Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

06 August 2013

A Family Vacation

Last week all of us, Griners, went down to Daytona for a week. This trip was a blessing from an Aunt of ours whom rented this condo for a month and was unable to stay the entire time and wanted to know if we would like to go.

We were so excited. The beach for a week. Yay!!  Okay now for the truth, all but two members of my family hate the beach. We don't like the sand in our bathing suits, we don't like the water, we don't like the chaffing that comes from the sand in our bathing suits, but the trip was donated in love. It was a time for all of us as a family to get away and that is what enticed us to take her up on her generous offer. 

That was until we got down there. My hubby, the boys, and I (Syd went with Nana the day before) pulled up around 11:30ish or so, and the owner of the condos was still there. That at the time was no concern to me, UNTIL she started asking all these questions, that I didn't know the answers to. It turned out we, the 12 of us, couldn't stay in one condo. It was against the law. Now, we are law abiding citizens in the great state of Florida were forced encouraged to rent another condo.

And, I am glad that we did, because there wouldn't have been enough room for ALL 12 OF US to stay in a 2 bedroom condo. God knew what He was doing, because we all left the beach and we all still love one another. Yay!! That's one for Jesus!!! and 2 for Love!!

We only spent one afternoon at the beach, because the condo had a POOL. Okay you just can't go wrong with a pool, at least not with my kiddos.

Beach photo op!!!

Man! Those waves were coming in hard and the girls were having themselves a great time

I do believe that is a smile on Ty's face too!

 Yes! He is shirtless ladies, but remember he is MINE!!!
Warning you will not see me in any of these photos!!!


Aside from the beach we also took a tour of the Chocolate Factory!!

They had chocolate covered bacon!! Yes that is right BACON!!   Here is Syd trying it for the first time!!

Wait for it!!

She loves it!!!


We played cards, went to the board walk, and the flea market!!

Us, adults even had a double date night!!

One trip to the emergency room and we will call this vacation COMPLETE!!

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