Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
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05 April 2012

Recipe Thrusday

Every week I try a new recipe and share it with you guys. This week was an exciting recipe for me. This was not one I got from any book, website, or friend. This in one I thought up all on my own.

See, I love to cook and try different recipes even if I am just in the kitchen throwing a bunch of different ingredients into a bowl.

~~~~Arica's Stuffed Chicken~~~~

1 whole chicken/cleaned and gutted


2 c of freshly crumbed bread (finely chopped)
About 5-8 T. of Olive Oil (must be Olive oil)
About 1-2 T. of Garlic Salt (really I would say to taste I love Garlic so I would put more)
About 1-2 T. of Oregano Seasoning (again to taste)
About 1-2 T. of Basil ( to taste )
1 large Egg
1 C. of chopped Mushroom
1/2 c. of Bacon Bits (optional)

Mix all the Stuffing ingredients in a bowl and blend very well. Stuff your Chicken until full, but do not over stuff-it should not spill out when you lay it down. Tie end to end with a cooking string to ensure the stuffing stays in. You should have some stuffing left over.

You will use the left over stuffing to smear all over the Chicken.

Lightly grease a casserole dish. Place chicken in dish.

Bake at 350 for 2 hours.. the stuffing on top should look dark.

Here is the Stuffing. It looks so delicious.

Before the Oven

After the Oven..

I took this recipe to a Moms Home School Meeting.. And guinea pigged them. I hope they liked it..And, if any of them that tasted would like to comment.. (HINT....HINT)

That would perfectly okay with me..

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  1. sorry, A! I didn't eat any chicken 'cause eating chicken and hold a baby is nearly impossible!! I'm sure it was great, though!