Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

31 October 2011

I Am Thankful For.....

I have been trying to be better about my prayer time with my Lord......

And, today I got to thinking about all that I am thankful for...I don't know why but Ephesians came to mind when I started thinking about all that is in my life...

Ephesians 5:20

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ....

Sometimes that is really hard to do...I begin thinking of all the things that I have done wrong and wonder why God would ever forgive me.. Because, He loves me.

So these are some of the things that I thanked God for today....

-my salvation (spending eternity in heaven with my lord Jesus)

-my husband (he is perfect for me, calm, rational, smart, Mr. fix-it, and many more)

-my kids (Ty, Syd, and Bro)..Even though I only get to see Ty and Syd every other week, I am thankful for those weeks...  And without my Bro.. .I would not be the homeschooling mom I am now. He is the reason I stay at home. He is the reason, I have some many wonderful HOME SCHOOL MOM FRIENDS. He is the reason we are both learning more about Education and patients..;-}

-my family (all that I have been blessed with) I have so many moms now...

-my friends (God picks the best friends anyway)

-my life (all that God has blessed me with....)

I am going to do this everyday, even when I feel like I don't want to.... I am going to find something different to give God thanks for.

Thank you for my Blog....which helps others learn who I am and what I stand for...

29 October 2011


I was going to continue the saga today but, I was just so excited about my BRAND NEW milking jugs that I just had to tell ya about it.

Milking?!?!?!? You say....That is kind of Pioneer of you Arica...Yeah, I know but I love to do it.

The experience it wonderful..

But, I have been having some trouble with my old jugs.. See I live about 30 mins away from the milking shed and with all the bumps in between here and there I end up losing some of my hard earned milk.

As you can see here the lid just pop on..
So when i went to plundering through the front*er book I found some jugs that i thought might be better for our journey home....When i found them i was so excited...I ran to the computer room and showed my husband.

"Great" he said....

Look how cute they are.. I got seven of them...what I like most is that the lids actually screw on. so hopefully no more spilled milk!!!

Game on.....Which do you think is going to be better...????

My money is on the one on the right!!!!!!!

27 October 2011


Just recently my dear friend asked me if I would take over the Front*er account for her only because she is expecting soon.

Last week, while we were at the park she and I got together to submit the order..I always enjoy going over there, SO, of course, I said, sure.....She showed me all the important stuff and gave me some advice.

So, that was last friday that I put the order in and today it finally came. Which is super ironic because just this morning I put together a Co-op folder for all my co-oping needs..

I have dividers for UNF, Alber*s, Front*er (my order, customer orders, and shipping papers)....

Just call me Mrs. Organized...(hehe)

I was super excited when I saw the Fe*ex truck rolling on down my drive way. But, I have to say the kids were more excited then I was when they got to empty the boxes for me and this is what I walked into.......................

What more could a mom ask for than peanuts all over her living room.....

26 October 2011

I DID IT!!!!

okay for a while now I have been making my own breads and different things, (Cinnamon buns, raisin nut bread). See, so you get the picture. But, I have not been brave enough to make my own pizza dough.

Until recently, I have seen many of my good friends doing it..(peer pressure just kicked in).

 So today I thought I would give it a try......As I am posting, it is baking in the oven, but I wanted to share with you the process i have completed so far..

rectangle pizza was easier for me to shape

Putting on as much or as little sauce we like (which is not to much)

toppings galore..some like just cheese, some like just pepperoni, and some like a little of everything.(ham, pepperoni, black olives, banana peppers, mushrooms)

And of course you can't forget the cheese

It smells so good. I can't wait to sink my teeth into....

25 October 2011

The Saga Continues....

Last time I wrote Rhonda and Tim were getting married. Arica was not really all that happy when she found out.


Not long after the "great" proposal did tim's attitude toward rhonda change. it was like he was in total control. And, i mean total control over everything, where we went, how we dressed. things seem to be turning for the worst. So, rhonda decided that it was time she and tim needed to think about the decision they had made. we moved back to the apartment complex and things once again had calmed down for this family of 3. Rhonda ended up giving the ring back to tim. Arica was excited about that. Now, she could have some peace at night.

