Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

09 November 2011

More to the story

Rhonda and the girls are now living on Alice st. which is not a great place to be living. Not with these rowdy boys trying there best to destroy someones home. Arica and Andrea had, had enough. their lives were full of anguish, anger, pain, bitterness. They didn't need any more grief from the neighborhood "bad boys'".

Even though the girls were having to deal with this Rhonda had not taken a break from the party life. Yes, that is right after Tim she hit the clubs again. this time with full force. Arica guesses she was ready to find another husband. Although Arica did have to mention that now Rhonda just brought the dates by for a quick lookys at the girls and off they went.

She began spending the night off quite frequently. This made it hard for the girls because there was not place that arica could work to make money for her and andrea could eat. Rhonda seemed to do the best she could to supply the house with food. Well what see wasn't spending on beer and cigarettes. Arica was at the point in her life that is was beginning to hate her life and her mothers.

Arica struggles with the pain of hatred. She knew it was wrong, but how much was she to keep taking and pertend that her life was great. It was not.

School had started back and this years was really hard. She was in 7th grade and at a new school. And luckily for her the boys in her neighborhood also went to the same school. they told everyone about the way the girls lived. A mom who was barely there and how easy it was to break in their home.

So it began for Arica and Andrea bullying. It was what you would call simple bullying.. Just some name calling definitely talking behind your back. But, what was a girl to do. she was a new girl at this snotty school. It was hard to make friends and everyone just seemed like they were better than everyone else. Arica hated it. Just one more thing that Arica could put on her hate list and the list seemed to be growing with each and passing day.

The same was for andrea although some of her bullying was little worse then Arica's. She hated seeing her sister come and cry her eyes out. And, do you think Rhonda ever did anything about it. NO!! Just ignore them andrea she would say. They are only trying to get you to cry. Well Rhonda it was working. Did she care? Maybe but, you couldn't tell it.

This torture went on for months and months, but during those months of being made fun of Rhonda fell in "love" again. This time guess what the girl did? They all moved in with this guy. He name was David. Oh how at first Arica really liked David. She even thought that if Rhonda and he got married that by the ridicule at school would stop. They would be like a real family and well real families don't get picked on.

They would be considered "NORMAL".......

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