Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

15 March 2013

Mean while back at the "FARM"

Things are coming around quiet nicely. We have finished out deluxe condo chicken co-op

 It is so nice. I thought we could have a house like this.. I am so proud of my Ty and hubby for all their hard work in getting this complete..
I am always impressed with how well my hubby works. In this photo you can see a tarp over the pin, but my hubby has a different idea to cover.. Right now, some of our chickens can catch wind and fly, and well we don't want to take any chances of them getting away.

The inside has 3 nesting bays or stables, which ever tickles your fancy.. 

A nice little perch for them to step out and enjoy some good morning coffee. 

We have also decided let them roam around free and peck the ground. I guess we could call them FREE-RANGE chicken.

These are other 3 chicken that we given by a good friend of my hubby.. Dominiquers .. So we have two different breed of Hens.. Partridge Brooders and the Dominiquers

Which on lays better you ask?

The Dominiquers.

There you see Bro as the shepherd boy...Keeping them all together!!!

Way to Go Bro..

The just love to scratch around and peck at the ground all day long.

It is a little comical to watch because they tend to stay with their own kind.

Even with the children's attempt to name each one..

Ty named his-----Bobby and Penelope

Syd named hers-----Sweetie and Peanut

Bro named his-----Speedy Chicken and Sassy Frassy..  I guess he liked giving them two names incase he had to get on to them..

Speedy Chicken Griner get over here!!!!

As for our baby Squirrels...they are not so babish any more.

Their eyes are open they have become more active and they eat more as well.

And, sometimes Butch will play peek-a-boo with you from under the covers..

As for Kassidy..Well she loves to climb on whatever or whoever she can get to..
Who you looking kid!!!

They are quite sweet.. and I just love them to death.. Fun fact. their top teeth are starting to come in so it won't be long before they can start eating nuts.. Right I am feeding corn syrup with milk mixed with ground up oats..

So basically they are eating really sweet oatmeal.... I gotta keep them healthy too.

About Layla the Guard dog... or should I say lazy dog.

When we first got the hens she wanted to get to them so bad she couldn't stand it so we had to find a way to keep her stationary so we could let the hens roam..

This is her before.. See the leash?  Yeah right there it is pink...

This is her after.. The hens don't even faze her anymore.. The can peck all around and she is like

So, things are moving along nicely on the Griner Farm...


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