Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

30 April 2012

It just seems sometimes.

That I tend to take a "break" from blogging. And, I promise you it is not you guys. It is all me. I can get so caught up in just life that I forget or don't seem to make time to tell you guys what is going on.

So hold on to your hats, grab a cup off coffee because this is going to be like reading your Favorite book.

Where do I begin.. Well, we finally got the entire garden finished. Yay!! But, now I feel like I may have buns of steel. I'm just saying. Hard work like that I would love to see results. I do have to say I was glad the weather worked out for us. I sure would have hated to work in 90 degree weather, But, the Lord looked upon me and said NO Arica you will not..Thanks I prayed Father, Your the best.

A couple of weeks ago and so many times before that I have started and stopped crocheting. I don't know quit how I feel about it. I don't think that I am any good. However, I was able to make a dish cloth.

Not the purttiest thang but, it works really well.
I believe, I need to learn the stitching numbers before I consider taking on any bigger tasks.
However, I would like to make a should shaw.

My husband and I decided the buy Syd and Bro new bibles so that when we read together we can all know exactly right where we are..
On top of that I also decided to get them a bible study. I know I enjoy doing them so I figured my kids might. I got them Extreme adventure in God.

They are very proud of their new bibles. And just to make it clear all three are doing the bible study. I do believe that Bro will finish before them. GEE I wonder why?

This bible study starts off in Genesis given the kids a good history lesson and really making them go and look throughout and study Gods word and I couldn't be happier about that.

My sweet Syd is signing up this year to play Tennis.. I guess so the next time someone asks us what kind of shoes we wear we can say Tennis shoes...

Long story behind that little anecdote.

Okay, Okay my fingers are being worked to the bone. I shall take a rest and continue another long saga of my days later..

24 April 2012

Back at the farm.

Okay so I really don't have a "farm" per say but, we do have a garden and I just have to say that it is being blessed everyday that the deer and rabbits don't nibble the awesome goodness.

Yesterday was our hoeing day.. My sis-in-law and the 3 kids plus one baby hoed for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours and we only got one section of the garden done. 8 rows to be exact. Hey that was a lot of pulling and squatting and swing. I have to say that my legs and back have had quite the work out.. Who needs the gym if you have a large garden.

The weather has been very chilly this past two mornings. When we got ready to hit the garden this is what we looked liked.

We looked like it was dead of Dec. or Feb.. But, at least it was not scorching hot..
I however looked ridicules. I wore a skirt and long knee socks with tall water boots. I know, I know you would all liked to have seen that but, not this time folks.

This is AB my favorite niece. She is standing in front of the left side of the garden or right depending on which way you look at it.  AS, you can see it is super big. Which means lots of work has to be done in it.

In the middle of all those weeds is our lovely corn plant.. I am so proud of it. It is growing up to big and tall. Well it will.

And, yesterday evening my bubba-in-law went out and plowed the garden for us to have another wonderful day of picking weeds.

19 April 2012

Recipe Thursday

Every week I post new and different recipes I try. Some I get from friends, Internet, and some I just make up.

I almost forgot about today's post.. Luckily I didn't..

Cherry-Chocolate Scones

3c. of Flour (the recipe didn't tell me what kind of flour so I just used my regular milled flour but if                            you do that you will need to add yeast  1 t. spoon of yeast)
1/2 c of sugar
1t of Baking powder
1/2t of salt
1/2 c of cold butter cut into chunks
3/4c of half and half
1/4 lb of milk chocolate (1/2 c)
1 egg
1/2 c of nuts (your choice) and dried Cherries

1.Preheat the oven at 350. Butter a 12 x 15 baking sheet. In a large bowl or food processor mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.
Add butter to flour mix. Use fork to mix until resembles course crumbs.

2.In a small bowl, whisk together the half and half and egg. (reserve 2 T  of half-n-half mix for topping) Add the rest of the mixture in the flour mix along with the chocolate, nuts, and cheeries. Stir with fork until mix is even and all is moist. Dough will look cumbly.

3. Scrape dough on to a lightly floured surface. Kneed .Roll into a log  Cut  equal wedges.

4. Place 2" apart in the buttered baking pan. Brush the tops with the half-n-half mix. Bake for 25 mins until tops are browned.. (if you are using milled wheat and yeast  allow time for rising before putting the half-n-half mix on)

Let cool for 10 min before eating.

