Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

02 October 2011

In the Beginning

There are many different type of people in this world and each one creature to God's specification.
 Here is the life of one girl.


The day is October 24, 1978. Rhonda is in labor with a precious little girl. Victor is by her side helping all the way through this amazing experience. Victor loved Rhonda so much and when Arica came a long she was the apple of her daddy's eye. He loved her so much couldn't wait until everyday from work he would play with her. She grew more beautiful everyday and everyday her daddy grew to love her more. Then Rhonda became pregnant again. She went to Victor with joy in her eyes expecting him to be excited but something was different about him. He didn't seem quite as ready when he had found about Arica. But, Rhonda prayed for Victor hoping he would come around. Through the months Rhonda got bigger with this precious little baby God has blessed the Whittingon's with.  Then, a year and half later along came Andrea.

Unfortunately, Victor never seem to be truly happy about this new baby girl. He began working later and staying out longer. Victor found himself in bars and parties without his wife. Temptation was everywhere alcohol, drugs, women. Eventually, Victor grew angry with his wife, life, the world. As the years were creeping by, Rhonda became the target of Victors anger. First, it started with hollering back and forth. Until, that tragic day when Victors rage could no longer be contained or controlled. Rhonda took a punch to the face.

Sunday morning Rhonda gather her girls for church with make-up piled on and large sun glassed shading her eyes. She slides into back pew praying no one noticed her. After the preacher finished she slipped out. From that day on Rhonda spent weeks on her knees praying for strength to make it through. Praying that her husband would change.

Years pasted and Rhonda suffered each day passing. Victors rage was out of control. He would take it out on Rhonda for any little reason, tea is not sweet enough, food was too cold, dishes weren't done after supper.

After many years on her knees God graced Rhonda with courage to leave. Victor got up that morning just like any other morning. Rhonda got up before him to fix his breakfast and his lunch. She knew what would happen if she didn't do as he wanted when he wanted.

Shortly, after Victor drove out of the driveway, Rhonda let out a sigh of relief Victor was to much in a rush to keep her in line for the day. Rhonda dropped to her knees and thanked God for this morning of peace.
Something drove her that day, something got under her skin and she knew it was time to leave. As quick as she could she packed bags for her and her two precious little girls. Fear was strong in Rhonda's veins that day. She prayed for strength to not be too scared to leave.

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