Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

26 April 2013

The Lighthouse

Last Friday my home school co-op took a field trip to Kingsland, Ga. to the Lighthouse Radio station.

It was a fantastic time. All the kids got their chance to be on the radio. Another surprise was I to got to join them. I didn't know that I was going to have to speak and so when Vicki asked me about the home school group I almost froze up ( I know hard to believe, but I was really nervous). I talked really fast so, I had to tell myself to slow down..

"Slow down Arica!!"


But, seriously the kids had a blast learning about the difference of A.M and F.M., and the history behind The Lighthouse.  I too was intrigued.

Here we are about to go into the "studio". In this building is where the actual took place.

Meet Shelia. She was our tour guide in the "Studio". A very smart lady I might add as well.

Meet Becky, she too was a tour guide for another part of the station.  She was a super sweet lady.

Okay, back at the studio. We have just walked in the front door.. How cool is that.. See this roundish looking room? That is where Vicki is. She was on the radio as we were walking in the door. It was so neat to hear her and then see her.

Shelia giving the history lesson to the children and us parents.

Hello Vicki... That's one you can hear on the Honey and Honey show in the morning and she is also on at 10 (certain days of the week)

A little history about the station..

In this little room that fellow Mark there let any of the kids that wanted to come in and make a recording of them saying a line about the radio station.

This was taken right after my interview and the interview with the kiddos. Vicki let each one say their name and what grade they were in. I will admit some were a little shy.

The future radio minister..

I was a slacker on this group because I didn't get to see them much on their turn.

Inside the Rock.. This is a youth ministry building. They hold concerts here and bible studies!!

As you see there are some awesome artist.

There we are all us at The Lighthouse.

So, if you are riding around and need something good to listen to, tune in to The Lighthouse.. and be blessed!!

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