Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

14 April 2012

It's Over

Yep that's right you heard me it is over.. SPRING BREAK..  I am so sad to see it go.. I have absolutely loved spending this week with my babies and not having to worry about school and schedules.. Love it..

But, as we all know all good things must come to an end.. Or well at least some good things. Because loving Christ is a great thing and it will never end for me.

Even though this week is closing in on me we were still busy as ever..

Thursday morning all us Griners went to Man*r to pick strawberries.. I have pictures but unfortunately I don't have the cable to transfer the pictures from camera to computer.. (must ask Danielle about it).. See, I forgot my camera so she let me borrow hers.Thanks a billion Sis.. Anywho, I have to brag we had some mean pickin machine kiddos.. We were in and out in all of about 30 to 40 mins.. And, I have to admit is was so much fun.   I walked out with 2 flats.. And, by the end of that day we had already eaten on of them..
So, I say if you have never been strawberry pickin it is a must..

Later, that gay I did the reading/craft time at our local library. I really enjoy doing this. It is fun to be able to read to the kids and make a little craft that went along with the story or the holiday coming up. Plus my younger two look forward to this every Thursday..

When we finished that I waited on one of Ty's friends to come and spend the night. What a treat. I love to have kids at my house.. I just love to hear the chatter and them playing (nicely)...

Friday was just as busy..We went out for lunch and ran into the moms in my home school group and spent almost 2 hours at Chic*fi*a...Hit the movies and on the way home picked up another kid to spend the night so now I am with 5 youngins.. I know that doesn't seem like much to some of you who read my blog but, I must admit I loved it.. I'm tellin you guys God has put a burning in me for more kids and it's only getting hotter.. So, basically we have another great an busy weekend..

Today was also another great day.. Spent the first part of the day with the famous Nana B. and then off to AL. Birthday party which was great.. Thanks for the invite Vicki.. And, I am glad it worked out that we got to come.. We just love you guys..

But, now I am settling down getting the kiddos ready for bed..

So, God Bless you all..

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  1. Oh, how we love our "Aunt Arica"! It was so nice to be surprised by seeing you TWO days in a row!