We really liked these I will make them again.

18 April 2012


Our pastor has given the Church a challenge. He called it the 5 Challenge! (snazzy title I thought)

1. Read God's word Daily
2.Pray Pray Pray
4.Be in SS. and Church
5.Love your neighbor

As I was writing this down I thought to myself I can do all of these NO PROBLEM. The only problem is I don't make or take the time I should to really devour God's all inspired and Holy word. Yes, I do read daily mostly to teach Bro. I must confess I am not really digging in and eating myself. (I am ashamed). Every day I should be preparing my heart and the hearts of my kids for the coming of the Lord.

I do find it easier to get into The Word when I have a bible study to do even then I may find myself doing it every now and then. I have started Jesus by Beth Moore.. I just love her. I believe God has just moved through that woman's whole life. I pray for wisdom like hers and, I then, I think again she is really eating God's word.

My reading for today was short but moving and awe inspiring. Matthew 3:13-15  We have all read or heard it before. The day Jesus came to the waters to be baptized by John a simple man. I took this from her notes today. It is all fiction but, the thought of what John may have been thinking is moving. 

"My tongue had been like a flame that day. The Word of God came to me in the desert like fire from heaven. If I hadn't preached it, it would have consumed me. I had no fear. No intimidation. God sent me to those Jordan waters, and I knew they'd come. NO prearranged meeting. Just the wind of the Spirit wooing, drawing, then blowing away the debris of sin, preparing the way for the Deliverer. No matter who came to the shore to hear or to jeer. The message was immutable, "Repent! For the kingdom of heaven is near."

The fruit of repentance pierced the wind with cries of confession and waves of grief. I hardly stepped out of those waters that day. My voice grew raspy and hoarse but never quiet. Boldness was the marrow in my bones. Funny how stunned we are when the future we prophesy suddenly becomes present. I had told them I was unworthy loose His sandals and that I would only baptize with water for repentance. He would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. I spike lie an authority. Like an associate of the closest kind. Like someone who know it all. I didn't.

I was just raising a repentant man from the waters when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye walk to the water's edge. As i think back, how those waters kept from parting that day, I'll never know. Numbers were gathered on the shore. Others were waist deep in the water. Suddenly I became oblivious to all but the overpowering presence of the One. There He stood, looking straight at me. Through me. Oh, it was Him alright! I had been preparing form Him all my life, and yet I was not ready. All I could do was look at Him and shake my head. "No Please, no!" Not me. I have need to be baptized by You!"

Suddenly I was overcome by my own compulsion to flood the shore with waves of repentance, and He answered"let it be for now. It is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness." So I consented, shaking all over. I placed my left hand on His back and my right hand on His chest. I felt the heartbeat of the Son of God. As if in slow motion, I leaned Him back into these waters, His weight submitting to my hand.

All of the sudden the Jordan chilled me to the bone. I raised Him from the waters, and He stood before me drenched in the river of promise. The water dripping from His beard seemed to drop like diamonds, proclaiming His endless perfections. He alone had no confessions to make that day. Only one was made over Him, The confession of His holiness enthroned in heaven. "This is my Son whom I love and with Him I am well pleased!" The blessing of the Father fell like a dove from heaven. He walked out of those waters and into our lives, interrupting a fallen worked with grace and truth. My name is John. I am the son of a simple mand and woman. I baptized the Messiah that day."

These thoughts are not true but, you do have to wonder what was going through John's mind that day as he lay the Son of Man/God down into those waters that day. I often think when I was laid in those waters. How far I have come and how far I fall. Some days I feel like I am on a roller coaster just waiting on my next Jesus high but all to often I am just coasting along in the slump of life.

I have come along way from where I used to be. I used to not believe at all. I can still remember the day God called me by my Name.  It is a day I will never forget. It still moves me as I sat in church that day thinking these "Christians" are crazy people and how stupid all this was. I thought I will never be like this. Never say Never. I know that now. Then there was the alter call. I made my way to that alter that day with the unfailing urge to come forward. I couldn't believe it here I am a skeptic making my way to the alter to pray.  With many thoughts going through my head.

What do I say?
How do I act?
What am I doing?

Yet when my knees hit that padded alter my body began to shake and all I could do was cry out. Just like the story went wave of confessions just came flowing. I couldn't believe all that I had done in my life that God still loved me and wanted me as His one of His beloved Children. Moments later Bro. Steve came over and laid his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I believed and I said YES! WITH ALL MY HEART!! I could hear the word of God in my heart saying "Come to me and I will take care of you!"

