Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

28 February 2013

They're here!!

That's right.. However, just let me say that I am no good at Grammar and I totally would have written there here had I not had no schooling.

Now that we have that out of the way.. Looky at what made it all the way home today!!!

This was a surprise to me. I had no idea that we were getting them today.. Now, do let me specify that we are/were going only get 3 then it went to 5 now it up to 7. And at that I say no more PLEASE!!

We are not even through with our chicken coop yet. But, praise the LORD that we have a nice size dog pin.

See my dog over there (that is the right there too) She is so mad with us.

Nope she has decided that she wants nothing to do with them or me at that moment!!!

They are so pretty and feathery...

The man is stalking his prey!!  Come here little chicky!!! 

OOO his is good.. Snagged one for the petting..

Nice and soft....Looks so Yummy!! Well with out all the feathers and all!!

Get your hand off me bub!!!   Now that is one scary looking hen!!

An Addiction

For many years (so many I can't count) I have loved getting new purses.. I like it so much that when my MIL bought my DIL and I Pandora charm bracelets one year she bought me a purse charm.

So, you can see how much I just love new purses. I don't know why really I feel it is in my DNA. Not from my mother of course she could have cared less..

But, I believe that I have passed this terrible gene down to my one and only beloved daughter.

Not long ago my niece gave her a Christ girls guide to fashion (which I am grateful for) but, inside this precious book there was an idea to make a jean pures from an old pair of pants or shirt.

And, here ya have it

There were modifications that were needed...However these lovely ladies didn't use any pants instead the used shirts that were way toooooooo short!!! Praise the Lord for modest little ladies.

I had to help (which really means that I did all the work) to put a strap on

The strap I used for Syd's was an old belt that I had hanging in the closet!

and some Velcro to keep them from gaping open.

This one is Syd's

This one is AB's..I used an old ribbon that she had. 

What a great idea...I think I want one NOW!!!

27 February 2013

Stocked up

For the last 3-4 years we have been having our beef butchered at our local meat shop and have bought our cow from a friend of my hubby's. 

It seems to me that we usually run out of beef some time in late Jan. or early Feb. and, it once again proved me right earlier this month we need to order or yearly half a cow.

I cleaned out or freezer and rearranged some things and made from for our 2 hundred and something pounds of beef.

Oh, the plastic bags are chicken from the Co-op. I like to stock up on that too...

We must have some 2 million catrillion packages of hamburger meat..

Praise the Lord.

26 February 2013

More on the Coop..

Not Co-op, but if you take out the dash it spells coop.. How funny is that if I hadn't heard anyone say co-op..It is a good possibility that I would have called it the food coop..

But, here is more on the Chicken Coop my hubby is building.

Here are the legs of it.. I'm telling ya my hubby is one talented man.

This here is the the top of the coop..

Here is what is going to look like once he gets it all put together. One the right side of the coop we will have an egg getting trap door..

Today he will do some more on it and I will be letting you know how it is going along and along.

Oh update we are not longer getting 3 chickens we are getting 5.. Yay more eggs.. Because we eat a lot of eggs around here...

25 February 2013

Productive Saturday

As I mentioned in my earlier post on my chore sheet, I stated that I was going to try and prepare meals in advance on Saturday.

So this Saturday was one of those fantastically productive days.

Here are a few things that I was able to get done.

I started my morning by making my some home made spaghetti sauce, lasagna.

I made two of them one for a friend and her family and for us..Which ended up taking us 5 days to finish. But, I have to say I am glad that we didn't waste any.

These pans made a great lasagna pans..

After that I started on some home made Chicken Pot pies

While that was going I made some Sloppy Joe mix.. And guess what?


It is home made too... Yep that seems to be all I am about. HOME MADE!!

We ended up eating this on Sunday night, and some today for lunch.. I ended not making the Tuna sandwiches that were on the Menu.  I will have to save those for another day.. Oh wait, I did make my hubby some for supper tonight, because he wasn't going to be here for the Chicken Parmigiana.

Stay tuned because I will be posting these wonderful recipes soon!!

The Chore lists of my home!