Rhonda really didn't get back into the club scene but, she did start to date some. She met this fellow name Donnie. Now, Arica really liked him he was down to earth good to the girls and to rhonda. He was very respectful, he would always ask what the girls wanted to do. it wasn't just about him or rhonda he included the girls. Something they had never had. The girls were always exited to see Donnie. they enjoyed his company, and he made them laugh.
Shortly after the two were getting serious Tim called one day  "just to talk" he told rhonda that we wanted to come over and see the girls. Rhonda was always a sucker for that. She told him that it was fine to come over. The girls were scared because they didn't want her to ruin it with Donnie.
tim showed up about 6:45 that night with flowers and candy in hand. Rhonda seemed happy he was there. the two talked until 8:00 when there was a knock at the door. Andrea hollers that she will get it. to her surprise donnie was at the door. He had gotten movie tickets for all of them. When he stepped in the door he and tim made eye contact and without a word he handed the tickets to andrea and walked out the door.

Rhonda was stunned she didn't know what to do. She cared for both of them each in their own way. Tim just sat there not asking any questions. When she heard donnie pull out of the drive she asked tim to leave.

over the course of the next few weeks rhonda tried to explain to donnie that he was just there to talk. but donnie knew better. I believe that rhonda really broke his heart. he would have been perfect for her, but she could not let tim go. Tim and rhonda started dating again this time she took it much slower.

Donnie had come by one evening to bring rhonda back some of the girls things they had left at the house. She invited him. the girls were so excited about seeing him again. they ran up to him and gave him a great big hug. little did any of them know, that tim was outside he had recognized Donnie's truck. So tim thought he would be clever and sneak around to the window to see what was going on. When he say the girls hugging him. He busted through the window screaming at Rhonda. She called to police and they came and asked tim to leave. Donnie ended up hanging out until he felt it was safe for him to leave. the girls thought this was the time he and rhonda were going to get back together.

But they were mistaken. little did they know but that would be the last time they would ever see donnie again.
Once again rhonda went back to tim. something about jerks was what she liked. Another month passed and tim wanted rhonda to move back in and she just couldn't bring her self to do it. Arica was so proud of her. She knew there was something suspicious about this man she just couldn't figure it out.
things seemed to be going really good for them. They seldom fought and if they di,. they didn't do it in front of the girls or where they could hear. The girls were really thankful for that.

Arica had gone off for the weekend to spend the night with a friend from school. Something she hardly ever did only because she hated to leave her mom and sister. Arica seemed to be the rock in the family or the only one who really stated her opinion.

tim had called her to come over this weekend and stay. So she and andrea pack an overnight bag and drove over to his place.

24 October 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Today is not another day it is MONDAY!!!

What do I love about Mondays really nothing but, today is a NO SCHOOL DAY!!!! yeah

Usually our Mondays are redirecting to maintain focus on school work but, not today...

Why? You may ask...WELL today is special because I get to celebrate another year of life worshipping my Jesus, loving my husband and children....


I also realize that I haven't posted any pictures in quite sometime so today I am just going to post a few random photos for your enjoyment...

23 October 2011

The Forgiveness of Christ in Me!!

As you all know, I swap every other week with my ex-husband. Some say it must be hard and it is. But, God's love and compassion helps me to understand why I must live this way. There are many, many days that I will spend on my knees and pray for God's understanding and for a long time after my divorce I never really understood why God didn't give me what I thought I deserved.

~I am a Christian now. I have changed my life to do my best to honor Christ in all that I do.

So there was this battle going on all around me the power or good and evil. Not just around me but inside my heart as well. Vengence was on my mind and in my heart. I wanted to come up with a way that I knew I could get my kids back. But, the good that was fighting within me was letting me know daily that my actions would not have been honoring to my Lord, Jesus.

When I think back to what I had done in my marriage to my ex. I was for sure that God would never forgive me. As, I grew in my faith I quickly learned that Christ loves me no matter how I lived my life before Him. I was overwhelmed with a great since of Awe. My thoughts were how can He love, but upon learning that He created me for a purpose and that he chose me.

