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Beautifly Blended
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01 December 2011

Saving money the CRAZY way

As you all know the day after Thanksgiving comes BLACK FRIDAY. And I don't know how many of you may feel about venturing off into the crazy unknown. But, this year was my third year ever going.


The first time was with both my mother in law and my sister in law.

We got up early that morning.. maybe around 3 or 4ish. I can't be too sure. That was a long time ago. When we got there that morning one of us grabbed a buggy and made that our drop off point. Someone would stay with the buggy while the other two went shopping. The reason the buggy stayed in one place was because you could not move anywhere..

This was fun and dumb all at the same time.....I can't remember how long we were there.

We all got great deals.. Crazy you say..Yes !!

Round 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A year after the first trip it was just Danielle and I and I do believe that we ended up getting started earlier..

When we got there all the and I mean all the buggies were gone. So, we thought we could just carry what we had.. yeah right all that we were putting in our arms was getting heavy. So, we got the BRIGHT idea to get some bags and put our things in there.

This was a BRILLIANT idea because were could move through the crowd with the greatest of ease.

And, in 11/2 hours we were walking out the door with goodies in hand.. We were some happy ladies..

Round 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This year my mother in law and I tackled the crowd at Wal*art this year.  However, they didn't start on Friday morning they started on Thursday night.. Let's say around 8:00 pm..Definitely not Black Friday according to my standards.

Well it seemed to even more crowded this year than any of the other years I had been.

And everyone had the same idea we had not to get a buggy.. Perhaps I started a trend...(just kidding).

I had my list and was able to some of them.. But, there was one thing I had in mind and that was...

Dual faced DVD players for the car.

These are a handy thing to have when you are on the road or milking cows. The kids can just enjoy and watch some of their favorite movies.

However, getting these handy dandy DVD players were not easy.

The electronic sale didn't start until 12:00. Cynthia and I didn't Wal*art until 10:00. So you can understand why I didn't get all that I had picked out.

But, I really wanted to get these DVD players. Not only was I getting them for my self but, my sis in law also wanted some to.

So, now I am on a mission to get at least two of these. If you have every been to Wal*art you know where the meat section is that is where they had the electronics. On palettes covered with plastic wrap.
They had that whole section roped off so you couldn't stand near the item that you wanted.

But, at 11:30 they dropped the ropes and the crowds rush like a tsunami. Okay I was fifteenth from the rope and when the let it down the crowd moved with such force and urgency that I ended up being second in line to get the DVD players.

No dear ones it was not a nice single file line it was a circular line all the way around the merchandise.
and people were still pushing to get closer I was stuck between 5 different people and the one in the back of my had his knee in my rear end. Just waiting for the 12:00 bell to sound and the sale to begin

So for 30 minutes I stood squished in the mix of hungry wolves ready to pounce at the sound of the call.

Luckily I got them yes both of them..

Why would I do this just to save a few dollars because these wonderful devices only cost me....(drum roll please)

59.00.......That's right guys 59 smackaroos. 

So, saving money the crazy way is kinda crazy.

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