Beautifly Blended

Beautifly Blended
"Like clay in the hand of the potter, so you are in My hands." God said. Jeremiah 18:6

29 December 2011

Christmas this year!!

Hello all. What a crazy and busy week it has been for us. Going and Going and Going. Finally, I feel like I actually have time to sit down and tell you a little something. This years Christmas was none like I had ever done. I let the kids pick out what they wanted this year so that there will be no disappointments or "I didn't really want that".  Let, me rephrase Ty and Syd were the only ones who really knew what they were getting. Bro is still at the age were anything is great. But, doing it this way was simpler.

Syd was so funny. When she was opening one of her presents she said, "it is not as exciting when you already know what you are getting." No I suppose it wouldn't be. But, hey, she got exactly what she asked for.

Ty got Legos and a new cell phone..(plus the mins to go with it). But, this is what he had to endure to get to his phone. I love holiday pranks. Don't you?

 Let us start with box #1

Box # 2..You should have seen Ty's face when he saw the diapers box. Mark told him it was never to late to be ready for whatever happens.

Box #3..Newspaper everywhere. If he didn't know better I bet he would he would have thought that is what he is getting..

Box #4..Yes it took me forever to get all that wrapped up so purtty just for him to tear into..

Yay finally he found it..
Syd knew some of the things she got. Her list consisted of Duck Tape (all colors) and an MP3 Player, purple please.

I couldn't tell but does she look excited or what..?

Not the best picture but you can see the different colors and designs..

And there was one thing that she didn't know she was getting and that was a hot pink Wii controller...

She was not expecting this.!!!!  that's one for mom..
Bro, like I said before had no idea what he was getting so this was fun..
 He got an ORANGE Mp3 player..

Harry Potter Lego Wii game..

This is a Lego Motorcycle kit. His Big Brother Ty wanted to get it for him for Christmas. I just thought that was so sweet..
Truly we had a very good Christmas. We also make Jesus a HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE.
Which tasted really good and looked like meatloaf. Yes that is right meatloaf. Hey don't judge I can cook just not bake cakes..

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