Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

28 August 2011

Random Photos

Every now and then I just go around taking picture of just funny, cute things. And here are some I liked

This little guys jumped into our dog water bowl.. ( I have no idea how long he had been there)..
At least we know he could survive in the water... He was just swimming around in a circle..

I am free!!!! Hop away my little friend...
NO Sydney Don't Do IT!!!!!
Privicy Please...

22 August 2011

Breakfast Idea! NO. 1

Okay here lately I have been cooking the same ole lame things for breakfast..And, my darlings are getting, well, bored with it.. So I had to put on my thinking cap..

And, remembered that my babes love Cinnamon rolls.. Ya know, the kind you can pop out of a can, but I have been wanting all of us to eat healthier than we have.. And, I thought that those could not surely be THAT  good for you.

So I got to thinking and remember cause not long ago I had asked a good friend of mine how she makes her Cinnamon rolls.. Off  to the recipe book I go.... I looked over her recipe and thought to myself this WAY to much work for me... (I am really lazy)..

But, behold there was one right before my eyes and it was easy as pie or roll..(which ever you prefer)

I know it looks really flat on the bottom..But, I didn't cut it beforeI let it rise...I just did it like I would make my bread...I was huge. (the picture doesn't do it justice.

I say not bad for my first time.. I will let you know that the kiddos have asked me to make this again..

Yay I have a winner...

19 August 2011

Fanstastic Friday

Hello.. My week of getting up at 6:00 has been great..And, let me tell you why...

Do you remember the itinerary I made? I Made a timeline of an estimated time it is to take Bro to do a subject. There is time to adjust as the assignments get well, a little more difficult..But, anyway, it is working splendidly..

Getting back to 6:00.. I have been waking all the kids up..As you know 2 I have to and well 1 could let sleep until I got home. But, for some reason, I just keep getting him up..

So after breakfast we will all load up in the car at  7:00 for an 1 1/2 hour ride to Hoboken and Nahunta to drop of Ty and Syd but, while on the road Bro would do his Memory verse, Spelling words (that he writes everyday), do his independent reading, and handwriting... OM Goodness, this kids is rocking the school schedule..

Guess I was WRONG... Thank you God...!!!!!!

When we finally arrive back at home around 8:20 to 8:30. He begins doing his spelling workbook and so on from there.. 

Let me tell you guys he as been finishing up around 10:30....WooHoot what a day...

Also do you remember that I have been trying to do a workout everyday around 12:30 or 1:00.. Well that has been successful only because my Little Guys is so eager to stay ahead of his schedule... I really didn't think this was going to be a great idea.

Now I have decided to give him stickers when his attitude is good during school time.. The stickers are not for finishing so quickly.. I mean I really don't care how long it takes him to finish, but I do want him to have a good attitude about it..

Four Stickers means Milkshake Friday...And who doesn't love Milkshakes....!!!!!!!

16 August 2011

Lost in Time

Wow! Where do I begin....Let's see..!

I am on a kick to lose weight...I have started working out AGAIN... I know I get on these kicks from time to time.. Thinking that if I work really hard that it will stay off when I quit.. hahaha.. Never, does that work at least not for me.

So I called my "Sissy" Danielle and asked if she could/would let me borrow Billy Blank's BootC*amp Dvd. I mean she can't really use them right now and I hate for the dust to build up on them.. "YES" she said with delight.. Of course I was on fire with excitement..

Anyway, I started last friday to "try" to do a routine around 12:30 or 1:00..So far it has be in good standings.. But, I was really sore from the boot camp workout and wanted something a little less aggressive..

And, I got to thinking I wonder if the Wii has any work out shows and guess what? They do yay for me.. I have done hip-hop, salsa, and many more to come.. I can't wait until my body feels better about itself..
Christopher Columbus lesson.. We made the ships...Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

Let's talk about school.. Well I have come up with the idea that I will try to see how Bro does with a timeline.. And let me say so far it has been just excellent.. For the past few days we have finished ahead of schedule..Which I am tickled pink about.. I mean what a great way for him to get this already school year going even better. 

However, yesterday, was the first day for Ty and Syd... I am not a happy camper to have and I mean have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning to rush breakfast, rush dishes, rush getting dressed, and rush bible reading (which we do every morning). Just so that I can leave the house a 7:00...To travel 1 1/2 to next over county..

