Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

17 October 2011

Back to part three....

Okay, now is where I will pick up in episode 3..
Rhonda has divorced Ron and has moved on.. Remember Rhonda is now the manager of an apartment complex....

Life in the fast lane is what Rhonda liked. She enjoyed her partying, her alcohol, and her men. Night after night you could find Rhonda on the bar scene. After, Ron she could never let herself really "date" anyone. She mostly had one nighters.

Arica and Andrea was sort of adopted by this one family. They were really good to them. Amanda was their daughter and Micheal was their son and Arica and Andrea were really good friends with them.
Almost, every weekend that is where you could find the girls.
Until, one day Amanda came to them and let the girls know that they were moving. Sorrow filled the girls hearts. What were they to do now? This family had been so great. The girls never really missed the fact that Rhonda was never around.

One afternoon while Arica and Andrea were watching T.V. someone was knocking on the door. Andrea was about to answer it when Rhonda came flying down the hallway. "It's Ron" she whispered. Terror struck us all even though he and Rhonda had been divorced for about 6 months he still came looking for her. They all tiptoed back down the hall into Rhonda's room and hid there until they were sure he was gone. Fortunately, that was the only time the girls could remember ever seeing him look for them.

After that Rhonda moved us to another apartment on the bottom story so that if he did come back we could all sneak out the back. This is were Rhonda hit rock bottom. Arica was now the adult in the house. She worked hard to take care of her sister an the house. The girls were on a 24 hour schedule with Rhonda they only saw her when she would pick them up from school.

Night after night, it was the same thing we could hear her coming in the front door about 2:00 in the morning drunk off her butt, trying to be quiet and whispering to who ever she brought home that night.

The week had been long for Arica. There were lots of apartments that needed to be cleaned and plenty of people didn't mind since she did such a great job. Arica was making decent money any 5th grader could make. Wednesday night was like any other night for the girls. Arica had supper, got Andrea finished with homework and bathed for bed. Arica sat down around 9:30 to do her homework and then finish cleaning the kitchen before she went to bed. She was asleep before her head it the pillow. It was another late night for her mother. But, when Arica got up that morning she was shocked at what she saw. She quietly walked closer to the living room and there were two naked men asleep one on the couch the other on the floor. She turns toward her mothers room and picks in the door. Two more naked men in the bed with her mother.

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