Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

31 May 2011


Okay, I feel like I haven't been home in about 100 days. I got to looking around my house and made a choice to clean it from top to bottom... I started in my area and worked my way all the way through the house...I just love a clean and smellin good home.. Thanks Lord for givin my the strength to get it done.. and the motivation... Most people tend to relax when they have been on the go.. but, not me.. I just want to clean, clean, clean........

Anyway...we started VBS last night and it was super COOL... I just loved seeing all the kids pumped and ready to learn about Christ......What an awesome time we had... Here are a few pic of some great helpers...
Two that just couldn't wait to get it done!!!

My darling husband working hard......Thanks babe.....
Almost done.. My husband got me.....I am ususally the one taking the pics.........

Run my sweet niece...Playing kick the Can.....


"QUIT MOM....!!!!"

Oh I forgot to mention that today is OUR anni......3 years....and God has blessed them wonderfully.... Thank you Father..... Happy Anni.. HONEY
THE LOVE BIRDS ON THEIR HONEYMOON..3 years...(wow look at my hair yikes)

26 May 2011

Instead of Tomorrow

I just remembered I will be out of town.. So, here are the pics from VBS decorations.. Hope you enjoy..(and some of my workers...)heheheh
The Graffiti Wall..This was super fun to make....

These guys were cute as a button...Couldn't have VBS without them...   :-0

Who loves VBS----I DO...!!


AWE....they look sweet and innocent (but they are up to no good)
Watch out New we come......Enjoy! If you want to see more and the last of the decorations..well, you will have wait..We don't have them ready yet...

So, the other day I was on *-bay in search of new camera..I found one for 56.00 and I thought WOW great deal.. Until I learned that it is a battle.. But, the great news is I won... it for on 79.00 something.. I was super HAPPY....So now my kids can be even more aggregated that I want to take their pictures.. Well, my two youngest don't care as a matter of fact they love the camera..But, my oldest would probably rather have a COLONSCOPY than have his picture taken....GAR

 All I here is "STOP MOM"

That seemed to be a lot of random stuff to talk about...

Running on empty

Busy, busy, busy, busy.!!

When I said I NEED  a vacation I was not fibbin..I got up yesterday and hit the road running as I usually do with 2 kids in public school. Off at 7:00 am...not before I get a load of laundry done, dishes done, and breakfast cooked for everyone in my house..10:00 at the Church for VBS decorations... (love to decorate, hate to  have to make the decorations) we were outside painting..

Did anyone care to tell me it would 97 degrees HOT... But, hey, we got some of the painting done and with the heat everything dried pretty quick..

2:00 left church to pic up my PS kids and that usually takes about 2 hours.... for me it is about 108 miles a day..

Anyway work, work, work....This morning I needed to milk a cow..(yes for the milk). When I got home to open the cooler that had the yellowish/white gold in it, it was brought to my attention that one of the lids didn't seal.. SO I spilled a good bit....(btw dogs love milk) But there is no use crying over spilled milk. That is what I have always heard..But to be honest I wanted to cry....(I didn't though)

ON my way back to church.. I will post some pic of the work we did yesterday and today..

24 May 2011


I spent the day with Syd at her school yesterday.. They were having water day... The school had 3 HUGE water slides..

All of Syd's classmates kept asking if I was going to go sliding..Against my better judgement I did....and my whole body is sore.. I feel like I have just ran a 100 mile marathon.

Syd thought it was a great idea to run from slide to slide to slide.. So that is exactlly what we did for 4 hours straight.....However, I was the only mother brave enough to hang.....I was worth it though because she will remember the day that my mom slid down the slide with me at school.. (At least I hope she remembers, I know I will)

Here are some photots of yesterday..

The only pic of Syd and I that is worth showing to ya'll... I would much rather show off my kids than me....

Watch our here I come.!!!!  With a Big Splash at the end.. This slide was call the Roaring River (it was my fave)

                                                    (What are you looking at?)

And, after all that playing time...She could no longer hang in there.. On our way home

What a way to end the fun... (oh don't look at the date...I am too lazy to change it on my camera) 5-23-11

22 May 2011

Sunday-my little helper

OK worst title ever..because I know you all know that it is Sunday.. but this is the day that my kids came home... YAY.

Their is like having heaven on earth..Joy filled my soul..

One of the great things about them being at home is that Syd loves to help in the kitchen....WE She made the bread tonight.. I am so proud of her and she didn't need any help.  

She did a great job..

I can't wait to sink my mouth in to it.. Not only does she cook bread but she also does the dishes.....
(Bro has to help too)
God told me to train them in the way they should go, doesn't that include
house cleaning.. !!??? (Proverbs with a little Arica in it)

I am proud of my kids.. They really are God's blessing...

I realize that I told you all that I would be posting pictures of my garden today. But, I forgot to go down there and take them. The reason of my brain poot its the HEAT.....It is scorching out there. I rode my bike today and I had sweat running out of every pore..
Lord, I pray for the rain in Patterson to fall in abundance..That, I hope with cooling things down just a bit. 

I told my kids tonight we start making a Menu for each night of the week. I am wanting to cut my grocery bill my another $50.00. I believe that we can do it. Budgeting has become like my new baby.. 

REALLY... I just want a VACATION......That is my ultimate plan.. devious isn't it.... Moohaaa

21 May 2011


As I was reading my last post I realized that I DO NOT proofread anything that I write. It is not that I miss spell words it is the word I am using  that is not the correct word. I used eyes today instead of EARS.

