Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

14 February 2012

On this day

4 years ago my husband proposed. And, I must say that it was not the most romantic proposal ever.

But, I did try to make that Valentines day of 2008 one to remember and I guess so was he.
I had gotten off work early that day and went to the grocery store to purchase romantic "Food".

Lobster Tail
Valentines for him and Bro

I arrived at my Valentines house around 4:30. I wanted to get ahead start on making supper special. I worked around the clock that evening preparing the romantic food.
When they boys got home I was so excited that I went ahead and gave Bro and my Valentine their gifts. The excitement got the better of me. I was going to wait but caved in.

So, I stood there in the middle of the kitchen patiently waiting on my valentine from my Valentine. I soon realized that I was not getting one. I was very upset the rest of the time. The entire time it took me to finish cooking, to eating, to clean up after ward I was so mad at him I couldn't even enjoy the romantic food I worked so hard on. Then he asks if I would like to sit down and watch a  movie. My first thought was heck no and I said it to. I was so mad all I wanted to do was go home and pout. Here I had done all this hard work for what? NOTHING. I couldn't believe it he hadn't even gotten me a card, no flowers, not even any candy. What kind of guys was I dating.?

I was at the moment it was do or die. Either I was going to given and stay even though I meant nothing to him. Or, get my booty in the car and drive off thinking this is not worth my time or my romantic food.

In just a moment my whole world turned upside down.

He walks out of the bedroom with a card in hand. My first thought Yay he is not a Jerk.
When I opened the card I could tell he had spent a lot of time picking it out. Inside was a beautiful poem that he wrote to me. And, as I read it each line rhymed perfectly until I got to the end. I thought wow he was doing pretty good there but oh well. I looked up and told him that was nice. He said I ran out of room turn the page.

Will you please marry me.!!

And, he held up the ring and I was like you are not a Jerk. Btw the that line finished the poem..

4 years to this day I said yes to the man I love.

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