Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

25 October 2011

The Saga Continues....

Last time I wrote Rhonda and Tim were getting married. Arica was not really all that happy when she found out.


Not long after the "great" proposal did tim's attitude toward rhonda change. it was like he was in total control. And, i mean total control over everything, where we went, how we dressed. things seem to be turning for the worst. So, rhonda decided that it was time she and tim needed to think about the decision they had made. we moved back to the apartment complex and things once again had calmed down for this family of 3. Rhonda ended up giving the ring back to tim. Arica was excited about that. Now, she could have some peace at night.

Rhonda really didn't get back into the club scene but, she did start to date some. She met this fellow name Donnie. Now, Arica really liked him he was down to earth good to the girls and to rhonda. He was very respectful, he would always ask what the girls wanted to do. it wasn't just about him or rhonda he included the girls. Something they had never had. The girls were always exited to see Donnie. they enjoyed his company, and he made them laugh.
Shortly after the two were getting serious Tim called one day  "just to talk" he told rhonda that we wanted to come over and see the girls. Rhonda was always a sucker for that. She told him that it was fine to come over. The girls were scared because they didn't want her to ruin it with Donnie.
tim showed up about 6:45 that night with flowers and candy in hand. Rhonda seemed happy he was there. the two talked until 8:00 when there was a knock at the door. Andrea hollers that she will get it. to her surprise donnie was at the door. He had gotten movie tickets for all of them. When he stepped in the door he and tim made eye contact and without a word he handed the tickets to andrea and walked out the door.

Rhonda was stunned she didn't know what to do. She cared for both of them each in their own way. Tim just sat there not asking any questions. When she heard donnie pull out of the drive she asked tim to leave.

over the course of the next few weeks rhonda tried to explain to donnie that he was just there to talk. but donnie knew better. I believe that rhonda really broke his heart. he would have been perfect for her, but she could not let tim go. Tim and rhonda started dating again this time she took it much slower.

Donnie had come by one evening to bring rhonda back some of the girls things they had left at the house. She invited him. the girls were so excited about seeing him again. they ran up to him and gave him a great big hug. little did any of them know, that tim was outside he had recognized Donnie's truck. So tim thought he would be clever and sneak around to the window to see what was going on. When he say the girls hugging him. He busted through the window screaming at Rhonda. She called to police and they came and asked tim to leave. Donnie ended up hanging out until he felt it was safe for him to leave. the girls thought this was the time he and rhonda were going to get back together.

But they were mistaken. little did they know but that would be the last time they would ever see donnie again.
Once again rhonda went back to tim. something about jerks was what she liked. Another month passed and tim wanted rhonda to move back in and she just couldn't bring her self to do it. Arica was so proud of her. She knew there was something suspicious about this man she just couldn't figure it out.
things seemed to be going really good for them. They seldom fought and if they di,. they didn't do it in front of the girls or where they could hear. The girls were really thankful for that.

Arica had gone off for the weekend to spend the night with a friend from school. Something she hardly ever did only because she hated to leave her mom and sister. Arica seemed to be the rock in the family or the only one who really stated her opinion.

tim had called her to come over this weekend and stay. So she and andrea pack an overnight bag and drove over to his place.

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