Ephesians 1:11
~~~~~~~~~~~Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from
God, for He chose us in advance, and He makes everything work out according to His plan.

I love to read that last part. See no matter what I want God has it all worked out according to His divine plan. My mind sometimes can't wrap itself around it. That God loves me so much that He has everything already worked out. It is truly a great thing to know that God would tell us that He does have it worked out.

I said all that to tell you this.

My babies were out of school this Friday and coming Monday. My ex asked the kids what they would like to do this weekend if they wanted to come to me or stay with their Grandmother. They both chose to come to me. This must have made him aggravated because in an instant he changed his mind. I imagine this really hurt their feelings.

I had to ask God to help me understand why my ex would do anything like that and that is when I have to go back to Ephesians 1:11.

22 October 2011


Just a small break from the harsh reality of Arica's saga..


Yesterday after spending the afternoon with a dear friend of mine and her blessed children and then some... I was thinking how resourceful this woman is. I watched her move about her kitchen a great since of knowing. Here she was making loaves of homemade bread. Not one loaf but three. I thought WOW she makes a lot of bread at one time. Not only is she resourceful she is wise.

Later after I got home another good friend of mine caledl and I spoke to her about the bread thing and she said that it is more moist if you put a loaf in the freezer then let it thaw.

So, I got the bright idea last night that I would make 2 loaves of bread and .....You guess it.... FREEZE ONE!!
There, I am mixing ingredients according to the book the recipe was doubled But, of course, I could handle this.

After, it was done I marveled at my plan to become more time wise in making my bread....
I dumped the dough on the counter split the dough best I could down the middle and began to spread it out for the jelly roll.

BEAUTIFUL...... I set the timer for 20 mins of rise time then hit preheat on the oven and let the dough rise until the oven was nice and hot..

After my twenty mins were up.thedough had not gotten any bigger. I thought it must be cold in here..Well, I will just put them in the oven while it heats up and give them some warmth...(HAHAHAHAHAHA)

This is what I got.........Go ahead and laugh your TUSHIE off.....

I was so mad..That was 4 cups of flour wasted.....UUUrrrrrrggggggg.....Plus I don't even had a mill so, I am calling on my sissy (in-law) to give me flour....

All morning long, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I did wrong and as I made some more dough this morning it dawn on me...


20 October 2011

Arica was frantic she didn't want her sister to have to see this. Arica quickly gathered up the men's clothes and told them to get the *ell out of her house. Rhonda came running out of the room screaming at
Arica "Who the *ell do you think you are?"
I am the one who takes care of this house. I am the one who get Andrea ready for school. Who makes sure we have food to eat. Who do you think you are to bring that trash in my house.

Arica took a slap in the face she held back her tears she was not about to let Rhonda see that she was hurt by her in any way. Arica never saw any of those men back at her house again although she and Andrea didn't see Rhonda for about 2 days either.

Out of the blue this lady came to the house. She was nice but, she asked a bunch of questions about Rhonda and where she was and what she did. How were Arica and Andrea suppose to know that she was from DFACs.

After the first visit Rhonda became very scared about something. She stated staying home more and buying the food. She was like a mother again. Arica felt relieved to let those chores go. Life seem to getting back together. Arica and Andrea were enjoying the time they were spending with their mom. Everything was great. Months went by and Arica actually thought that she had gotten all she needed to out of her system.

Rhonda was married and divorced at such a young and tender age. Never knew what it is like to really be free. The girls had forgiven Rhonda for her selfish act as their family started to mend back together. Until one night when Arica caught Rhonda sneaking out. She had waited until the girls were in the bed "sound" asleep. But, Arica had trouble that night. She didn't say anything to Rhonda she just watch her climb into her car and drive off to who knows where. Arica's guess was the bar but how was she to know for sure.
Next morning Rhonda acted as though everything was peachy keen. Arica never said a word and Rhonda had know idea that Arica saw her last night. Rhonda kept this up about 4 nights a week. Arica never really knowing where or what she was up to but, she did always make it home before it was time for the girls to get up for school.

Months past with Rhonda taking her adventure until she decided to bring a "friend" home for the girls to meet. "His name is Tim." Rhonda said as she introduced us. Arica was leery after all she had seen and heard but, Andrea was excited to see him. Why? Arica would never know.
