Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

11 July 2013

Another Painting Adventure

Okay so, we have just about lived in our new home for about 3 years.

I know it seems like FOREVEEEERRRRR!! But, seriously its only been 3 years. And, I believe no as a matter of fact I know I have mentioned in the past that I just love CHANGE, Again, I just LOVE IT!!!

Now back to my original post PAINTING I had said one time or another I wanted to paint the bathroom again. I looked and looked, nope I didn't really look all that hard I perused through the Lowe's color wall and picked up a card or two and was out the door. I didn't really mull over it or think about it much. when I got home with the color card I laid them on the floor of the rooms the were intended for and thought to myself.....

YEP these will work. Asked my hubby to pick them up, called my friend Joli  NOT to ask if she would come help but, to see if she had any primer left from painting her house. However, she came anyway (YAY!!) and between the two of us we were done in one day.

I would say that is record time.

We are up for hire, however we get to drag along our 6 children. Plus, you have to sign a contract that says we are not liable for anything they break.

Here are the before and afters........

There ya have it... This dark red paint job that I just had to have. Later do I found out from my hubby that it is too dark and he doesn't like. Well Me Either. So, we (Joli and I) changed it to this.

Okay so, at 9:30 at night I was hanging mirrors back on the walls and putting all my jewelry back up.

When I laid my head down that night it was like it had always been that color. I called Bro in to ask how he liked it and he said, "It looks like a big booger!!"

And, you know what he is RIGHT!!!

Some extras I took that Joli didn't know about and some she did!!

He may not look like it but he really loves his Aunt Arica...

Well, That is the end of our bloopers...

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  1. Looks GREAT and I didn't think of boogers when I saw it! lol