He did and still does.

17 April 2012

I just love these days.

Because on these days Tues. my husband is home and I just love spending time with him..

I sometimes often think how jealous I am of the families that get to spend whole weekends with their husbands. But, I have to remember this is where God wants us right now in our lives. I just have to remember to be thankful for where we are.

Also, he is the one that provides for us so well that I am able to stay home and school Bro or drive all over kingdom come for Ty and Syd.

So, the next time you get to spend time with your husband/wife remember to be thankful for that time as I am remembering today.

16 April 2012

Meaningful Monday

As I have been walking around out side this past week and all I have been noticing how really beautiful God's creation is.. Not just my family but, area around it. I am just amazed at some of the things that grow with little or no care at all. But, if you show care to something it will grow big and beautiful.

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (ESV)

And everything in it. Plants, Animal, and People. We are all beautiful in God's eyes. On Thursday I mentioned that all the Griner's went berry picking but while we were there I got some other things too.

Take these veggies. If one one had cared for them they would not be a big and delicious as they are. Things can grow but they need love and attention to become the best that they can be.

I am very thankful for the people who took their time to care for these veggies. Had they looked bad I would not have taken them.

I guess what I am trying to say is everything and everyone needs love and attention. I see all these beautiful babies.

Look at Lizzy. She is one of God's great creations yet she is in an orphanage getting some attention and love I am sure but, what about the love of a mother and a father. I but that if someone could find her as their daughter she would grow up to be bigger, better, and smarter. You never know the potential one has until you give them the love and care they need.

I read a few many blogs about families who have adopted these wonderful, beautiful creations by God and I can only seem to think about the millions still out their waiting on someone to love them and care for them.

I am very capable of bringing one home but until God moves my husband I must wait on Him.. Everyday I pray for my husband's heart to be changed..

Luke 11:9
And so I tell you , keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find, Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.

14 April 2012

It's Over

Yep that's right you heard me it is over.. SPRING BREAK..  I am so sad to see it go.. I have absolutely loved spending this week with my babies and not having to worry about school and schedules.. Love it..

But, as we all know all good things must come to an end.. Or well at least some good things. Because loving Christ is a great thing and it will never end for me.

Even though this week is closing in on me we were still busy as ever..

Thursday morning all us Griners went to Man*r to pick strawberries.. I have pictures but unfortunately I don't have the cable to transfer the pictures from camera to computer.. (must ask Danielle about it).. See, I forgot my camera so she let me borrow hers.Thanks a billion Sis.. Anywho, I have to brag we had some mean pickin machine kiddos.. We were in and out in all of about 30 to 40 mins.. And, I have to admit is was so much fun.   I walked out with 2 flats.. And, by the end of that day we had already eaten on of them..
So, I say if you have never been strawberry pickin it is a must..

Later, that gay I did the reading/craft time at our local library. I really enjoy doing this. It is fun to be able to read to the kids and make a little craft that went along with the story or the holiday coming up. Plus my younger two look forward to this every Thursday..

When we finished that I waited on one of Ty's friends to come and spend the night. What a treat. I love to have kids at my house.. I just love to hear the chatter and them playing (nicely)...

Friday was just as busy..We went out for lunch and ran into the moms in my home school group and spent almost 2 hours at Chic*fi*a...Hit the movies and on the way home picked up another kid to spend the night so now I am with 5 youngins.. I know that doesn't seem like much to some of you who read my blog but, I must admit I loved it.. I'm tellin you guys God has put a burning in me for more kids and it's only getting hotter.. So, basically we have another great an busy weekend..

Today was also another great day.. Spent the first part of the day with the famous Nana B. and then off to AL. Birthday party which was great.. Thanks for the invite Vicki.. And, I am glad it worked out that we got to come.. We just love you guys..

But, now I am settling down getting the kiddos ready for bed..

So, God Bless you all..

12 April 2012

Recipe Thursday

Every week I try a new and different Recipe. Some I get from the Internet, some from friends, or some I just make up..

This week I got it off the Internet. Now, this recipe is nothing special but it is blog worthy only because it is the best I have ever made. I do have to say that getting it all together took more time then any others I have made but well worth it.