He and Rhonda dated for many months and everything was going great. She had quit her job at the apartments started working somewhere. She and the girls had moved in with Tim. They were feeling like a real family. Arica once again had forgiven her for her deceivingness. She and time liked to party no doubt about that but at least they were doing it at home. Things were great. She and Tim went out on a special date and when she had gotten home she called the girls into the living room and told us that Tim had proposed to her and that they were going to get married. Andrea was dancing around the living room cheering as Arica faked a smile and told her she was happy

17 October 2011

Back to part three....

Okay, now is where I will pick up in episode 3..
Rhonda has divorced Ron and has moved on.. Remember Rhonda is now the manager of an apartment complex....

Life in the fast lane is what Rhonda liked. She enjoyed her partying, her alcohol, and her men. Night after night you could find Rhonda on the bar scene. After, Ron she could never let herself really "date" anyone. She mostly had one nighters.

Arica and Andrea was sort of adopted by this one family. They were really good to them. Amanda was their daughter and Micheal was their son and Arica and Andrea were really good friends with them.
Almost, every weekend that is where you could find the girls.
Until, one day Amanda came to them and let the girls know that they were moving. Sorrow filled the girls hearts. What were they to do now? This family had been so great. The girls never really missed the fact that Rhonda was never around.

One afternoon while Arica and Andrea were watching T.V. someone was knocking on the door. Andrea was about to answer it when Rhonda came flying down the hallway. "It's Ron" she whispered. Terror struck us all even though he and Rhonda had been divorced for about 6 months he still came looking for her. They all tiptoed back down the hall into Rhonda's room and hid there until they were sure he was gone. Fortunately, that was the only time the girls could remember ever seeing him look for them.

After that Rhonda moved us to another apartment on the bottom story so that if he did come back we could all sneak out the back. This is were Rhonda hit rock bottom. Arica was now the adult in the house. She worked hard to take care of her sister an the house. The girls were on a 24 hour schedule with Rhonda they only saw her when she would pick them up from school.

Night after night, it was the same thing we could hear her coming in the front door about 2:00 in the morning drunk off her butt, trying to be quiet and whispering to who ever she brought home that night.

The week had been long for Arica. There were lots of apartments that needed to be cleaned and plenty of people didn't mind since she did such a great job. Arica was making decent money any 5th grader could make. Wednesday night was like any other night for the girls. Arica had supper, got Andrea finished with homework and bathed for bed. Arica sat down around 9:30 to do her homework and then finish cleaning the kitchen before she went to bed. She was asleep before her head it the pillow. It was another late night for her mother. But, when Arica got up that morning she was shocked at what she saw. She quietly walked closer to the living room and there were two naked men asleep one on the couch the other on the floor. She turns toward her mothers room and picks in the door. Two more naked men in the bed with her mother.

13 October 2011

Part 5

Continuation of Part 4 which is really before part 3.. I hope I didn't confuse you....... ;-)

Rhonda couldn't say  a word or even move. Arica came running down the hallway with the same bat that Rhonda had used on Ron. She swung just as hard as she could on his back, but it was like he didn't even notice. Of course, Arica was on in the 3rd or 4th grade at this time.

All of the sudden Ron was on top of Rhonda punching her in the face. Arica could hear a faint scream coming from Rhonda so she tries one more time to get Ron off of her. She picks up that bat again brings it up over her had and pummels in right in to the side of Ron's face. That one for sure got his attention. As he came to his senses he looked right at Arica got up and was headed in her direction when the front door came down. At last, there was the police.!!!! One of the officers saw Ron heading toward Arica and ran at full force and tackled him. Arica was safe. The EMT came over to Rhonda to help her up she was badly hurt, cuts and bruises were everywhere. She was taken to hospital just to be checked out.

All test came back good Rhonda had sustained no major injuries despite what Ron had done to her. God was there that day. Rhonda and girls were on the run once again. And over and over Ron kept finding them. However, there was peace for a little while when he was in jail but, as soon as he was set free he could never stop coming after her.

