Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

22 September 2011


Okay recently one of the members of our homeschool group has posted that she got us a great deal on getting into Lego*Land.  I spoke with my husband about it, and he was like well we need to save money.

Blu, I hate hearing those words. But, I know that is something we WE need to do. So I set out today acutally to organize things around the house. Mainly, my freezer, panty, and fridge.

My first thought is to make a menu. Not just for the week but for the entire month. (Can I do it?) Yes I do believe that I can.  So, I started making the menu for Oct. writing all these great ideas down, when I realized that I haven't clue as to what is even in my food holding compartments.

Ha ha what a dangerous task this was for me. See I love to eat and going through all this food is a GRAND idea.

3 paks of Deer cube steak
2 paks Chuck Roast
4 Soup bones
1 Hip roast
5 Cube steak
2 boxes of Chicken Nuggets
4 Boneless Chicken Breast
2 Ribeye steaks
3 paks of hamburger meat
7 bags of cream corn
3 gal bags of Corn on the Cob
2 Indivdually wrapped Lemon pepper chicken breast..

Looks alot better now!!!!!!

Okay that seems like a lot of food.. Well it is! Especially when I keep running to the grocery store to buy more. What  crazy lady.

As I was writing all this down. I was trying to figure out my menu. And, then, I had a Aahh moment.

*Make my menu for only two weeks then rotate them.......Wow was that a great plan or what?  Oh I thought so too..

The reason for this is becasuse when my older two kids are home there are some thing they like to eat that well I don't neccesarily like to eat regularly. Plus, there are things that the three of us like to eat that the other two will not eat..

So here is the first weeks menu without Ty and Syd..

Sunday Oct the 2nd to Saturday Oct. the 8th

Sun----Breakfast  Muffins and Biscuits
            Dinner   Nana's
           Supper    Leftovers

Mon----Breakfast    Omelet or cereal
             Dinner      Cube steak, rice tomatos, biscuits
             Supper     Leftovers

Tue-----Breakfast     Oatmeal or cereal
             Dinner        Sandwhich--Tuna or peanut butter, carrots, cheese
            Supper        Chicken/steak, Garlic Bread, green beans

Wed----Breakfast    Sausage, eggs, toast
             Dinner       Pizza, carrots
             Supper      hamburgers and french fries

Thu-----Breakfast     Waffles or cereal
              Dinner       Roast, potatos, borcolli, cornbread
              Supper      leftovers

Fri-----Breakfast       Cinnimon rolls or cereal
            Dinner          Sandwhiches, cheese, brocolli
            Supper       Hotdogs, popcorn

Sat------ Breakfast    Pancakes or cereal
              Dinner      chicken nuggets, green beans, carrots
               Supper     Grilled cheese, and soup

Now I have to figure out what do the following week.....

See ya soon.


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