Due to the fact that I am only homeschooling one child and the other
two are in public school. I find it difficult to come up with a schedule based on
time, so instead I have decided to make chore sheets for all of us
(excluding my hubby).
Also it was a challenge when I only have the other two here every other
week. And in turn I don't want to make Bro do all the chores on the weeks that
they are not here. I long and desire for structure in my home. I like it to run smoothly
and to be neat and organized.
So after and long and grooling process and many, many corrections
here are the chore lists for my kiddos.
Please note that if any other ideas for chores come along in this brain of mine
I will be adding to the already existing chores my dear children have.

Brodie's Chore Sheet

Help clean after supper

Put Clothes Away
Help Clean up After Supper

Empty Dishwasher
Feed Layla
Help Clean up After Supper
Vacuum Hallway
Pick up Bed room

Help Clean up After Supper
Empty Dishwasher

Help Clean up After Supper
Put Clothes away
Empty Dishwasher
Help with Supper

Help Clean up After Supper
Put Clothes Away
Feed Layla

Help Clean up After Supper
Clean Toilet
Empty Dishwasher
Sydney's Chore Sheet
Feed Layla
Empty Dishwasher
Put Clothes Away
Sweep under Dinner Table
Sweep under Dinner Table
Pick up Bedroom
Help with Supper
Vacuum little living room
Sweep under Dinner Table
Feed Layla
Empty Dishwasher
Sweep under Dinner Table
Put clothes away
Pick up bedroom
Sweep under Dinner Table
Empty Dishwasher
Sweep under Dinner Table
Wipe out bath tub 
Feed Layla
Tyler's Chore Sheet
Empty Dishwasher
Feed Layla
Put Clothes away
Wipe Dinner Table/Counter top, Stove
Vacuum Den
Wipe Dinner Table/Counter top, Stove
Wipe Dinner Table/Counter top, Stove
Help with Supper
Get all trash out of trash cans
Wipe Dinner Table/Counter top, Stove
Put clothes away
Feed Layla
Wipe Dinner Table/Counter top, Stove
Bring Trash can home
Wipe down bathroom Counter/Mirror
Pick up Bedroom
Wipe Dinner Table/Counter top, Stove
My Chores
Load dishwasher
Load Dishwasher
Wash clothes (2 weeks sheets Our & Brodie's)
Sweep and Mop Kitchen
Load Dishwasher
Clean Our Bathroom(sweep, mop, & toilet)
Load Dishwasher
Clean laundry room (Vacuum and mop)
Load Dishwasher
Wash clothes (2 weeks sheet Tyler and Syd)
Sweep and Mop kids bathroom
Load Dishwasher
Work on Menu
Load Dishwasher
Prepare some meals in advance
Sweep and Mop kitchen

23 February 2013

Menu Feb 24- Mar 2

There are some meals that I didn't use from last week, so I am GOING!!  to try to make them this week!!  It's funny to me how that always seems to happen.. I would like to find a way not to waste as much food as we do.

I have read somewhere that when making menus that you can get a handful of meals that your family likes and rotate them out. I am going to try that in the next few menus that I make. That way when I am making my menus I don't have to figure out what to make everyday of each week some meals will just be made on that day!

Menu Feb 24-Mar 2

Biscuits and Gravy
Sloppy Joes, Fruit

Tuna Sandwiches and Grapes
Chicken Parmigiana

Bacon, Eggs, and Toast
Hamburger, French Fries
Steak, Shredded Au gratin potatoes, Broccoli

Egg Casserole
Sausage, Rice & Tomatoes, Cornbread

Cereal, toast
Chicken Pot pie (from last week)
Leftover from dinner (lunch)

Aish Grated Potato Kugel
Chicken Fajitas

New Orleans French Toast
Fried Shrimp, Mac & cheese (homemade)
Sub sandwiches (meatball or pizza)

I am also working on making the menus link to the recipes that I have already done or recipes that someone else has already made.

22 February 2013

Homemade Garlic Cheese Bread

I have been looking for a great French Bread recipe but, I haven't found one that I like yet so if you have any I am all ears..

The one that I have comes from a bread book that MIL gave when she gave me a bread machine.

