Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

07 March 2012

Yes I am Frustrated

because we have been having lots and lots of Internet trouble. It seems like  everyday I am having to unplug everything and wait a little bit then turn it all back on and reboot.. Blah, so yes I am very frustrated. Because the Internet is also how we watch T.V. I mean HELLO!! I like to sit down and zone out in front of the tube just as much as the next person but, if I am having to constantly  reboot I would rather sit around and pick my nose.  (not really)

So today I callrd them to let them know, so hopefully we  they can see what is causing all this WORK ON MY END.  We pay 80.00 a month for this and I get plum aggravated if I am the one always trying to figure out what needs to be done to get things up and running again. When it goes down I here "MOM" or "ARICA".. I can't get the internet to come up or netflix isn't working againg. Can you fix it?

Of course I can!!

I am not saying that the Internet is my life but, I do a lot of things with it.. LIKE watch T.V., send e-mails, blog, look at my bank account, get recipes, and worksheets for Bro. So, it is a major importance around the Griner household.

A couple of days ago we got some really heavy rain. And, usually our yard floods.

Our land has a good flow when the water hits the ground it all likes to puddle up around the Shop..

This causes for some very messy cars and trucks.

And very wet and unhappy dogs.

But, this little box here is where our phone line runs into the house and well I believe it is getting too much water in it and causes the phone/internet to go down as well. Because during this "nice little" rain our phones/internet quit working altogether.. I am no expert but, that is my opinion..

This lizard are just an accessory to the box. This little box is so close to the ground. This thang could be the problem to everything.. Maybe a simple fix is all it will take..

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