Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

02 July 2011

Bright lights small city

Tonight was our annual night of fireworks in my little town. What is funny is a town of this size, there as a pile of people out there tonight. There are all kinds of games for the kiddos to do. Many different little shops to shop at and music to listen to. It is really like a back yard thrown down for rednecks everywhere. And, yes if you must know I was there tonight. (Please don't judge the redneck in me).

But, as I was watching all the many different scads of people and all the chattering going on I got to thinking. There was so much excitement in there air.. I mean everyone was happy. People were howdying each other asking how is the family.

I want to see people like that for Christ. I mean I want to hear cheering, hoopin and hollerin. I think back to the time when David was bringing the  Ark of the Covenant back home. David was dancing before the Lord.
DID YOU HEAR ME DANCING BEFORE THE LORD. How many of us really feel the spirit the way David did. People in American are not hungry for the word of God. We as Christians stand back and let the world run it self into the ground. If you are like me you may think what can I do?

So what can you do? We/You/Us/I can go out and boldly proclaim the word of God. There is no other country where you can just walk up to someone and tell them about Jesus. 

I want to dance before the Lord. I want the courage that my fellow brothers and sisters have in countries where if you speak the name Jesus you could be killed. Now, please don't miss understand I am not strong enough to live in that type of constant strain. But, why do I not take time out of my "BUSY"  day to tell someone about what Christ has done for me? Because I am a chicken. I find that I don't want someone rejecting what I have to say. I expect people to be ready for Christ and I have to understand that there are going to be people that don't want to hear the truth. And, I am not ready to hear that. It is kind of like out of sight out of mind. The same purpose if I don't tell then I don't get shrugged off.

Saul/Paul was a Christan murderer. He killed people for believing and one day God said enough Paul you will now proclaim My word to the world and He did faithfully.

I pray that one day I will stop being a DEAD christian.
I pray that one day I will get of my butt and scream to the world what God has done for me.
I pray that one day I will look back at my life and I can say I was a true servant to God.

One day....When I completely submit my entire life to Christ. One day.......

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