Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

20 March 2012

All about the kid's mouths

This week has been kinda boring really because when I don't have Ty and Syd there isn't a whole lot that goes one. Bro and I just do school and then play and go to bed.. But, every now and then something happens that I feel is worth blogging about. We miss them so where they are not here..

Ty and I do a lot of texting back and forth.. I used to be so against kids having cell phones, but I have to be very truthful I am so thankful that Ty has one. If not I wouldn't be able to talk to him as much.

God sure does love me...

However, last week and some better part of the month has been a little excitingish..

Back on March the 5th Ty and Syd had dentist appointments.. With some really great Dentists, on our visit Dr. Matt Smith informed me that I may needed to take Syd to the Ortho to check out her cross bite.. That is where her some of her teeth go behind her bottom teeth. He was worried that they would be worn down and perhaps break. Or the possibility if we did one day decide to do braces that there may not be enough tooth left to put the bracket on.

Okay I said we will defiantly get that seen about.  First I asked Syd where would you like to go.. She said Dr. Morris of course.. All we have heard about him is GREAT things.. So, I call on March the 6th get an appointment set up. Great we are not all good to go at Dr. Morris, and then I get a phone call on the 7th from Syd, she has changed her mind that she didn't care where she went and that Dr. Sardo was fine with her. 

Why?    She was really unable to answer at that moment..

So I call and cancel with Dr. Morris and call Dr. Sardo's office to schedule her an appointment there. I called them on March the 8th.  All of this happened on her dad's week..

So, last Sunday when I picked her up we got to talking about the dentist and she tells me that she really wants to go to Dr. Morris..


Okay, so I called Dr. Sardo on Monday and canceled that appointment called Dr. Morris' office  back the very same day and scheduled yet another appointment.. Luckily we got the same one we had scheduled before we called to cancel.

Wow.. I am surprised that we even got into an Ortho after all that...

Good News/Bad News

Syd needs braces ---UUUUgggggg

Only on 8 front/top teeth----Yay.

She will only have to wear them about 6 months... If every thing goes smoothly..(pray)

See where the tooth is behind the bottom teeth. That is what we are going to be correcting..

The black dots on the outside is where the braces are going. The dots on the inside is where the retainer will go..

All of this happens on Monday of next week.  Please pray that every thing will go good for her and with minimal pain..


On Monday March the 12th.. I had to take Bro to the Dentist also. He had a cavity that they wanted to fill. When we got the the office he was ready to go.

I have to say that Bro is the bravest youngin I know to walk into the office sit in the chair and take a 2" needle in to gum and not even cry or whine. 

I was so proud.. When wall was said and done this is what he looked like..

Half of his face was numb.. He cracked my up trying to smile for the camera..  You can tell my his eyes that we was really trying hard too.

Because he was so brave he got two donuts from D.D. One of our favorite snack places..


There is really no news bout Ty.. Just that soon he will need braces too.. Yay..

His baby teeth are taking their sweet time coming out.. But, one his teeth will have graduated to grown up teeth..

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