Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

27 July 2012

Short River Day

Tuesdays and Wednesday are my husbands off days. So, I guess you could say this is our weekend. At first it was difficult because we have school and other things that go on during the middle of the week, but we have adapted and survived.

Every now and then my husband will ask me what I would like to do. I suggested that we go down to the river kinda on whim, just by the seat of our pants. We got up, we loaded up, and off we went.

I love going to the river, but let me first tell you this. My husband is a planner. If we are going to do something that requires to pack and get for then he likes to be prepared the day before. So, this little "fun" trip for him was a little stressful.

He was even more "excited" when we got there to see how low the river was. I didn't even think we were going to be able to get on the river in the boat. We did!!!! 

Off we go

I love the hat!!!! Very Becoming!!!

We are headed up stream to finda little pool to go fishing in. I love to fish. I find it very relaxing. About 10 mins into the trip our motor quits working. So, now we have to float down stream while trolling along little by little. We finally reach the boat ramp only to load it back up and head back to the house.

It is so beautiful out there. Whether we are out there for hours or just mins. The river always seems to speak to me. (not literally of course).

I look at the roots of the trees and I see how weathered they look, how old, and mangled, but yet they still survive. I trust in the the roots of trees. They handle whatever God gives them. Flood, Drought, Erosion. Yet they seem to never complain always relying on God for support, love, and care. They adapt to every situation that God lays before them.

I admire the trees on the river. They are so strong and beautiful.

Back the story. So, now we are on our way back home and my husband like we are going fishing today. Off to another place we can fish without the boat. WE WERE THERE FOR 1 1/2 AND CAUGHT ONE LITTLE BABY FISH!!!!

I had another one biting on my line and an ant bites on the eye. Bro is holler you gotta bite mama, you gotta bite! My husband speaking quietly to reel it in and all I can do is dig out the ant.

The good news is the ant really only bit me just below the eye and I never got the fish.

But, we did get to spend time together even if things didn't always go the way we wanted. Just like the river trees.

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