EARS.. My voice hurts their ears.......

I have found my reason for the blog now is to learn to write and speak better..And for those that know me really well, know that I can't talk..... I have used the expression on several occasions to get your FEET on.. really now. God I ask that you be with my kids, because when I get old and grey they are going to need a decoder to figure out what in the world I am talkin' about....

When I met my husband... I (like most women) tried to impress him...Well there was one evening we were o the phone together and I of course was trying to be super funnier than usual. As the conversation progressed I used a word I have never even heard before.. You know WHY because it was not even a word... I would love to tell you what I said but I don't have a clue as how to spell it....

Aha... We say two deer in the garden this late night... ran them off with the bright lights of our car..(hopefully that will keep them out for good) just hoping.... and praying...... Only God knows...

Just for fun I will take some pics of the garden tomorrow and let you see what we DON'T have anymore...

12 hour cycle

It seems to me that I am writing every 12 hours. Hopefully when the new wears OFF I will be down to one a day or every two days. Who knows this may be the place to vent, cry, pray, and sing (okay maybe not sing) My kids have informed me several times that I hurt their eyes when I lift my voice in song.

Today is Saturday. I get my other two babies back tomorrow around 4:00 pm and I am on pins and needles. It is a feeling hard for me to describe. I am so anxious to seem them and wrap my big ole arms around them. Now, Sydney would be like "Mommy" (in her sweet singing voice) and Tyler will give me a little pat on the back until we get home. Public display of affection from him is OFF LIMITS. What can I say he is 12 soon to be 13. He has his rights too. But, I will say that it saddens me that he his growing up, well they all are.

My little guy just had his birthday. He is now a whopping SEVEN years old. With the three of them, we have been combining at least two of the parties for financial purpose (I am sure you can understand). We are having their party at And Bounce, both Syd and Brod's, so he has not had a party yet. We did however, celebrate a little something for him. But, we had to make sure that he understood that when we have the BIG party that, that doesn't mean he is turning 8. It tickles me when he get confused like that.  (Just perious).

20 May 2011

A final thought of the day

I started this morning off with not really knowing how, or what I was going to "BLOG" about. So I began talking to my Father, and He told me to talk about what my blended family faces.

I will begin (just to let you know it will be a little lengthy)

I am a divorced mother of two (bio) kids. Single parenting is not an easy road to travel, so I commend anyone who has to face that way of life. But, I trucked on. I shortly after my divorce I gave my life and  my kids to God and said whatever You have us do I will do. Now don't get me wrong my life didn't flip over into Christianity it was a growing process and still is. I fall short of God's glory everyday. I know He is there for me.

Back to it, my two older kids are from my 1st marriage. We spit custody with each other every seven days (not easy on the weeks they are not here). I am leaving the suffering I have in God's hands. I will admit some days are easier than other and some days I cry a lot. In the midst of all this I lost my mother to lung cancer. Not only did I lose what is most precious to a mother but I also lost my best friend. God really does work in mysterious way, because, as He was taking away I was drawing closer to him.

When I think about what I have lost I am always reminded of Job. God took Job's family away. Now, hear my kids are still alive. But in a since I too have had my lose. When they are not here the emptyness I feel inside is overbaring sometimes. I believe that I suffer in similar way. The pain I face is because God wants me close to Him daily. I cry out for my kids, but also for God to carry me through each day. And, He does.

Then one day I met the man God had intended on me to marry. I could have not asked for a more Godly man. We met at work, I thought he was to most good looking man at the shop.. I had my eye on him. Just a few weeks over a year we made a committment with God to be bonded for life to one another. Now, he too already had a son (whom stole my heart before his father) as well. I am sure that you can imagine what life was like after our vows..
UUmmm lets say challenging, because we both had our own ideas of how to raise our own kids. BIG CLASH.

But, just as God is faithful to bring the Hebrews out of Egypt. He could bring this brand new blended family to JOY....And, He did.

Each day we face new challenges from God and each day we face them with God. Thank you all for reading. I am sorry it was long. I promise not to be this long for a little while.

The beginning

Okay.. I have been reading ALL these different blogs, and thought I can do that so here I go.

Today is a somewhat drab of a day.. because my sister-in-law (Danielle) sent me a text about how "GREAT" our garden is doing.

Danielle: The top of the all yellow squash has been eaten.

Me: Wonderful I say be done with the whole thing!!!

Danielle: It’s depressing (sent twice)

Me: Yep. All that hard work just to feed some crazed, wild rabbits. My life’s dream coming true before my eyes..

We planted a good bit of produce which we have willing let the rabbits and deer have their picking.

But on the other hand, the weather outside is beautiful. I am a little unsure as to what I should do today.  UUMMM

See I have been part of an AWESOME home school group and, well school is somewhat out for a few of us.. And I am at a lose of what I should be doing today. We had been meeting on every Friday or so.. But, as you can see I am making a blog instead of going to the park, or a field trip with my girls..

But I know that God will make today a GREAT GOD day.. I have the faith. You know the faith I am talking about.... "Faith like Potatoes".. only I am not planting potatoes. Just squash, cucumber, cantaloupe, corn, watermelon, and zucchini. However, I am praying that God will take all the hungry animals out of Patterson until our garden is done growing..