Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

27 March 2012

Yesterday's Flop

Do you just ever have one of those day were you rush and rush and seem to get nowhere very quickly.

Well, that happened yesterday.. here is what I had planned.  (a little back story first)

Syd was suppose to get braces yesterday at 12:00pm and I had a chiro appoint at 11:00 am. So I figured I would run the kiddos to school hurry home do a little work with Bro and be off again at 10:15 ish. 
My husband said that would not do any good only because I would only be home for an hour or so.. And by the time I checked the kiddos out they would have not been counted present (crazy I know). So, he decided that they should just stay home.. Okay.. I love that idea.

9:00 I get up start breakfast.. Something simple all three wanted something different.. as always.

9:45 ish work on getting Bro doing some school. Memory verse and Bible reading which included all three of the kiddos.

10:00 wash and clean kitchen after breakfast as the kiddos got teeth brushed and socks and shoes on.

10:30 leave for Chiro appoint.. Okay this gets under my skin One lane traffic on 32.. Hello I need to get to Wayc*oss..

11:11 Made it to the Chiro..Yay in and out in 15 mins.. Love it.

11:30 ish  Chik fil a for lunch eat in hurry in the Ortho parking lot.

11:55 walk into Syd's appoint.. Look around and only one person is there. I say we'e here and she says you have the right time but, THE WRONG DAY..

WHAT?!?!?!?  Oh no they missed school for my Chiro appoint.. Duh Arica.

After that is was Wal*art, the mall, off to Ty and Syd's school to pick up missed work. And, on our way home.

What a day. So this morning when I walked Syd into school everyone was asking about the braces she didn't get..

I am the most air headed mom alive.. these days..

So, Wednesday is our   her big day.. (I hope)

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