Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

28 June 2012

What a way

to start this summer off with a kick.. In the past umptin days I have blogsolete I have been super duper busy... It's like I almost don't know where to begin..

Well, LCBC finished VBS the week before last and I DIDN'T get pied this year yeah me.. The girls really brought it on.. Thanks to all my peeps for not letting me down.. However, I did get the honor to pie my preacher in the face.. That was exhilarating..
okay perhaps I enjoyed that a little too much.. Shh don't tell him that..

Then, on that following week.. My other two babies came home and I started having them help me clean one room a day.. A wonder idea I borrowed from my friend Joli..(thanks friend!!) .

My Syd's birthday was Thursday she is now a Whopping 11 years olds..(a realization... I am getting older). That day we The Griner's and Dryden's all went to Summer Wa*es.. We all had a really great time. It was the first time my kiddos had ever been and well it had been years since I had gone. It was a fun and expensive trip for us.. That will be a once a summer trip for us..

Friday, I let Syd have some friends over for her spend the night party...

That's right it turned out to be another Cupcake birthday.. She wanted purple icing on chocolate cupcakes. I really love doing the different colors... It adds a little umf to the party if you ask me..

Last photo before I ran some kiddos home.. Happy B-day my sweet little angle.. Mommy loves you..


And for this week , I volunteered to help out at my Bro-in-law's church with VBS again. I have met new challenges here and I pray that God will continue to work in that body of believers..

New News, I have decided to take a break from co-opping. I want to see if there will be a huge difference in my grocery bill. I want to change some other things around here to. I just don't know how or where to begin. But, I know that if I give it to God, He will show me where and how...


Yesterday,  my little Bro had his last day B.B. camp and I have to say I was and am very proud of him.. He worked hard and walked out of there with an award for spider drills.. Way to go buddy..

The little guy in the white.. That is my Bro.. Boy he can jump... !!!!!!!

11 June 2012

The many aprons of Arica Griner

Over the years I have ruined many a shirts cooking.. So, I got this grand idea to put on an apron one day. And, I must admit that I have fallen in love with them. I started off with one I had from many years ago.

Back story

When I was still in high school (over 13 years ago). I worked several jobs.. One happen to be at Wi** Dixi* making doughnuts. They were so kind in giving me an apron that when I moved on from that job I kept. What wonderful memories it brought me. (note sarcasm).

After that I put the apron away never to be seen again. Until, one day after I had gotten married to my wonderful husband (now) that it reared it ugly, but protective head. I sat there looking and wondering what in the world will I do with you.. Oh precious apron of mine. Then it came to me, an Aha moment.. why don't I wear it when I am cooking...

So, the next time I broke out the pots and pans, I slid my long lost apron on and began cooking. It was amazing there I was in the kitchen wearing this wonderful article of clothing and not getting anything on my clothes from the grease. I was smitten. But, as the year wore on my sweet apron began to see the worst side of things. She no longer looked lovely but, used and tattered..

But, we pressed on working as one each day in the kitchen. Until, one day I invited Nana B over for lunch.. She noticed how worn my darling apron had become. She mentioned I could really use a new one. Oh, how could I part with such a great memory and NEW beginning with my sweet apron..

It wasn't to hard when she presented me with this GORGEOUS apron with my initials on it.

Notice the excitement in my smile.. I was tickled pink.. But, my old and worn apron was not. I promised when I put this on that I would throw the other one away...

Did I cry? 

I shed not one tear for my old buddy.

Now I have started a trend in my home.. I now own several great aprons. And, I am proud to have my clothes protected by such great loves in my life..

This one is from Paris.. No I have never been there!!!! Waiting to go one of these days

Another great one... !!! This one is from Frontier... but, don't notice the big belly look.. I am bending over.. So, well, the apron kinda just hung real loose...

There they are all my wonderful, precious aprons.. Whom I love and adore...

07 June 2012

Canning on

Not long after I had gotten through with the tomatoes.. My "mama" called and wanted to know if I would like any snap beans...AKA "GREEN BEANS" in these parts. As soon as I got off the phone I was like.....


Yes I did.. Apparently I didn't get enough with the tomatoes.. Luckily for me I have been so busy with VBS (that's for another post) That I hadn't had time to consider that I would have to break them, wash them, cook them, stuff them, and boil them..

