Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

16 September 2012


means renew... To return an object to a condition or state that is the same as prior condition. It can refer to the restoration or reaffirmation of relationship between people.

All through out our lives we have people who come and go. Some we like and some we may dislike. But, every now and again you come across a friend that just seems to stick like glue.. One that knows you almost as good as you know yourself. And, sometimes,  time can change that as well. Our lives can change and we takes different roads.

Then one day you wake up wondering what ever happened. Nothing really pops up in your mind so look up the friend that you haven't seen in almost two years. You tell her that ya love her and miss her. And, all the while she is thanking God for the phone call the e-mail.

Well.. That is what happened to me and my (BFF from middle school). We were two of a kind we could spend all day together and the minute we get home call each other right back..(only because we didn't have cell phones back then).. That is the kind of friendships you need to hold on to.. Yesterday, the W family came over and we had such a great time. I will be honest I didn't know how it was going to go. I mean, people change in two years. But, I have to admit we picked up right where we left off and so did the kids.

I was so blessed yesterday with the visit.. I am so thankful for relationships that continue on no matter how long you may spend apart..

Syd and Molly...Shakin things up a bit

And, it is so funny to hear the girls talking about all the things that have been going and and hearing them say "We are so much alike!!"  I just makes my hear sing..

Ty and C.J..

Okay these two may have not been dancing but they were duking it out on their I-pods

Bro and Eli...
Now, these two were a pair.. They had a great time, digging holes and found Golden Dirt but, they couldn't find real gold or silver.. I just had to make sure that they weren't trying to steal any of my gold dirt... Because hey they did find it in my yard.... So, it my golden dirt..right?
Thank you God for a great and wonderful day yesterday!!!!


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