the rest of the week

17 October 2013

HM Mayo brings out the best!!

Did you recognize the tune?.. Yeah!! That's right I high jacked the famous mayonnaise line of all time.

I recently have been dabbling in a few recipes to make my own mayo, and several that we have tried were, well, yucky. I really wouldn't say it was the recipe, but the maker. Sometimes, I don't always read thoroughly through the directions and the ingredients. And, this my friends will get you into trouble.

I have found ONE that we all like, and that is a rare thing in the Griner household sometimes.

Homemade Mayo!!!

2 whole eggs
2 egg yolk
1/2 t Real salt
sprinkle of pepper
1 T Lemon Juice
dash of onion powder
1/8 Dry Mustard
1/2 c Coconut oil-UNFLAVORED
1/2 c Safflower oil

* If you didn't want to use the Safflower oil you can use a whole cup of coconut oil.*

Blend all the ingredients except the oils. Make sure they are blended well. I blend mine at a rough min and half.

Melt and mix oils. Note you don't want the oils bubbling hot!!

Now, pour the oils into the blender while it is still going. ***** The oil should be poured in slowly pouring a stream the size of a pencil or smaller****  The smaller the better. You are going to want full emulsion of the oils in to the mix.

 You shouldn't see any separation when you transfer to your mayo jar.

Refrigerate before use. Good for about 2 weeks.

This makes the perfect amount for our family, only because we don't eat a lot of mayo. But, if your family loves mayo I am sure that you could double the recipe at any given time.


07 October 2013

Chocolate, Chocolate chip Breakfast Muffins

As you may have noticed on my 30 days of meals menu we have muffins every Monday. These are super easy and delicious and nutritious. What better way to start your day than with chocolate.

The recipe I use is one I got from Heavenly Homemakers. However, I have to alter the way she mixed hers.

16 c of  Soft white wheat ( Freshly milled)
3/4 c of baking powder
1/2 c of Sucanat
2 t of  Real salt

I mix all this together in a large bowl and store it in the freezer for when ever I will make muffins or pancakes. This will last me about 6 weeks.

To make the muffins and pancakes are pretty much identical until you start adding the chocolate and chips and the other goodies.

To make the "dough"

2 c of the Mix (the recipe above)
2 T of oil (I suggest olive oil)
1 egg
2 t of Vanilla
1 c of water

This will make basic muffins and pancakes. Now, for the Chocolate, chocolate chip muffins also add this to the "dough"

3 T of  Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1/2 c of chocolate chips
1/4 c of shredded coconut
1/4 c of chopped nuts your choice

Sometimes after I add all this to the "dough" I will need to add a little more water just so the dough is not too thick.

Once it is all mixed together, spoon into muffin pan bake at 350 for about 20 to 25 mins depending on how fast or slow your oven may cook things. I usually only bake for 20 mins.

Let cool and Enjoy!!  These are not only great for breakfast but also for an afternoon snack!!