Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

25 June 2011

A day in the life of a cleaner

I have to say where did all this rain come from?  I am loving it!!

However, Today is my day to milk (Saturday evenings) and well let's just say that when I got there the sun was shinning. I ran out to the back forty (don't know why I call it that I just do). That is the back of the field just in case you don't understand my lingo.. to get Jenny and Bobby for feeding and milking and, of course when they see that white lab coat they know what time it was...

Now, let me tell you something about Bobby. She is temper mental. She doesn't like for me to pet her, talk to her, or even look at her. She is the kinda of cow that wants to get business done. Get in, get fed, get milked, get let out.. So that is the way "she" runs a tight ship...

Jenny is nothing like Bobby. She loves to be petted behind the ears, she loves for you to talk sweet to her. Plus she is to me the prettier of the two (but don't tell Bobby.. I let her know she is beautiful too).
But, what is funny about Jenny is that she can't run quite as fast as Bobby. See, the reason is Jenny is going to have a baby in about 3 days.. I am so happy...

Speaking of babies... we also have one out there too. Her name is Norma (I like to call her Norma Jean. It just sounds right to me). By the way, she told me she liked that name... She is very playful.. She loves to jump and run.. I love her to most. But, she just had her horns taken off and we have to leave her in the milking stall...HA that was not easy to get her in there. She knew that moment I put the food at the end of the stall that, that was what she need to do. However, I got her in there easy the 1st time. When she realized that she was in there she quickly got out.. So, the instructions tell us to "lure" into the milking stall.. If you have never had to "lure" a calf before they are not dumb animals. I tried everything. I called, kissed for her, clicked for her. But, what worked was I had to get in front of her with feed in hand and coaxes her in the stall. This took several minutes.. I got down on her level talked really sweet. She started following me in but, then I realized I was trapped. I had to crawl out between the rails of the milking stall. That didn't work either. So I tried it again. This time was a success. I had to hurry and get the boards in behind her before she realized that I had tricked her..Moohahaha.... I didn't it..

So as I am pouring my yellowish gold into my pitchers, (you will never believe what Norma Jean did) she peed and pooped right there in the milking stall... Arg... So, I cleaned it up got it all washed up.. During my cleaning time. My sweet Syd and Norman Jean were exchanging kisses to each other.  She really loves kids... Syd said that she tried to lick her in the ear... I told Syd that cows like to lick holes... Nose holes, ear holes, and if you stand there with your mouth wide open they may lick in there too... Yuck....

Now, the stall is all clean and so now I am waiting on her to finish eating.. Guess what she does for me again. YES she pooped again. So there I am shovel in hand mucking the stall a second time..

I call Ty over to get the pitchers and put them in the car. I get Syd to sweep the feed area. I am filled up Norma Jean's water bucket..

And once more she poops again. Now, I am like someone get me diaper.. This "cat" is killing me.. During all this poop cleaning it has started pour rain outside.. Yeah...

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