Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

20 October 2011

Arica was frantic she didn't want her sister to have to see this. Arica quickly gathered up the men's clothes and told them to get the *ell out of her house. Rhonda came running out of the room screaming at
Arica "Who the *ell do you think you are?"
I am the one who takes care of this house. I am the one who get Andrea ready for school. Who makes sure we have food to eat. Who do you think you are to bring that trash in my house.

Arica took a slap in the face she held back her tears she was not about to let Rhonda see that she was hurt by her in any way. Arica never saw any of those men back at her house again although she and Andrea didn't see Rhonda for about 2 days either.

Out of the blue this lady came to the house. She was nice but, she asked a bunch of questions about Rhonda and where she was and what she did. How were Arica and Andrea suppose to know that she was from DFACs.

After the first visit Rhonda became very scared about something. She stated staying home more and buying the food. She was like a mother again. Arica felt relieved to let those chores go. Life seem to getting back together. Arica and Andrea were enjoying the time they were spending with their mom. Everything was great. Months went by and Arica actually thought that she had gotten all she needed to out of her system.

Rhonda was married and divorced at such a young and tender age. Never knew what it is like to really be free. The girls had forgiven Rhonda for her selfish act as their family started to mend back together. Until one night when Arica caught Rhonda sneaking out. She had waited until the girls were in the bed "sound" asleep. But, Arica had trouble that night. She didn't say anything to Rhonda she just watch her climb into her car and drive off to who knows where. Arica's guess was the bar but how was she to know for sure.
Next morning Rhonda acted as though everything was peachy keen. Arica never said a word and Rhonda had know idea that Arica saw her last night. Rhonda kept this up about 4 nights a week. Arica never really knowing where or what she was up to but, she did always make it home before it was time for the girls to get up for school.

Months past with Rhonda taking her adventure until she decided to bring a "friend" home for the girls to meet. "His name is Tim." Rhonda said as she introduced us. Arica was leery after all she had seen and heard but, Andrea was excited to see him. Why? Arica would never know.
He and Rhonda dated for many months and everything was going great. She had quit her job at the apartments started working somewhere. She and the girls had moved in with Tim. They were feeling like a real family. Arica once again had forgiven her for her deceivingness. She and time liked to party no doubt about that but at least they were doing it at home. Things were great. She and Tim went out on a special date and when she had gotten home she called the girls into the living room and told us that Tim had proposed to her and that they were going to get married. Andrea was dancing around the living room cheering as Arica faked a smile and told her she was happy

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