On the way back from church I had Ty to go and get them for us. Well he couldn't find them so I called her and she... Boy do I love this woman.. Went ahead snapped them and washed them all for MEEEE!!!!

Now, I figured she done all that and well this process shouldn't be as time consuming as the tomatoes..

And, guess what?

Nope they weren't


Canning for me takes a lot of time..I feel like, only cause I am new..but as I have read, nope that is just how it is.. It didn't take very long to get the beans put into the cans or jars (whichever you prefer..personally it confuses the stew beans out of me) .. What took so long is that I can only bathe 7 jars at a time.. at 35 mins a pop....So, basically I was cooking boiling canned green beans for hours..

And, this is what I got!!!

27 jars of fresh green beans...

All in all, I have to say that my canning experience has, well, been worth all the "trouble".... Got to start saving money BETTER!!!!!

There I have it folks 17 jars of tomatoes and 27 jars of green beans....

What's next?

Tis the SESON for!!!!

CANNING OR JARRING.. Whichever you want to call it.

In the past week my "sissy", "mama", and I have been to our local farm and picked some tomatoes..

This is the FIRST time I have ever picked tomatoes like this.. I was amazed at all the bushes and rows and rows, and rows. I mean it look just like a sea of red and green OF PURE YUMMY!!!

I decided since I hadn't ever done anything quit so awesome.. I only picked me one 5 gallon bucket.

I was excited about canning. I had NEVER DONE IT BEFORE!!!

Next, I had to go and get me self some jars..UM  does anyone know how many to buy...? I sure didn't..When I got to the store I ended up picked up jelly jars.. I thought to myself hey these are small enough.. Then, Ty said ma those are jelly jars.. Are we making jelly too??

So back to the jars I went..

Now the fun begins. I had to read the directions on how to can or jar tomatoes like 15 billion times. For some reason it all seemed foreign to me..
I had an assemble line going on.. I was boiling.. The kids were cutting and pureeing. I mean it was all moving along real smooth.. I do believe the kids had a great time. I have never seen them work so hard and laugh so much while working in the kitchen.

In the end I finished up with 17 jars of tomatoes..


03 June 2012


We have all probably heard that word some time during our life time.

Agapeo a love that can be known only from the actions it prompts. God's love is seen in the gift of His Son. But, it is not the love of complacency or affection.

I often find my love complacent. Only going through the emotions of the feelings. How many times do I really see the love I am giving?

How often can I see the love that God has given?

It doesn't take much looking around when I am seeking God's love for me or anyone else.

I challenge myself to give a love that comes from my actions not just my words.

I am thankful that my God is not a complacent God and that He is always showing me love.

Malachi 1:1a

"I have always loved you," says the Lord

02 June 2012

A week behind

So I have noticed that every post I have been doing is at least a week behind. But, Hey there has been a lot going on.. And, I mean a lot..

Last week monday, I checked the kids out of school and we went to Brunswick. I wanted to go to the Goodwill and shop around. I also wanted to head to the beach for a little while too.

So, I was on a mission. I picked up Syd and Ty with Bro in hand and away we went.. By the time we got there we were all pretty much starving to death.. Ty mentioned eating at the Golden Corral.. they have great food and a variety to choose from.. After, that we hopped on over to the Books a Million.. (love that place) and so do the kids).. We were in there for more than an hour.. JUST LOOKING AROUND!!!...

Once that mission was complete we skipped on over to the Goodwill.. I love to shop there.. I found about 25 skirts....Yay!!!

ONLY 2 FIT....BOO!!!!!

But, I was okay. We found Ty 10 shirts.. He loves those t-shirts that have funny sayings on them.
My hubby got 1 pair of jeans and 2 really nice shirts.
Bro got two shirts and a pair of shorts.

All for the whopping price of $35.00..

Now, I am on a mission to find Syd a better more modest bathing suit. We ended up at Old Navy... And thankfully she and I found one we both liked.. It was a surf shirt and shorts. But, we also got her a tankini so that she could wear it underneath..

Okay we are officially ready for the beach..

goodness I just love that bathing suit..


And, well, this is the best picture I could get of Ty.. Like I always say I get some and I don't..

And, If many of you are wondering YES.. I did have a skirt on over my bathing suit..