Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

28 May 2013

We are Out!!

Well at least my older two are.. School is officially over for them. YAY!

I am one happy mama.

Last week Thursday, Syd had her "graduation" from the sixth grade. She did wonderful.

Her grade was asked to write a poem about their last year at Hoboken Elem. and hers was the one picked. She got to read it in from of all those parents and students that day.

Ahem.. Here is the poem.

My 6th grade year was really fun
I can't believe I'm almost done,
but soon I'll be at middle school
My years at Hoboken were really cool

I'll miss my teacher and
I hear middle school's are meaner
But they won't scare me much 'cause
I'll lean on my Redeemer

I hope you know 6th grade was a blast
and not one moment was bad
Although I did have some troubled times
Especially when it comes to number lines

but, Mrs. Youmans helped me through
Now I get them. Don't you?
 I love you Mrs. Tyler

Although you made me tired doing all those cheers
I loved the volcano one
 And the boundary cheer was fun.

English and reading
were pretty easy
Especially with Mrs. Peterson helping
Other than teaching
I really loved your preaching.

Thanks to you my learning senses are keen

And, I'm proud to be a part of call.


I am so proud of my daughter..


On another awesome note my Ty made all A's this year and passed the 9th grade on honor roll..

Boy.. I have some very smart kiddos..

27 May 2013

My Menu May 27-June 2

Hello All,

I have been absent from the blog scene for a bit, but I hopefully will be back up and running this week. So, get your reading glasses and a good cup of joe and settle down, but not today.

Menu time. I did have one last week, but I rarely went by it because it was such a busy week.

Monday: Biscuits

Meat and Potatoes Hot dish


Tuesday: Cream Cheese Pastry

Corn dogs, broccoli, and oranges

Date night with friends

Wednesday: Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

Cube Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans


Thursday: Hashbrown Sausage Scramble

Chicken and Rice, Brussels Sprouts


Friday: Pancakes

Cheese burger mac, corn, Apples


Saturday: Grits, Eggs, and Toast

Rec Day- Eating at field


Sunday: Muffins


Grilled Cheeses, Crackers, Fruit

17 May 2013

What I love about the Country!

Ever since I can remember as a young girl I was NEVER  going to live out in the country. I hated it, the bugs are bad, you have snakes and other wild animals, you were to far away from town. And, plus it was just crazy!  Crazy I tell ya!

Then something happened about six years ago, I fell in love with my hubby, who just happened to live in the COUNTRY.. NNNNOOOOOOO!!!

As he was "courting" me I began to fall in love with the peace and tranquility.

 I fell in love with the beautiful night sky.

 I fell in love with the morning and evening sun.

I fell in with the freedom to do what we needed to do.

Okay, so basically, I love the country now!!

Out here in the boonies we have been able to move things around, remove trees, plant gardens, get chickens, and desperately seeking to get some cows.

One morning I got up earlier than usual when Syd and Ty aren't here and started my everyday pot of coffee, when I looked out the window and you will never believe what I saw.

A gang of wild turkeys right there in our yard. I could have shot one had I been a decent shot.

There must have been seven or eight just out there eating!
I watched them for a good 30 mins or so.. I was so excited to see them that close to our homestead. Not 30 yards away we had the chicken coop.

So close!!

13 May 2013

Our Weekly Menu

It seems here lately, menu making is all that I have had time to blog about. Our lives in the past few months have been so busy with softball, baseball, revival, gardening, and getting our pool finished.

I really have so much to tell you all but, just anit had the time to sit and tell. But, all in due time.

The last days of school are creeping up on us slowly but surely...It is so exciting for me and Bro..

Here ya go!!!  I hope menu making is helping you as much as it helps me from week to week!!!

Monday: Cereal
Sloppy Joes, Fruit, nuts
Leftovers-Game Night

Tuesday: Bacon, Eggs, and Toast
Italian Pasta Bake, Broccoli, Biscuits
Leftovers-Game Night

Wednesday: Co-op Oatmeal
Sandwiches, fruit, Nuts

Thursday: Egg Casserole
Crock pot Chicken and Rice, Green Beans
Leftovers-Game night

Friday: Pancakes
Cube Steak, Brussels Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes
Leftovers-Game Night

Saturday: Grits, Eggs, and Sausage
Lasagna, Garlic Bread

Sunday: Biscuits and Gravy
Eat out

09 May 2013

Olympic day!!

Every year HES hosts an "Olympic" day for all the kids in all the grades and for the past 3 years I have had the privilege to attend. I really need to be honest with you, I do not like this day.


Well, because I am out in the hot stinking sun all day from about 8:15 until 2:30 something. I have to walk around all day long and sit and watch events that my sweet lovely little girl are not in. But, I cheer for all the other students, I really enjoy Syd's friends.

Did you call me?


Bro even got to go and hang around have fun.. All in all it was a nice day..

Syd was so happy when she FINALLY got a metal.. 3rd place in the Tug o' War!!


05 May 2013

Our Menu for May 6-12

I just love having the kids help make the menus they feel like they are a part of something. And, when it is their day they get all excited...What Joy feels my soul.

Last week was awesome, we had revival with one Great Teacher. I believe God was speaking to me everyday. I can sometimes go to revival and feel like Hum.. this message wasn't for me.. But, there is no way I could say that about Bro. Josh. He brought the heat and I desperately wanted to leave the kitchen, but I took it, I learned from it, and I pray that I continue in it...

Praise the Lord!!

Monday: Muffins
Sandwiches-Peanut butter and Jelly

Tuesday: Grits, Eggs, and Bacon
Meatloaf, Cheese Potatoes, Brussell Sprouts
Salmon, Cheese Grits, Salad

Wednesday: Oatmeal, Toast
Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday: Waffles, Eggs
Cheesy Beef and Rice, Broccoli
Chicken Alfredo

Friday: Eggs, Toast, Sausage
Hotdogs, Cole slaw, french fries, and fruit
Fajita night

Saturday: Egg Casserole
Meat and Potatoes hot dish, broccoli