Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

21 February 2013

UPDATE.. TO Adding to the Family!!

~~~~Also we are looking for a small hamster cage. One we could just borrow. If you have one please leave me a comment and I will get with you.. Thanks so much~~~~~~~~

Yesterday was my day at co-op which I love going to. It used to take me all day but, not our truck gets there early in the morning so we end up getting out of there about 11 to 12 o'clock, which is SWEET!!

But, anyway when I got home yesterday my hubby  had these two precious babies. He said here you've always wanted to adopt here ya go.. One boy and one girl. I named them Butch and Kassidy

 Oh! and yes he is in my coat pocket!!
Here is Butch!! My hubby found them when he and my BIL were cutting down trees at our Mamoo's house.. First, he heard Kassidy, I know because she is the screamer. She doesn't mind letting you know when she is hungry or the way you are holding her.

Here is Kassidy. She is bigger than her brother Butch, and she likes to throw her weight around to. However, Butch loves to snuggle, he will poke his little head into any crevice he can find..

Now they are sitting with "Daddy"

Look how SWEET!!  Goodness I could just eat them up!!

This morning Bro wanted to do something for Butch and Kassidy too.

The yellow thing is Bro's Ducky Moe Moe! He thought they would like to cuddle up to!! 


In my hand is Butch and Kassidy is laying down.

He started to get a little rowdy!!! 

Now they are both cuddled up and cozy as bugs in a rug!!


I have been feeding them every 3 hours or so. I am give them milk mixed with a little bit of corn syrup!

I did get up with them last night to ensure they had full bellies..


What do you think this is?


It is our soon to be chicken coop!!!  Yep that's right we are getting 3 chickens.. Whoo hoot!!

We are a natural "farm" house, squirrels and chickens

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  1. Cute but eeekkk. Congrats on the chicken coop. I know you are excited.