Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

03 April 2012


Before you know life has happened all around you and you begin to wonder where in the world has the time gone.

It's now April and I really can't account where the last few months have gone. I am not sure if is hereditary or what but my memory is caput.

I just want to recap a few things that have happened in recent months that I may or may not have blogged about.

I have had a total wardrobe change. I began wearing skirts because I loved the look and they felt great, but as time marched on (as it always does never waiting on me) I begin to wear one everyday of the week. Now I L.O.V.E. wearing them they are cooler, lighter than jeans, and cost a lot less too. So, I have decided that I will no longer where shorts or jeans. I am just more comfortable in a skirt. I feel more feminine and lady like. I will confess that I had to get used to my inner thighs rubbing together but, that doesn't even bother me now.. yay. And, I so sure that I don't want to wear legged clothes that I even mowed grass in my skirt yesterday..NOW that is hardcore skirt wearing.

I have gotten some questioning looks from people who knew when I used to wear shorts and jeans. But, I just explain to them that I love my skirts better. And, my husband was very much ok with me changing and buying some new skirts for my new look..

Every Sunday we have a TRADITION!!

We (by mean I mean all the Griner's) get together at my ma-in-laws and eat dinner together. We have been doing this since before I got married.

I must admit I love it. It's time to catch on the past week and get hugs and kisses from my baby nephew. The kids get to play once through eating. The funny things is we all live with in 1/2 mile or less of each other but, sometimes we are all so busy that we may not see each other until Sunday. I love Sunday's.

Not only is this the get together with the family day but, we also get to worship with our Church family. Whom we love dearly. I have a pastor who is one of the best I have ever know. He is loyal to God and Faith to his teachings. I am very thankful to be in his congregation.

My sister and I are now on speaking terms this was only by God's great design because I had almost really given up on us. But, one day out of the blue she gives me a ring. I was so thankful to hear her voice.

We are what you would call a very odd sisterhood. There are times where if one of us gets mad enough at the other we can NOT speak for months or even years. I hate being like that and I must turn my pride over to Christ.

Humanly speaking that is very difficult because Pride is something that I like having from time to time. Just not when it hurts my family and still even knowing that I should be meek I will try to be prideful only because I am a sinner. I fall short each and everyday. I pray for guidance but, understanding before I have hurt someone that I have pride in my heart and turning it over to God before I let it spill out of my mouth is one area I struggle with often.  DAILY, HOURLY, EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY..
Around here they kids to have some chores. Although, with me being home all day I can usually find time to get things done rather quickly.

But, I do give them all something to do to learn responsibility. Syd and Bro have to empty the dishwasher Syd puts all the dishes away that are up high and Bro does all the ones down low. I thought it was rather cleaver.

Anyway, yester evening I asked Bro to put the dishes away. He did promptly and proudly. Well, this morning I was getting a spoon out to stir my coffee and noticed that there was food on the silverware.

Arg nothing like putting dirty dishes away to make you clean out all the cupboards. Washing everything all over again. I was not a happy camper. As, if my day doesn't have enough in it already.

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