Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

30 December 2011

In addition to yesterday's post!!!

Yesterday was the kids post. I just had to tell you guys about the kids first.

Now for my story. I posted here about what my Christmas present was. And, well I let, we decided that my husband needed another truck to drive, to and from work.(cheaper on gas). So, he looked and looked until one day he found one. Not exactly what he was looking for but to him pickins were slim so he settled for one he liked. (now it is broke down and has been for 3 weeks now) That is for another day and another post. 

That was suppose to be all that we got for Christmas but, on Christmas day at his grandmother's house; I was handed a wrapped package with my name on from my husband. I thought, hum, this must be a mistake. I was all smiles trying not to show everyone how excited I was to be getting a Christmas present from him. Then, I thought OH no they are playing a joke on me. I wasn't sure were to go from there.
I carefully sat down on the couch and slowly began to open my "gift".

Well blow my down this is what my husband did for me. He had been planning it since Thanksgiving. What a man!!!!

The purse and the wallet I already had, but he got the big one to match the rest of my set.

 wow I was super impressed..

But, then I felt really bad because I didn't get him anything. Like I said earlier I let, Ahem we decided he needed the new truck.

One more thing, I wanted to show you what my darling kids got for me..

Each one got me something different.
Ty gave me the pink earrings.
Syd gave me the necklace set.
Bro gave me the WWJD bracelet.

I love each one. Thanks to my family for a Great Christmas.

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