Clone of the Cinnabon

For the dough
1 c warm milk ( 80 -90 degrees)
2 room temp eggs
1/2 c of butter melted
4 1/2 c of bread flour (freshly milled flour which I used)
1 t of Salt
1/2 c of white sugar (this time I didn't use honey I used evaporated can juice or raw sugar)
2 1/2 t. of Dry Active yeast

The middle

1 c of brown sugar firmly packed)
2 1/2 T of cinnamon ground
1/3 c of butter softened ( I left mine out all night

The Topping

3 oz of Cream Cheese softened
1/4 c of Butter Softened
1 1/2 c of Confection sugar.. I only used 1/2 c
1/2 t of Vanilla
1/8 t of salt.

Put the ingredients in the bread machine in order as above is listed. Let the machine do all the kneading work.. Sit and relax..

For the Middle mix the Cinnamon and Brown sugar together.

Once your dough is ready you will put it on a lightly floured surface over and let set to 10 min.. Now, your dough should be doubled in size by now. Once your 10 min are up roll out your dough. Measurements should be about 21 x 16 rectangle shape. Now, that your dough is spread take the 1/3 c of butter (the middle) and spread it corner to corner on the surface of your dough.. Once that is done spread out the C. and B.S. mix... Roll tightly. Cut evenly and place on greased pan and let rise for 30 to 40 min

Bake at 400 for 15 mins.. While that is baking make your Topping mix

Beat together all the ingredients and pour over rolls when done.. Serve hot..

My kids said these were the best. And like I said it took more work but the smiles on their faces was worth it all. This recipe is a keeper.


11 April 2012

In addition to today

I mentioned in some post back that we got our garden planted..

So, in addition to today I also got somethings I wanted down here planted.. I was hoping that I could get an above ground garden but, that didn't work out this year. My husband said it maybe something that I will get next year. So, cross your fingers and pray with me.

Today, I got planted in pots of course are Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions, Lettuce, Cabbage, and Leek.
It was a lot of work only because the soil/dirt that we have around here is not the best for planting so I have to mix manure, peat moss, and potting soil in with the dirt..

The big blue bucket for mixing all the ingredients that I needed. Let me just say that I was very dirty before I got through. But, I am hoping that everything I planted will sprout.. I will needed to transplant most of them once they get started. I planted several seed in many of the pots just for germination. Please Pray that God will allow my little potted garden to grow..

In this "garden"  I will not worry about the deer only because I have two wonderful dogs that will love to just chase them through the Pines.

I absolutely love this picture. It is one I took today will the Boy Girl Wild adventure was going on. These beautiful Pines surround our house. It it so peaceful out here until the dogs get to barking.

Yeller.. he went on the adventure with us.. I guess you could say he was our protector.. (my hero)

Layla.. .I have had this dog forever. And, I have to brag for just a moment. She is the bestest dog I have ever had. I can tell her to do a command and she does it without complaining.

And, in case you didn't know I am a dog person. I love, love, love my dogs. We have had some others but through different tragedies we have lost 4..

Craziest thing I was actually able to put 5 pictures on here Yay...

Yep that was all it would let me do..

On this Wonderful Wednesday

First I have to say that I am loving this weather. It is wonderful. Well, today was a day where we spent almost all day out side. There was so much going on and I was there.

First thing we had Cinnamon roll (Recipe Thursday Post).. After that the four of us played Sonic the Hedgehog game. I lost all 5 races, but that was okay cause we had fun doing it.

Shortly after that Bro and Syd went out on an adventure through our Pine trees. Lately, we have been watching survivor shows like Man vs. Wild and Man Woman Wild. So, this morning they packed their book bags with all the "supplies" they would need and off they went. Ty and I were the camera crew.

Here they are looking for a place to start a fire and build a hooch for the night. Those sticks you see in their hands are their knives used for cutting whatever gets in the way.

Rub faster I think I see a spark..(they didn't really build a fire) But, it was so funny to watch them act out what they have seen on T.V.

Even the film crew had to help the Boy Girl Wild Team.

In this heat water is essential for survival.. look at Boy helping Girl for water.. What a team!!!!

This only hit the iceberg of what we did today.. I am so glad that the weather was not too hot..And there was a great breeze..