Rhonda fell for his trap once again. He came back to her pleading that he had changed and that he loved her very much and he loved her girls. And, in the beginning just like before Ron was great, the "family man" she was looking for. Until one night, when he had decided to go and hang out with some of his buddies at the bar. Rhonda had let Arica and Andrea have a friend over to spend the night. The girls had planned on sleeping in the living room on the floor and Rhonda was lying on the couch watching a scary movie.

The hour was late when Ron finally had gotten home. He came stumbling in making all kind of noise. Rhonda had gotten up to meet him as he was coming out of the foyer. She could smell the alcohol on him.
He was acting like he use to screaming and hollering. He woke the girls up. They could her Rhonda tell him that they were in the living room having a spend the night party, cut he didn't seem to care. He shoved her out of his way and made a mad dash to the bedroom. And, when he came out he had a gun pointed right in Rhonda's face. Screaming at her waving his hands around. The girls got up scared out of their minds. Ron grabbed Rhonda by the arm and pushed her over to where the girls are and she tripped and hit her head on the fireplace. Her head was bleeding and she was crying trying to push all the girls behind her. Ron came closer until the barrel of the gun was pushed into her forehead. She told the girls to close their eyes and ears.

The stated ringing and Ron dropped the gun went to answer it. It was obviously for him because he walked into the bed to talk. While he was in the room Rhonda grabbed some blankets and ran quietly to the door. They were hiding in the shadows of the night. Praying Ron would not be able to find them.

They ran from door to door. No one would answers. Rhonda didn't know what she was going to do. After knocking on about 20 doors someone finally answered they were very kind. Rhonda used the phone to call the girls father and the police.

Within mins the police were there. They told Rhonda that going back would not be a good idea and that she needed to find somewhere to go. She asked what they were going to do about Ron and they told her that the condition was critical because he is drunk with a loaded weapon.

After about an hour Butchie shows up to pick up Ashley, and he offered for Rhonda and the girls to come and stay at his place for the night.  That was the first time they had ever ridden in a limousine......

11 October 2011


As I have posted before I have a great artist in the family and her name is Syd.

Yesterday evening I had a mothers night out with my other fellow H.S mom, and Nana kept the kiddos for me.

While they were there Syd had Nana draw with her and this is what Syd brought home....

I am not sure who it looks like... but, I thought WOW she did awesome..

09 October 2011

Part 4

I want to apologize I have tragically skip an important part of my life. This particular many ways. He wanted to take care of Rhonda and her girls. Ron knew what is was like to raise girls, because he had two from his previous marriage.

But, not long after the "I dos" did Rhonda wish for her life she did not! It was like being married to Victor all over again. Rhonda couldn't understand how she could have been so blind to this. Perhaps because she was lonely. She yearned for companionship and Ron was just what she wanted for so she thought.

The abuse started like most abuses do infrequent, accidental, petty if you will. But, as the marriage grew so did Ron's jealousy. Rhonda couldn't go any where, do anything. She felt like another prisoner on her own home.

Rhonda was bound and determined to fight this time. She was not going to take it lying down. She resisted Ron's arguments, fought of the urge to engage angrily. Rhonda just wasn't strong enough. Finally, once again she had, had enough it was time to move on, pack up and get the junk outta there. So, Ron left and so did Rhonda but only to have to run for her life again. As I have said before Rhonda loved men. She couldn't live with out them. And, just as soon as Ron was out the door in came Jim. I can't tell you much about him other than I really liked him. He was the first man that didn't like to yell or make a huge fuss about anything. This a man that Rhonda should have married.

But, happy news travels almost as fast as bad new, and Ron caught wind that Rhonda had moved on.

There was a loud voice coming from down the hallway. Rhonda get your *ss out of bed. I know what you've done you stupid *hore. Fear tore through Arica and Andrea that night they were scared to leave their rooms. Arica could hear his foot steps he was getting closer to Rhonda's room. She usually slept with the door open but for some reason tonight she shut it. This was perfect. Even if she was not praying to God, he was still looking out for her. She as able to get a bat before he slammed his way into the bed room. The girls could hear screaming and lot of shuffling around. Rhonda got one good hit off of Ron. She takes off down the hall and Ron comes up behind her and snatches her down to the ground by her hair. All you can hear is Rhonda screaming Please don't.
The girls don't know what to do. So, Arica comes running out of the room, but Ron is so engulf with furry that he doesn't notice her make her way to Rhonda's bed room to call the police.

