Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

14 March 2012

Lots to Blog

and so little time. This past week for us has been jammed packed with STUFF.

Do you ever just feel like it all has to come to a STOP!! I wish for small breaks in between things but where is the joy in that?
Busy Busy Busy... Mom of 3. I know 3 doesn't sound like a lot but you three that all need to go here and there and yes 3 is a lot..Ahem MORE please.


Friday night was Date night for us. Central Baptist was hosting this marriage night thang and well. My husband and I loved it.. I was a great night, food was awesome and so was the company. We got to sit with some really great and funny couples. One of whom just joined our Friday home school group. Yay.

We decided that we would defiantly be doing that again.. I recommend it..A good quality couple time. Good music and fellow Christians to hang with.


Saturday was Consignment shop day. I believe I have mentioned before that I am a junkie.. I love to hunt for discounts and cheap USABLE clothes. And I had success of course.

I got my husband 5 pair of jeans, Ty 2 pair of shorts and 5 shirts (3 with collar & 1 t-shirt), and I found for myself 3 everyday wonderful shirts..

66.00.. WOW that was all.. I love it.. Frugal for me.. I have also mentioned I have fallen in love with skirts.. My sis-in-law Danielle gave me a skirt that I just loved. I went and found a nice T-Shirt style blouse to go with it. But, when I put it on is showed where my "unmentionables" were at. I didn't like that. So, I got to thinking maybe the elastic in it is too tight. I will just snip and that should be fine.

No, it was not. The elastic went all the way around the skirt. So now I am thinking that I have just ruined one of my favorite skirts.. Dang...

Then I had a thought (careful that don't come often). I have some old jeans that are too short in the leg but fit great in the waist.. So I just cut the legs off the jeans and folded the top of the skirt down some and sewed them together.

End result.. the skirts is longer and fits better. FANTASTIC. That is what I love to hear..

I hope that the next time I have to improvise I will be this genius again..

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  1. I LOVE it, Arica! I am so jealous! That you are so creative and so talented to be able to think that Up and DO it! Love you, friend!