Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

12 December 2012

One more time...

I know you guys are probably getting as tired of starting and stopping as much as I am..But, the other day I was on Pintrest.. (Who ever came up  with it is a genius.. Just too smart for their own breeches)

Oh, where was I... That's right something I had found on Pintrest (AAAAHHHHHH)

I was blazing through the fitness and health category and came across this Easy peasy workout routine.

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It was not as easy peasy as I would have liked for it to be. See, I thought Wow I could that everyday..

Run 1/2 mile
some sit-ups
some squats
some push-up
Pugh, in  it's face.. So, I thought I would amp it up and add some back flys

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Not, to bad I thought. I may have just figured out a work-out I am willing to stick with.

First, let me tell you what kind of person I am..

I am a skimmer.. I rarely read anything all the way through.. (expect recipes and the bible) like
e-mail, directions, all sorts of things..This gets me into a lot of trouble..

But, back to what I was saying.. I thought I had my ultimate work out..

Until I reread and noticed that it says do it 6X....


Okay, I can do this.. I jumped on my tred-mill yesterday and went to town..I mean if I am going to do it I mine as well put to umph behind..

4.5 mph  with a incline of 4 (what was I thinking)  By the time my 1/2 mile was up I was certain I couldn't do just some push-up, sit-up, squats, and back flys.

But, I pushed on through now I was on my second round.. OH, Btw.. I wasn't able to all
30 sit-ups..For some reason these are the hardest for me.. So, 25 was better than none right?

Right!!! keep up the good work Arica..

Okay, I am just finishing up my second 1/2 mile at 4 mph and 2 incline.. Yep I am slowing down..

I jump off lay down to do my 30ish or so sit-ups and I feel this wave a nausea sweep over me.. But, I must keep going..

I get through with my

and realize maybe just 2 rounds are good enough for me!!!

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