10 April 2012

Things to know

This week is my oldest 2's spring break... I am so thankful that they are here on my week. I will be honest I wasn't really looking forward to spending their spring break without them. And, the good Lord made it so that I could have them here with me.. Thanks Father..
I have much planned for this week that I really wish I could fine time to relax. At, first I had really planned on doing school with Bro just so that we could finish up. I mean we are only like 27 days until we are totally done with school for the year.. I can't believe it! He will be moving up to the third grade.. Wow where does the time go. But, against my better judgement I am going to let him have this week off with his brother and sister. I am very glad that I made that choice.
Tues. and Wed. are the off days for my husband. I had really wanted to take a trip to the river today and go on a boat ride or maybe even fish but, he said it was to low. So, what do we do.. We all 4 of us took on our bikes and rode down almost to our church. If you drive we are only about 5  to 7 mins. So, a bike ride takes us a little longer. I will admit my legs were killing me. I am totally out of shape. Speaking of shapes I am becoming a circle. Even my husband said he could tell I was gaining weight. I just went and ate something after that.. (only kidding about the eating part). I did it when he wasn't looking.. I'd hate for him to point it out.
A couple of weeks ago the Griner's got they garden planted and I am praying this year that we actually get to eat something out of it. The Griner men have gotten some fertilizer to help keep the dear away. I pray it works.. I hate to work so hard just to feed the wild life. But if the garden fails perhaps we could open a feeding exhibit..

Over the past weekend we have had three different eggs hunts. The first was at church.. The second was at a ladies house. and the Third was at our Mamoo's along with some great food and family time. I have to say I was really tired of hunting eggs or watching eggs being hunted..

One of the things I got to thinking about was the Christ-centered holidays.. Which is more important Christmas or Easter?

I believe they are both very important but, I would have to say Easter is. Only because this proves that we serve a risen savior. It really bothers me on how much emphasis we put on Christmas rather than Easter. I am thankful that we serve a God who is alive and in our lives everyday. I thank you God for sending Your Son to be our sacrifice and washing us white as snow.

So may your days be blessing know that our Lord and Savior is not laying in a tomb somewhere but, living inside you..

07 April 2012

I love change...!

Forever and the live of me I have always like to rearrange furniture. So only after two years(almost) I NEEDED to rearrange the Den-the room with the fireplace.  However, my husband was not to thrilled. He doesn't like change as much as I do. I love to change whatever hair, purses, clothes, furniture. You name it.. I like things to look different and exciting.. So, Wed. I had my darling husband help me move some furniture around. We also had to call in my Bubba-in-law to help..

I had them move the T.V. shelves in front of the windows. I thought this would help with the afternoon and evening glare on the T.V. When the sun shone through you couldn't even see the screen. I really had to think long and hard about this move only because I love the natural sunlight but, I also like to watch T.V. So, after much debate I asked them to move it.. And, I have to say I really like it. This move also open up the fireplace as well. I really feel like the space looks bigger or more roomy.

This is the wall that I had the T.V. shelves moved from but, in the top picture you can see some chairs this is where they are going to go. I know that wall looks bare but once I got the chairs moved in it doesn't look so bad..

This is it all finished. I really like the way you can see the fireplace now. Before we moved anything the chairs were where the shelves are now and so the fireplace was really blocked by them. I am glad to be able to see it when I walk into the room. After all, it is a beautiful fireplace.

See how it all came together in the end. I am really enjoying my newly rearranged living space.

I had more pictures to show but, for some reason my blog only lets me post four at a time. I know that stinks. I just have to be sure that I pick the best four to show ya'll..

My Life

always seems to busy. Even though every other week I only have one child. I still am just so busy.

Thursday was my Syd's Olympic day really it was an all day thing. Bro and I got to Hobok*n about 8:00 in the morning cooler packed, chairs in hand. We were ready for a day of activities. I know I must seem like Syd has been getting a lot of publicity but she is really the only one doing anything right..

But, I will day the Bro was able to join in on some of the activities of the day..

See the red head.. he tried to get into every picture I took.. He was to funny.

There she is getting nice and cool in the over the head water relay..

They were getting ready for the TUG OF WAR relay...

Bro cheering on his big sister.. btw he was totally shakin' his booty there.

I am was very thankful that I got to go and spend that day with her and Bro. I believe that they both had a great time.. I know I did.

05 April 2012

Recipe Thrusday

Every week I try a new recipe and share it with you guys. This week was an exciting recipe for me. This was not one I got from any book, website, or friend. This in one I thought up all on my own.

