Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

05 November 2011

continuation continues

The last time i left off was when Arica was spending the night off and Rhonda and Andrea are heading to tim's house.


When Arica got home that weekend she saw Rhonda with a black eye. She asked her what had happened and she told her that Tim had gotten upset about something he had heard. So he decided to take it out on Rhonda. Arica asked Andrea what did she do? But, all Andrea could say was that she was scared.
Arica swore to herself that there would never be another man hit her mother again. So, the next time Rhonda let Tim come over she told him just that..

"if you ever lay another hand on my mom i will kill you!"

Of course Tim just laugh at her thinking how sweet she wants to protect her mom. And, then one night it happened he and Rhonda were auguring about something and they just got louder and louder until Arica came out of her room and sat quietly. she was just waiting and listening to every word. She was trying to figure out where they were in the living room or the kitchen. Arica had gotten an idea. Because,  when she told tim he better never hit her again she meant it. Arica walked quietly down the hall. She was trying to sneak into the kitchen. She made it without being detected. She reached into the cabinet very quietly and pull out the cast iron frying pan. (I know this seem a little humorous, but it is not) She tiptoed to where they were fighting and tim lifted his hand and balled up his fist. He took a swing and she went down. And, Arica lost all fear. she swung that frying pan as hard as she could and down Tim went also. now Rhonda was not out cold but tim was. Rhonda jumped up off the floor and wanted to know why Arica had hit him. She said because he hit you. Arica was confused she thought she had done something great she protected her mom. but, her mom didn't seem to be happy at all. She actually seemed upset. She could not believe that arica had hit him.

Rhonda kept going on about how he is never going to call her again or even want to see her. Arica was fine with that. Arica couldn't believe that Rhonda was acting this way.  Finally, arica just had to tell her maybe it was for the best that she and tim didn't see each other anymore.

Of course that would never happen. She just couldn't seem to stay away from him. But, thankfully he ended up moving back to Atlanta to be near his family and luckily after the hit he took with the frying pan he didn't ask Rhonda to go with him.

After, a while Rhonda moved her and the girls over to Lisbon Dr. into a small, cute house built just for 3. and that was the way Arica wanted it to stay. But, you know Rhonda she could never give up her party life. This was the summer of Arica's 7 grade year. the summer seemed to be the best for Arica and Andrea. rhonda had gotten of food stamps and so getting groceries were much easier for them. And, Rhonda didn't change her party habit either. all Arica knew was it is a lot easier to party during the summer than when school is in.

A few months after we moved into Lisbon. Rhonda got evicted and She and the girls moved to a house just down the road. Same neighborhood just a new street. Alice st. this house was awful. It was large but it had no heat or air conditioning in it. Plus, they lived closer to some rowdy boys just down the road.

They would beak in the house and move stuff around and tear up the girls things. Once they tried to set the house on fire.

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