Ron is dragging her down the hall way now. He tells Rhonda that he knows she is seeing someone else, but she tries to deny it.

The phone is ringing. Rhonda goes to answer it but, Ron won't let her. The answer machine picks up and it is Jim telling Rhonda that he had a great time and can't wait to see her again.

At that moment Ron lost all his control. He pick Rhonda up over his head and threw her in to a glass top dinning room table. The table busts underneath her.

She is no longer moving..

07 October 2011

Part 3 of my life saga

Rhonda was free! Finally, after all these years of torment, she was ready to begin a her new life. The day that Victor was arrested was the last time Rhonda gave thanks to the Lord. Something got a hold of Rhonda and her life changed greatly. She was hitting the party seen hard..

Years later and several divorces from even more abusive men. Rhonda could never seem to get her life back on track. Once again, we are on the run from crazy, psycho man who this time is looking to kill. After, Victor she was never able to stay faithful,l always looking for the next best thing. We all know the old saying grass is green on the other side well, Rhonda could never find the shade of grass she wanted. We ended up moving to Black*shear to live with her dad and stepmother (Faye). Rhonda and her stepmother never got along, the whole while we lived there she was always looking for somewhere Rhonda and the girls could move to. At last, Faye had found a place for Rhonda and her girls to live. She became the manager of an apt complex and this is where life for the girls began to get difficult. See the back then the girls were Rhonda's main concern but not anymore, her own needs were far to important now.

Arica is now in the 5th grade and sole caretaker of her sister Andrea. Times were hard for these two girls. How does one learn to grow with no one to show her? But, Arica knew that she had to do something. The girls were starving. The only time they saw Rhonda was when she was pick them up from school. Other than that they were pretty much on her own. So, Arica sat down to think about what she needed to do to survive. Luckily for the girls rent was noting to worry about and Arica was able to wash clothes at the laundry mat for free. When your mother is the manager of an apartment complex she will have the to keys to the washing machines. Arica decided she needed to come up with a plan to get some money. So, one day she went door to door in the apartment complex and offered to clean their living space for a small fee. She also took out peoples trash. She began to save money and was able to walk down to the grocery store and get some food for the house. Arica worked hard her fifth grade year. But, life was about to change again

06 October 2011

Fighting the Fight

I know this post if a few days later, but I needed time to process and grieve.

2 Timothy 4:7

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept my Faith."
These are some great words spoken by a dear friend of my..

I know this may seem redundant to those who read several of the blogs that I read, and I am sorry.

Oct 4, 2011.  One of my dearest friends, Kris Walker, fought her last battle with cancer. She is now singing "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty." (Boy I am jealous). I will (WE ALL WILL) miss her. We all are better for having know her. I love you my Dear Kris. I can't wait to see you again and do the boogie with you.

I only have one picture so I pray you will enjoy it as I have in the last few weeks.. Kris is the BEAUTIFUL woman in the middle.
Kris Ruby Walker 1966-2011......I will miss dear friend.. I love you.....

04 October 2011

The Story Continues

Many years have passed and Rhonda has found her freedom from Victor. Staying on the moved has helped a great bit. Everytime she felt he was getting close to finding her she would move again. Living in fear was something Rhonda had grow accustom too. Yes, she was still running for her life and her girls but, she was free. Or at least she thought.

Then one night there was knock on the door. Rhonda jumped at the sound. She knew exactlly who that was. Fear was coursing through her viens.

"I know you are in there Rhonda. Open the door now!"

She was scrambling to get her girls together but before she had time to escape out the back door he was already behind her. Victor met Rhonda with one quick blow, she felt no pain as she fell to the floor. Victor just stared at her in disgust wondering what should he do with her. Then, he heard the distinct cry of his baby girl, Arica. He walked up to her and pick her up. He told her that he was going to take her away from all this and she will never have to worry about this crazy women and sister again. 

Rhonda was able to pull herself back to reality just in time to see Victor drive off with Arica. Devestation took over, Rhonda didn't know where to begin or even how to begin. Rhonda called the authorities. During the search for Arica, time seemed to stand still for Rhonda and Andrea.

