Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

03 December 2011

Back to the past!!!

Sometimes we never see people for who they are until we get to know them better.. And, I have to say I believe that my readers are beginning to get a since of who I am and where I have come from.

Life with David seemed great for the girls. Rhonda was much better at hiding things when times were not going accordingly.

She didn't have to work with David.  But, unfortunately they both still like to drink a good bit. At least they were doing it at the house with many of their friends. It seemed like every weekend was party time. After a while it go old to the girls.  David had a son his name was Eric. Eric was great guy he was older than Arica by a few years. All she knew is he was driving and he often drove Arica to school. Eric was of medium height, blond hair, and a nice smile. But, for some reason Eric didn't live there much longer after Rhonda and the girls moved in.

David ended up cleaning out his old recording room. He had lots of equipment for music. Arica was really impressed with it all and Arica loved to dance she would sometimes listen to music and just let the rhythm move through her.

Months passed and things seemed to be going great. Rhonda was always home when the girls got home from school. Arica liked that a lot. Knowing where Rhonda was always made Arica feel better, like she knew she could depend on her mom.

One night there was a party going on in the house. But, this party wasn't like any of the other parties that they had, had. there were a lot more people here. the place was crowded in the narrow living room and dinning room. The kitchen was separate from the rest of the house. There was chatter every where, glasses making noises, eating and silverware. It was just plain to loud in the house. Arica and Andrea needed to get out of the commotion going on. Although they were young kids the company didn't seem to mind them being there, but this was no fun for the girls. Being the only kids in an adult party was not their favorite thing to do. Oh how they wished they had friends in the neighbor to hang out with.

hours and hours passed and the longer into the night went the more drinking that went on. can after can, bottle after bottle. Arica was glad that she didn't have to wait on these drunk people. it was well after midnight when some of the partiers began to dwindle down. And with each person leaving Rhonda and David would walk them out and tell them to be safe.. How funny is that a bunch of drunks tell other drunks that were driving to be safe. All Arica knew was she sure was glad that her mom didn't have to drive drunk. Finally after about 2:00 the last of the drinkers pulled out of the drive. Arica and Andrea were beat what a long night.

So Rhonda and David began picking up the empty bottles around the house. But all while they were cleaning they were drinking. I guess it is hard to stop once you get started. I could hear David and mom talking about something but, I wasn't able to make it out. I thought at first they were arguing but they were not raising their voices like what  I was used to hearing. I come walking out of my room and I see David, he can hardly walk now I think to myself this is one drunk man. He starts making he way to the door and mom asks him where he is going but, he doesn't say anything. He opens the door and out he goes takes two steps and just passes out. Mom starts screaming her head off like the dude just died. I run after her and we listen for a moment and he begins to snore.

I can't believe my eyes. This guys is so drunk he fell down three steps and falls asleep. Mom tries to wake him I try to wake him up. Nothing is working. So, I get the bright idea to get a pillow and blanket and try to make the concrete porch as comfortable as possible for a drunk guy.

After that night things never seemed the same. David became very weird. Not letting mom takes us anywhere always checking the gas in the car and the miles. I was like great another dang jerk. I guess mom had, had enough because it wasn't long after his stupid rules did mom up and pulls us girls with her.

Back to Alice street we go. Back to the "wonderful" neighbor hood. Luckily it wasn't long after we got back did Rhonda meet another "great" fellow.

Steve the mailman.

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