Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

04 October 2011

The Story Continues

Many years have passed and Rhonda has found her freedom from Victor. Staying on the moved has helped a great bit. Everytime she felt he was getting close to finding her she would move again. Living in fear was something Rhonda had grow accustom too. Yes, she was still running for her life and her girls but, she was free. Or at least she thought.

Then one night there was knock on the door. Rhonda jumped at the sound. She knew exactlly who that was. Fear was coursing through her viens.

"I know you are in there Rhonda. Open the door now!"

She was scrambling to get her girls together but before she had time to escape out the back door he was already behind her. Victor met Rhonda with one quick blow, she felt no pain as she fell to the floor. Victor just stared at her in disgust wondering what should he do with her. Then, he heard the distinct cry of his baby girl, Arica. He walked up to her and pick her up. He told her that he was going to take her away from all this and she will never have to worry about this crazy women and sister again. 

Rhonda was able to pull herself back to reality just in time to see Victor drive off with Arica. Devestation took over, Rhonda didn't know where to begin or even how to begin. Rhonda called the authorities. During the search for Arica, time seemed to stand still for Rhonda and Andrea.

Three months later, Rhonda got a call from the chief of police. They had found Arica, but the situation was sensitive. They had to approch with caution. Victor was high as a kite that day, cops said he is very unstable right now. They told Rhonda they didn't want to do anything that provoke him into becoming more aggressive.

Rhonda dropped to her knees in prayer again. Over these past years Rhonda stayed very close to God.

Hours after the cops had located Arica she was recovered to be reunited to her mom and sister again.
Victor was sent to jail, not for kidnapping (because after all Arica was his daughter as well).

At last, Rhonda was really FREE. She was no longer living in fear of her and her daughters life. She was able to find a job, move to a new city, and begin her life all over again. Rhonda thanked God for the last time.

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