Three months later, Rhonda got a call from the chief of police. They had found Arica, but the situation was sensitive. They had to approch with caution. Victor was high as a kite that day, cops said he is very unstable right now. They told Rhonda they didn't want to do anything that provoke him into becoming more aggressive.

Rhonda dropped to her knees in prayer again. Over these past years Rhonda stayed very close to God.

Hours after the cops had located Arica she was recovered to be reunited to her mom and sister again.
Victor was sent to jail, not for kidnapping (because after all Arica was his daughter as well).

At last, Rhonda was really FREE. She was no longer living in fear of her and her daughters life. She was able to find a job, move to a new city, and begin her life all over again. Rhonda thanked God for the last time.

03 October 2011

In light of

As you read yesterdays post, I pray that you were not too upset. But, I feel to truly know a person we must learn where and what that person came from.

I had to start at the beginning so that you will know how and why I am the person I am today. i believe that with out my past I wouldn't be the Arica you all know.

Please don't feel pity for anything that you have read. You are all prolly thinking WOW blogs really should be about "happy" post from here on out. But, just to for warn you my tragic life has only begun.

I will continue the Saga tomorrow...

02 October 2011

In the Beginning

There are many different type of people in this world and each one creature to God's specification.
 Here is the life of one girl.


The day is October 24, 1978. Rhonda is in labor with a precious little girl. Victor is by her side helping all the way through this amazing experience. Victor loved Rhonda so much and when Arica came a long she was the apple of her daddy's eye. He loved her so much couldn't wait until everyday from work he would play with her. She grew more beautiful everyday and everyday her daddy grew to love her more. Then Rhonda became pregnant again. She went to Victor with joy in her eyes expecting him to be excited but something was different about him. He didn't seem quite as ready when he had found about Arica. But, Rhonda prayed for Victor hoping he would come around. Through the months Rhonda got bigger with this precious little baby God has blessed the Whittingon's with.  Then, a year and half later along came Andrea.

Unfortunately, Victor never seem to be truly happy about this new baby girl. He began working later and staying out longer. Victor found himself in bars and parties without his wife. Temptation was everywhere alcohol, drugs, women. Eventually, Victor grew angry with his wife, life, the world. As the years were creeping by, Rhonda became the target of Victors anger. First, it started with hollering back and forth. Until, that tragic day when Victors rage could no longer be contained or controlled. Rhonda took a punch to the face.

Sunday morning Rhonda gather her girls for church with make-up piled on and large sun glassed shading her eyes. She slides into back pew praying no one noticed her. After the preacher finished she slipped out. From that day on Rhonda spent weeks on her knees praying for strength to make it through. Praying that her husband would change.

Years pasted and Rhonda suffered each day passing. Victors rage was out of control. He would take it out on Rhonda for any little reason, tea is not sweet enough, food was too cold, dishes weren't done after supper.

After many years on her knees God graced Rhonda with courage to leave. Victor got up that morning just like any other morning. Rhonda got up before him to fix his breakfast and his lunch. She knew what would happen if she didn't do as he wanted when he wanted.

Shortly, after Victor drove out of the driveway, Rhonda let out a sigh of relief Victor was to much in a rush to keep her in line for the day. Rhonda dropped to her knees and thanked God for this morning of peace.
Something drove her that day, something got under her skin and she knew it was time to leave. As quick as she could she packed bags for her and her two precious little girls. Fear was strong in Rhonda's veins that day. She prayed for strength to not be too scared to leave.

01 October 2011


Yesterday was our home school outing with the other mothers. I just have to say that I know most of the moms are reading this so I am here to tell ya ladies I love ya'll..

No one could ask for a better group of faithful, funny, amazing women..

But, also yesterday I realized that maybe some of ya'll don't know me that well.  And, so I have been contemplating on what to write about. So, listen up you guys I am going to be starting a "Life Saga".

But, today I wanted to to keep it light and hearty... This one is for you "Chicken Lady"
I know it is hard to see what is going on in this photo.. But, I am sure that you know who I am referring to when I said chicken lady...There she is so cute in her yellow feathers dancing around.

She has joined our home school group this year and I have to tell you she is quickly becoming a dear friend of mine just as they all have... So enjoy relish in the fact that you can call her "Chicken Lady" for great reasons.