Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

05 September 2011

Music on the rise

Friday night there was a concert at the Salt House Worship Center in Hortense.. It was a benefit for a young girl who has a Brain Tumor. The concert brought in 2,000.00. What a miracle.!!

However, my sweet Syd loves one of the bands that played there. They are called "Whosoever". I just love that name. But, they are a christian rap group. The rap is not hard core, it has good rhythm to it.

Funny thing is, is that every chance we get Syd talks me into taking her to see them. One of the singers is called Rowdy.. He is super sweet to Syd, he even calls her little sista. And, Rowdy's wife Sarah just thinks Syd is super sweet. She even remembered her name. I can't tell you what that did for Syd.

When Sarah saw her, she went up to her and started talking to her.. Later, Syd came running over to me saying "She remembered who I was".

So Thank you Whosoever for making my Syd happy.. And, Thank you for reaching out to the youth of our communities. Giving them something worth listening to..
Up on the stage is Whosoever

This is Mitchell signing his autograph..Look at her face she is stinking funny looking..

This is Sarah.. Syd looks more normal....Good Picture guys..

(left to right)  Epistle, Syd, Rowdy..

She really had a great time.. I was excited that there was a good amount of money raised for Kaylin.. I pray God will be with her and her family.

On another note.. My other two kids do NOT enjoy Whosoever as much as Syd does. So no pictures of them..

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