Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

27 June 2011

My Artist

Last week my Syd took an art class in Waycross. She loved it. She is one that tries and tries to draw but, never thinks that she does a great job even after I tell over, and over, and over again.

So last week was her opportunity to learn from some REAL artist, and let me tell ya she has blossomed with her confidence in her own work. This class has been a real blessing to her and to my self. Because I have always thought Syd was a good artist.. NOW she is super GREAT !!!!

These are her ducks. She said that the kids had to pick one of the paintings that they did this week and leave it on display.. They are beautiful...

"The Love Crow"
This one is my favorite..
 The one of the crows I am putting in a frame. When art was finished Syd had to take us on a tour of the place.. There were some pretty cool things...
They are inside a tree. Syd looks suspicious, and Bro looks guilty.
This is not a real tree. But, the neat thing about this is it had a spiral stair case in it.. By the way I was on the second floor when I took this one.

We are even able to see some really cool space stuff.

Okay now this next pic is really crazy.. Let me tell you the story...
See one day there was this dog who loved to hunt. While, this dog was out hunting he came upon a squirrel, and off he took.. The squirrel ran up this tree, down that tree, but the dog was hot on it's trail.. So, the squirrel got the idea to run into this hollowed out log. Now, mind you the log is not perfectly hollowed out but enough for a squirrel to get through there.. However, it was not enough for the dog to get all the way through. And, the story goes that the dog chased this squirrel into the log and got stuck....YUP you heard me right stuck... Well just to happens that no one heard the help me yelp from the stuck dog and well, story is he died right there in that log. Just so happen that one day some one was out and saw this stuck dog and thought "WOW I think I will but this up in a museum." So here he is "Stucky" the dog trapped inside the log.

Kinda gross, but neat all a the same time..

An old time steam engine..

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