Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

11 June 2012

The many aprons of Arica Griner

Over the years I have ruined many a shirts cooking.. So, I got this grand idea to put on an apron one day. And, I must admit that I have fallen in love with them. I started off with one I had from many years ago.

Back story

When I was still in high school (over 13 years ago). I worked several jobs.. One happen to be at Wi** Dixi* making doughnuts. They were so kind in giving me an apron that when I moved on from that job I kept. What wonderful memories it brought me. (note sarcasm).

After that I put the apron away never to be seen again. Until, one day after I had gotten married to my wonderful husband (now) that it reared it ugly, but protective head. I sat there looking and wondering what in the world will I do with you.. Oh precious apron of mine. Then it came to me, an Aha moment.. why don't I wear it when I am cooking...

So, the next time I broke out the pots and pans, I slid my long lost apron on and began cooking. It was amazing there I was in the kitchen wearing this wonderful article of clothing and not getting anything on my clothes from the grease. I was smitten. But, as the year wore on my sweet apron began to see the worst side of things. She no longer looked lovely but, used and tattered..

But, we pressed on working as one each day in the kitchen. Until, one day I invited Nana B over for lunch.. She noticed how worn my darling apron had become. She mentioned I could really use a new one. Oh, how could I part with such a great memory and NEW beginning with my sweet apron..

It wasn't to hard when she presented me with this GORGEOUS apron with my initials on it.

Notice the excitement in my smile.. I was tickled pink.. But, my old and worn apron was not. I promised when I put this on that I would throw the other one away...

Did I cry? 

I shed not one tear for my old buddy.

Now I have started a trend in my home.. I now own several great aprons. And, I am proud to have my clothes protected by such great loves in my life..

This one is from Paris.. No I have never been there!!!! Waiting to go one of these days

Another great one... !!! This one is from Frontier... but, don't notice the big belly look.. I am bending over.. So, well, the apron kinda just hung real loose...

There they are all my wonderful, precious aprons.. Whom I love and adore...

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