But, all in all, they said that the first day was not TOO bad..  I just said wait until tomorrow...Just kidding!! Not really! 


05 August 2011

Dreading the Day

Today I had to go out and get School Supplies for my eighth grader.....AAAAA...That's right you heard me my eighth grader...

We had open house for Ty on Thursday which I was NOT looking forward to, but I knew I must do it..

The Staff held a little orientation for the New Year.. which was quite uumm boring...

But, one of the questions the host asked was "Are you parents ready for school to start back?"

Duh... I like most parents I yelled No... WELL not like any parent that I heard.. I was the only one yelling no I guess.. But, these are my babies I don't want to see them leave for 8 hours a day and be taught by someone else...

I don't understand how some people I talk to are like I can't wait to send them back to school...

I am thinking you must be crazy...God gave them to you to take care of, to nurture, to teach, to love....

I would give my right arm to have my older two here with me.... All in due time...

They only have 1 more week until school starts back for them... So, next week I will be attending another open house for one more of my precious babies..... BooHoo.....

But, alas my pet I shall not fret.. Life carries on and I will pray my children through this year weather they are home schooled or in public school

04 August 2011

Blessing from Above

I want you all to know that I have been begging that God will bring Ty and Syd home to me..

Matthew 7:7

"Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you."

Since I have started Bro back to school a little earlier than usual, I also made Syd and Ty do school as well.

Let me start of by saying Thank you God for allowing me a taste of what is would be like... I LOVE IT!!!!

Of course they would be doing more than just reading and math but, that was enough to get my feet wet..

Both of them said that even though they had to do some school that it wasn't to awful... Thanks again Lord... And both said that they would rather be home schooled after getting a feel of what it would be like this week..

Again Thank you Lord..Wow He is amazing...So I am begging all of you who read my blog to pray and beg on Ty and Syd's behalf to be returned to a home who serves the Lord with humility...

He is awesome.. I am amazed at His wonderful glimpses in to what my life would be like if I were homeschooling all 3 of my cherished children..

Ty and Syd have taking a liking to reading. Every time I pass by them in their room or in the den, they have a library book open reading away..

Wow Another Thanks to the Lord...
She has been like this for days now.....

He asked if we could buy this book... "I really like it mom can we please get it for me and see if they have made anymore?"  "Sure son."

With this new curriculum Bro has a notebook full of different subjects. I really like this idea... Much easier to keep his work together...

I had been trying to figure out ways to get organized for our school year here are some ideas I had.. So far they have worked...
I got those really cute boxes at the Dollar *ree.. I bet you can't guess how much I spent on them... They allow Bro to know what is what...

Black one is for independent reading books
Sea foam one is for Chapter Books
Blue/Brown polka dot our everyday Science/Language/History/Math
Red one on the bottom Music and material for experiments...

03 August 2011

Random Wednesday

Not many posts ago I talked about food waste...

I want to let you know that I haven't done as well as I had hoped to do... My understanding is to not buy as much food...Then that way I am less likely to waste it.. right?

Wrong... see my problem is that we like to eat out a GOOD bit...I wish I could be more disciplined in not eating out, but hey what can I say I like having someone wait on me and cook for me..

Because let me tell you has a full time mom WE LOVE IT... See you love to take care of our families but on occasion we love to be taken care of...

So I hope that you guys have done better with your non food wasting than I have... Good luck to you all

I was so excited today I got my package in for my new sponsor child her name is Simi.. She lives in India with her mother and father and 3 brothers and sister... I pray that we will get to know one another through this sponsorship... I have to say it is not an adoption but we are taking care of another child.....

Funny thing my children asked today after we got through reading our Compassion packet.. They asked if she could come over and spend the night... I thought how cute was that....

Isn't she just beautiful...WE thank so..!!!

I would love for us as a family one day to get the blessed opportunity to travel to India to visit her and to see how she and her family are doing...

On another note... School has been going pretty good. I forgot how much of the day it takes up..There doesn't seem to be as much freedom to go and do as you want.. I think a part of me wanted that structure back and well then the wild and free Arica did not..

Rock and Roll Baby....See ya on the flip side...