Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

13 October 2011

Part 5

Continuation of Part 4 which is really before part 3.. I hope I didn't confuse you....... ;-)

Rhonda couldn't say  a word or even move. Arica came running down the hallway with the same bat that Rhonda had used on Ron. She swung just as hard as she could on his back, but it was like he didn't even notice. Of course, Arica was on in the 3rd or 4th grade at this time.

All of the sudden Ron was on top of Rhonda punching her in the face. Arica could hear a faint scream coming from Rhonda so she tries one more time to get Ron off of her. She picks up that bat again brings it up over her had and pummels in right in to the side of Ron's face. That one for sure got his attention. As he came to his senses he looked right at Arica got up and was headed in her direction when the front door came down. At last, there was the police.!!!! One of the officers saw Ron heading toward Arica and ran at full force and tackled him. Arica was safe. The EMT came over to Rhonda to help her up she was badly hurt, cuts and bruises were everywhere. She was taken to hospital just to be checked out.

All test came back good Rhonda had sustained no major injuries despite what Ron had done to her. God was there that day. Rhonda and girls were on the run once again. And over and over Ron kept finding them. However, there was peace for a little while when he was in jail but, as soon as he was set free he could never stop coming after her.

Rhonda fell for his trap once again. He came back to her pleading that he had changed and that he loved her very much and he loved her girls. And, in the beginning just like before Ron was great, the "family man" she was looking for. Until one night, when he had decided to go and hang out with some of his buddies at the bar. Rhonda had let Arica and Andrea have a friend over to spend the night. The girls had planned on sleeping in the living room on the floor and Rhonda was lying on the couch watching a scary movie.

The hour was late when Ron finally had gotten home. He came stumbling in making all kind of noise. Rhonda had gotten up to meet him as he was coming out of the foyer. She could smell the alcohol on him.
He was acting like he use to screaming and hollering. He woke the girls up. They could her Rhonda tell him that they were in the living room having a spend the night party, cut he didn't seem to care. He shoved her out of his way and made a mad dash to the bedroom. And, when he came out he had a gun pointed right in Rhonda's face. Screaming at her waving his hands around. The girls got up scared out of their minds. Ron grabbed Rhonda by the arm and pushed her over to where the girls are and she tripped and hit her head on the fireplace. Her head was bleeding and she was crying trying to push all the girls behind her. Ron came closer until the barrel of the gun was pushed into her forehead. She told the girls to close their eyes and ears.

The stated ringing and Ron dropped the gun went to answer it. It was obviously for him because he walked into the bed to talk. While he was in the room Rhonda grabbed some blankets and ran quietly to the door. They were hiding in the shadows of the night. Praying Ron would not be able to find them.

They ran from door to door. No one would answers. Rhonda didn't know what she was going to do. After knocking on about 20 doors someone finally answered they were very kind. Rhonda used the phone to call the girls father and the police.

Within mins the police were there. They told Rhonda that going back would not be a good idea and that she needed to find somewhere to go. She asked what they were going to do about Ron and they told her that the condition was critical because he is drunk with a loaded weapon.

After about an hour Butchie shows up to pick up Ashley, and he offered for Rhonda and the girls to come and stay at his place for the night.  That was the first time they had ever ridden in a limousine......

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