See, I love to cook and try different recipes even if I am just in the kitchen throwing a bunch of different ingredients into a bowl.

~~~~Arica's Stuffed Chicken~~~~

1 whole chicken/cleaned and gutted


2 c of freshly crumbed bread (finely chopped)
About 5-8 T. of Olive Oil (must be Olive oil)
About 1-2 T. of Garlic Salt (really I would say to taste I love Garlic so I would put more)
About 1-2 T. of Oregano Seasoning (again to taste)
About 1-2 T. of Basil ( to taste )
1 large Egg
1 C. of chopped Mushroom
1/2 c. of Bacon Bits (optional)

Mix all the Stuffing ingredients in a bowl and blend very well. Stuff your Chicken until full, but do not over stuff-it should not spill out when you lay it down. Tie end to end with a cooking string to ensure the stuffing stays in. You should have some stuffing left over.

You will use the left over stuffing to smear all over the Chicken.

Lightly grease a casserole dish. Place chicken in dish.

Bake at 350 for 2 hours.. the stuffing on top should look dark.

Here is the Stuffing. It looks so delicious.

Before the Oven

After the Oven..

I took this recipe to a Moms Home School Meeting.. And guinea pigged them. I hope they liked it..And, if any of them that tasted would like to comment.. (HINT....HINT)

That would perfectly okay with me..

03 April 2012


Before you know life has happened all around you and you begin to wonder where in the world has the time gone.

It's now April and I really can't account where the last few months have gone. I am not sure if is hereditary or what but my memory is caput.

I just want to recap a few things that have happened in recent months that I may or may not have blogged about.

I have had a total wardrobe change. I began wearing skirts because I loved the look and they felt great, but as time marched on (as it always does never waiting on me) I begin to wear one everyday of the week. Now I L.O.V.E. wearing them they are cooler, lighter than jeans, and cost a lot less too. So, I have decided that I will no longer where shorts or jeans. I am just more comfortable in a skirt. I feel more feminine and lady like. I will confess that I had to get used to my inner thighs rubbing together but, that doesn't even bother me now.. yay. And, I so sure that I don't want to wear legged clothes that I even mowed grass in my skirt yesterday..NOW that is hardcore skirt wearing.

I have gotten some questioning looks from people who knew when I used to wear shorts and jeans. But, I just explain to them that I love my skirts better. And, my husband was very much ok with me changing and buying some new skirts for my new look..

Every Sunday we have a TRADITION!!

We (by mean I mean all the Griner's) get together at my ma-in-laws and eat dinner together. We have been doing this since before I got married.

I must admit I love it. It's time to catch on the past week and get hugs and kisses from my baby nephew. The kids get to play once through eating. The funny things is we all live with in 1/2 mile or less of each other but, sometimes we are all so busy that we may not see each other until Sunday. I love Sunday's.

Not only is this the get together with the family day but, we also get to worship with our Church family. Whom we love dearly. I have a pastor who is one of the best I have ever know. He is loyal to God and Faith to his teachings. I am very thankful to be in his congregation.

My sister and I are now on speaking terms this was only by God's great design because I had almost really given up on us. But, one day out of the blue she gives me a ring. I was so thankful to hear her voice.

We are what you would call a very odd sisterhood. There are times where if one of us gets mad enough at the other we can NOT speak for months or even years. I hate being like that and I must turn my pride over to Christ.

Humanly speaking that is very difficult because Pride is something that I like having from time to time. Just not when it hurts my family and still even knowing that I should be meek I will try to be prideful only because I am a sinner. I fall short each and everyday. I pray for guidance but, understanding before I have hurt someone that I have pride in my heart and turning it over to God before I let it spill out of my mouth is one area I struggle with often.  DAILY, HOURLY, EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY..
Around here they kids to have some chores. Although, with me being home all day I can usually find time to get things done rather quickly.

But, I do give them all something to do to learn responsibility. Syd and Bro have to empty the dishwasher Syd puts all the dishes away that are up high and Bro does all the ones down low. I thought it was rather cleaver.

Anyway, yester evening I asked Bro to put the dishes away. He did promptly and proudly. Well, this morning I was getting a spoon out to stir my coffee and noticed that there was food on the silverware.

Arg nothing like putting dirty dishes away to make you clean out all the cupboards. Washing everything all over again. I was not a happy camper. As, if my day doesn't have enough in it already.