Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

20 May 2011

A final thought of the day

I started this morning off with not really knowing how, or what I was going to "BLOG" about. So I began talking to my Father, and He told me to talk about what my blended family faces.

I will begin (just to let you know it will be a little lengthy)

I am a divorced mother of two (bio) kids. Single parenting is not an easy road to travel, so I commend anyone who has to face that way of life. But, I trucked on. I shortly after my divorce I gave my life and  my kids to God and said whatever You have us do I will do. Now don't get me wrong my life didn't flip over into Christianity it was a growing process and still is. I fall short of God's glory everyday. I know He is there for me.

Back to it, my two older kids are from my 1st marriage. We spit custody with each other every seven days (not easy on the weeks they are not here). I am leaving the suffering I have in God's hands. I will admit some days are easier than other and some days I cry a lot. In the midst of all this I lost my mother to lung cancer. Not only did I lose what is most precious to a mother but I also lost my best friend. God really does work in mysterious way, because, as He was taking away I was drawing closer to him.

When I think about what I have lost I am always reminded of Job. God took Job's family away. Now, hear my kids are still alive. But in a since I too have had my lose. When they are not here the emptyness I feel inside is overbaring sometimes. I believe that I suffer in similar way. The pain I face is because God wants me close to Him daily. I cry out for my kids, but also for God to carry me through each day. And, He does.

Then one day I met the man God had intended on me to marry. I could have not asked for a more Godly man. We met at work, I thought he was to most good looking man at the shop.. I had my eye on him. Just a few weeks over a year we made a committment with God to be bonded for life to one another. Now, he too already had a son (whom stole my heart before his father) as well. I am sure that you can imagine what life was like after our vows..
UUmmm lets say challenging, because we both had our own ideas of how to raise our own kids. BIG CLASH.

But, just as God is faithful to bring the Hebrews out of Egypt. He could bring this brand new blended family to JOY....And, He did.

Each day we face new challenges from God and each day we face them with God. Thank you all for reading. I am sorry it was long. I promise not to be this long for a little while.

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