3/4 c + 2 T of 80 degree water
1 T of oil
1 T of sugar ( I use honey instead)
1 t of salt
2 1/4 c of fresh milled flour (first I used hard white and the bread was real heavy. Then I tried 1 1/4c of soft white and 1 c hard white. That didn't seem to work all to well either
2 t of active yeast

Now for the Garlic Cheese Spread

■3-1/2 cups Grated Cheddar Cheese ( I like to use fresh grated cheeses)
■3/4 cups Monetary Jack Cheese, Grated
■1/2 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
■1/2 cup (Real) Mayonnaise
■4 whole Green Onions, White And Light Green Parts Minced
■1 dash Salt (Omitted)
■1 loaf Crusty French Bread
■1 stick Butter
■4 cloves Garlic, Finely Minced

Mix cheeses with the mayonnaise and the green onions.
Add dash of salt to taste( I omitted) and set aside or
keep in fridge until you need it.

Cut loaf of bread in half, then each half into half again.

Working 1/4 loaf at a time, melt 2 tablespoons butter
 in a skillet and add 1/4 of the minced garlic.
Place 1 of the 1/4 loaves face down in the skillet,
 swirling it to soak up the butter and garlic.
 Allow bread to toast in the skillet,
 removing garlic if it starts to get too brown.

Repeat with remaining butter, garlic, and bread.

This made a good bit of Garlic Cheese mix. I may not make quite as much next time.

Spread cheese mixture on warm loaves and bake in a 425 degree oven until cheese is hot and bubbly, about 10 minutes.

Not as bubbly as I had hoped, but I know better for next time..

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!!!

21 February 2013

UPDATE.. TO Adding to the Family!!

~~~~Also we are looking for a small hamster cage. One we could just borrow. If you have one please leave me a comment and I will get with you.. Thanks so much~~~~~~~~

Yesterday was my day at co-op which I love going to. It used to take me all day but, not our truck gets there early in the morning so we end up getting out of there about 11 to 12 o'clock, which is SWEET!!

But, anyway when I got home yesterday my hubby  had these two precious babies. He said here you've always wanted to adopt here ya go.. One boy and one girl. I named them Butch and Kassidy

 Oh! and yes he is in my coat pocket!!
Here is Butch!! My hubby found them when he and my BIL were cutting down trees at our Mamoo's house.. First, he heard Kassidy, I know because she is the screamer. She doesn't mind letting you know when she is hungry or the way you are holding her.

Here is Kassidy. She is bigger than her brother Butch, and she likes to throw her weight around to. However, Butch loves to snuggle, he will poke his little head into any crevice he can find..

Now they are sitting with "Daddy"

Look how SWEET!!  Goodness I could just eat them up!!

This morning Bro wanted to do something for Butch and Kassidy too.

The yellow thing is Bro's Ducky Moe Moe! He thought they would like to cuddle up to!! 


In my hand is Butch and Kassidy is laying down.

He started to get a little rowdy!!! 

Now they are both cuddled up and cozy as bugs in a rug!!


I have been feeding them every 3 hours or so. I am give them milk mixed with a little bit of corn syrup!

I did get up with them last night to ensure they had full bellies..


What do you think this is?


It is our soon to be chicken coop!!!  Yep that's right we are getting 3 chickens.. Whoo hoot!!

We are a natural "farm" house, squirrels and chickens

19 February 2013

10 lbs

of hamburger meat. That is a lot of meat, but it was all for a great cause. Last week Monday my dear friend had twins, and my MIL and I signed up to take them food for Thursday.

I have had several people say my hamburger are so good what do I do so here ya go!!

First start off with your thawed hamburger meat whether it is 2, 5, or 10 lbs

These are 2 1/2 lbs each

I used homemade bread crumbs from stale bread.

Add 1 t of garlic salt
Add 1 T of Parsley
Add 1 t of Season salt

This is to just give the bread crumbs a little seasoning. However if you are using less hamburger meat I may suggest that you do not use any seasoning in your crumbs.

Now set that to the side and grab three eggs. (2 for 2-5 lbs of meat)

Now I like to go ahead and add the liquid ingredients to the egg mix.

1/4 c of  A-1
1/4 c of Worcestershire sauce
1 T of mustard
1/2 T of lemon juice

Mix good and set to Add to hamburger meat

Next add the bread crumbs

This is about 3c of bread crumbs


Now roll up your sleeves and begin mixing

Then Dig IN!!

Grab a chunk and start rolling out your patties

Bake or Grill..Then enjoy!!