Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

09 October 2011

Part 4

I want to apologize I have tragically skip an important part of my life. This particular many ways. He wanted to take care of Rhonda and her girls. Ron knew what is was like to raise girls, because he had two from his previous marriage.

But, not long after the "I dos" did Rhonda wish for her life she did not! It was like being married to Victor all over again. Rhonda couldn't understand how she could have been so blind to this. Perhaps because she was lonely. She yearned for companionship and Ron was just what she wanted for so she thought.

The abuse started like most abuses do infrequent, accidental, petty if you will. But, as the marriage grew so did Ron's jealousy. Rhonda couldn't go any where, do anything. She felt like another prisoner on her own home.

Rhonda was bound and determined to fight this time. She was not going to take it lying down. She resisted Ron's arguments, fought of the urge to engage angrily. Rhonda just wasn't strong enough. Finally, once again she had, had enough it was time to move on, pack up and get the junk outta there. So, Ron left and so did Rhonda but only to have to run for her life again. As I have said before Rhonda loved men. She couldn't live with out them. And, just as soon as Ron was out the door in came Jim. I can't tell you much about him other than I really liked him. He was the first man that didn't like to yell or make a huge fuss about anything. This a man that Rhonda should have married.

But, happy news travels almost as fast as bad new, and Ron caught wind that Rhonda had moved on.

There was a loud voice coming from down the hallway. Rhonda get your *ss out of bed. I know what you've done you stupid *hore. Fear tore through Arica and Andrea that night they were scared to leave their rooms. Arica could hear his foot steps he was getting closer to Rhonda's room. She usually slept with the door open but for some reason tonight she shut it. This was perfect. Even if she was not praying to God, he was still looking out for her. She as able to get a bat before he slammed his way into the bed room. The girls could hear screaming and lot of shuffling around. Rhonda got one good hit off of Ron. She takes off down the hall and Ron comes up behind her and snatches her down to the ground by her hair. All you can hear is Rhonda screaming Please don't.
The girls don't know what to do. So, Arica comes running out of the room, but Ron is so engulf with furry that he doesn't notice her make her way to Rhonda's bed room to call the police.

Ron is dragging her down the hall way now. He tells Rhonda that he knows she is seeing someone else, but she tries to deny it.

The phone is ringing. Rhonda goes to answer it but, Ron won't let her. The answer machine picks up and it is Jim telling Rhonda that he had a great time and can't wait to see her again.

At that moment Ron lost all his control. He pick Rhonda up over his head and threw her in to a glass top dinning room table. The table busts underneath her.

She is no longer moving..

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  1. Arica you may not even realize it but your blog is a testimony for Christ. He loved you, protected you, and made you the awesome chritian that you are today. Your blog has rekindled my memory of my childhood years. I can surely relate to parts of your story.